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  1. Bingo! I thought about Nic's "friend", too, and the others at Lane's clinic. How about this scenario, though? Lane is jailed awaiting her trial...she contacts Nic's "friend" with instructions on purging other files, and possibly have her be her 'ears'. Of course, that's if the show runners decide to expand that character and keep Melina K. However, probably not since Conrad's Dad is on the Board and will inject a lot of great story lines, including his relationship with his son and how he will handle Bell. Other characters: - Dr. (Theo) Austin....I'm not feeling him so much. Quite a bit over-the-top, weird, and (IMO) the character doesn't seem to fit Malcolm-Jamal Warner very well. And, what was that look on his face when he looked in on Mina and Micah at the end? Concern for Mina because he likes her? DOES he really 'like' her, or does he want to replace her? I don't trust him. He can go. - Mina, Mina, Mina...your emotions are showing. Not a bad thing, but I don't want this added element to her character to soften her to the point of losing our dry, confident and immensely skilled surgeon. She may have to break with Micah, and will convince herself that she can't lose control like that again. I'm really looking forward to next season.
  2. She was also a regular on Lie to Me that starred Tim Roth and Kelli Williams. She did very well there...had a plum part. And, was a likable character. :-)
  3. Actually, they have...almost all of the main characters on the show have had story arcs. But, since they have written this child in for Dawson and Casey, it has to be played out, or it will appear to be a topic just hanging in the air. What better way to stir it up than to bring in this guy who is claiming to be the child's father? She does get a lot of screen time, though, but I'm interested in how this is going to be fixed....and THEN they can move on to someone else, like Severide. He's already been warned that the bone marrow donation can be painful...and we KNOW that he loves to pretend he can handle things (pain) without special treatment, so there's that. Typical. Show request: More Capp, please. :-D :-D
  4. UGH! I sure hope not. :-( For me, she can go any time now. I don't think she adds to the show at all. Whenever she's in a scene it feels dark, dreary and lifeless. According to IMDB, she has 14 years of acting experience...14!....yet, you really can't tell it by what she gives us on this show. Sad. With any luck, the 'powers that be' for the show will notice that she is not getting 'warm and fuzzies' from NCIS: NO fans and will reconsider her 'regular' status on the show. I'll continue to watch...but only because I like the rest of the cast.
  5. I KNOW, right?! What did she say...woman issues. Profuse perspiration and all...QUITE young even for early menopause. So, something is up there, too. They really did sprinkle a lot of things in this episode to raise questions about a lot of people. But it was really odd that the detective would bring up the other guy's name at the funeral (from a file that was obviously sealed because it was a juvenile offense). But...this *IS* television. I like Juliette Lewis a lot. She can be hilariously funny but, wow, does she play a menacing law enforcement official. Her stare can almost turn a person to stone.
  6. LOL! Yeah, "Say 'I'm the man" was a little cheesy but I'm sure if we could be a fly on the wall of many bedrooms, we'd hear even cheesier stuff. :-D Holding back the tablet and scratch marks on the drawer was def the wrong move IMO, as well. However, you know...drama. But sis should know better...DOES know better, so she's already messed up if she is supposed to be looking out for her brother's best interests. And, speaking of interesting....Mom? Ok...I kind of assumed she was dead but apparently she's not. Mmmmm.... In conclusion, we have quite a few possible suspects (or persons of interest). I'll keep checking in to see what happens.
  7. A few things about Sam Neill's accent... Although he was born in Northern Ireland (1947), he seems to have spent most of his life in New Zealand (his father's homeland)...from 1954 onward. So I can understand why he would not have had a naturally sounding Northern Ireland accent. He was probably away from Ireland too long. Also, he did receive some coaching from Liam Neeson and James Nesbitt, however, well, even to my American ears, Sam's speech patterns still sounded odd...kinda exaggerated. With that said, if I had let it, the weird accent could have really pulled me away from the character. But, he did such a great job as the despicable Campbell, that the accent issue kinda melted away for me. Grace moved to New York, married a rich banker there and lived in Poughkeepsie, so I don't think British laws governed them regarding children born to them while married. They were only in London for fertility testing.
  8. This one on YouTube is very good. It's an hour long but well worth the time spent watching it. REVEAL Truth of Selfridges department store
  9. I don't understand about the mugging versus not mugging. Why can't it be that Tyler is just being..., well, TYLER? He's a YouTube and Podcast personality and he's almost always on camera...so, it's what he does. And, Cole? Check out his and his Mom's FaceBook pages...and, yep, it's what he does, too. There are several shots of him with friends and family just going crazy and being silly on camera. To me, that's being Cole. So, all of this talk about them 'mugging for the camera' doesn't make sense to me. And, to be clear, I know that everyone has their own opinion....but mine is that neither of them are mugging.
  10. THIS ^^ The challenge for most of them begins when they hang out together at certain places, get to know each other AND form friendships. THAT's how alliances began to surface wayyyyyy back in the day and, somehow, racers in the subsequent seasons seemed to think it was the 'thing' to do. People would buddy up to take others out of the race or push them back further but then when it gets down to the final 3 or 4, it's really every team for themselves. But, no doubt, once they get to that point, friends or no friends, there are no more alliances. It's gotta be VERY tough, though, because if you don't want to be a part of an alliance (and you race well), you get targeted...damned if you do; damned if you don't. I would personally prefer that there were rules against alliances and such, and that each team races on their own abilities and strengths. But those days are gone now. However, I do not hold it against any team that holds back information from another team. As I quoted GUMMO: "It's a game. There are rules. You have no other obligation than to play by the rules."
  11. Other than the drama that Jackie and Frank brought, I didn't find this season that exciting. However, Ariel did stick out early on for me as someone to watch. Sure, she didn't smile much and she may have appeared 'over confident' to some, but I think it's part of how she protects herself. She may very well have had a tough life. Why would she make that up? It's my hope, though, that she will take this opportunity and run with it....OWN it, as Christina has. Congratulations to Ariel!
  12. What I'm seeing is just a clear difference in personalities. Truth be told, I'm actually seeing a little of Christina's personality in Ariel. Like Ariel, (if I'm remembering correctly), Christina was very good, didn't get wild and crazy with anyone, and basically kept her head down and tried not to make any crazy mistakes. They ALL make mistakes here and there...none of the chefs over the years have been absolutely perfect. But, I think Ramsey wants a winner who is confident, learns from mistakes, is a team player AND a leader, who can be professional and who would be a great person for him to mentor. What exactly is 'overly cocky'? Why not 'confident'? IMO, all of the others thought and expressed the same of themselves and their abilities? And, to an extent, you have to be confident, AND back it up, to survive Hell's Kitchen. Yes, that was a bit odd, wasn't it? I didn't see that coming at all. Probably, it was edited that way so that we could see how Kristin flipped on Ashley. I'm SO sure Ashley was very, very surprised.
  13. Amelie had a touching scene with the little boy at the end. However, she still has a long way to go with me. I'm still not a fan. Owen, Owen, Owen... I remember watching his outbursts with and about Riggs weeks ago and thought, "Oh, wow. I wonder if *Owen* was somehow involved in his sister's death, and he's just taking it out on Riggs?" And, Riggs blabbed to no one about Owen's involvement. So, I guess somewhere down the line, Owen will forgive himself and apologize to Riggs? Who knows. Bailey and Ben? I'm bored with both of them. Bailey needs a reboot and better story lines.
  14. Even though I don't really like the Amelia character, in my opinion, she was on the money about what Arizona did being indefensible. Yep, pretty much. There is really nothing she can do but wait at this point. THIS! Yes... Jo and Alex
  15. I am neutral on Penny. She can stay or leave, and it won't concern me much either way. But...I do not, do not, do not like Amelia. That is all.
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