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  1. meeeeech

    S05.E05: Jaylin & Ja'la

    The Jaylin kid makes YouTube videos and has several million hits on Vine. Surprised he wasn't tech savvy enough to run a Google search... Anyway, even though Ja'la was completely obnoxious and wrong I had to side eye Jaylin going off about stringing him along for 3 years. Yes she lied and played with his emotions, but it wasn't ALL her. He was texting a stranger essentially for 3 years, and could've stopped at any time. It's not just Jaylin that does this but most of the catfishees during the confrontation. No pictures, FaceTime, or even a phone call in 3 years...Jaylin, bud, you know that's not a real relationship.
  2. meeeeech

    S04.E13: Falesha & Jacqueline

    Apparently she did end up losing her job at the daycare center, thank goodness.
  3. meeeeech

    S04.E18: Hundra & Emily

    Weirdest episode for me this season still goes to Tracy Barbie, but biggest asshole definitely goes to Hundra. Right after this episode aired she claimed that Nev and Catfish producers exploited her story for money, so why should she have the obligation of being truthful and similarly use them for her own profit? Stupid. I really want to know why Melanie bothered to involve herself though. Probably just a chance to be on TV. So lame. They are seriously scraping the bottom of the barrel for episodes now. How many "catfishing Catfish" episodes have there been? Sorry Nev, I like this dumb show much more than I should but I see the end.
  4. meeeeech

    S04.E09: Can't Fake the Funk

    So much ugh. I was actually very much on Mike and Jessica's "side" before I saw the outburst at dinner in this episode. It seemed very obvious that Mike was kowtowing to Jessica's insane ranting because he felt so much guilt at putting her through this embarrassing ordeal on TV. I follow Jessica on IG and it's interesting to see the timeline of the show against the pictures. We see on the show that Mike is already planning on asking Jess to marry him, then GG has her pool party melt down and Mike moves the proposal up, maybe to placate a hysterical Jessica. On IG the proposal comes maybe a week or 2 after the pool party, then 3 weeks later they have a huge engagement party that I actually thought was the wedding, it was so over the top and fancy (Jessica even had a couture, custom white gown made especially for the party). It's like the philandering husband that gives the wife a huge diamond when he cheats. Mike had to bite his tongue when Jessica was going off because he was in the doghouse. I understand that he didn't want to rock the boat but what kind of man lets his friends (terrible people or not, he says he cares deeply for them) be flayed by someone clearly in the wrong, just to keep a charade going about a lie he told? Not much of one. Come on Mike, grow a pair! I'm not surprised Jessica was called a fame whore on the after show. The night this episode aired she was absolutely eviscerated in the comments of one of her IG posts, and all she could crow about was gaining a thousand followers on her account.
  5. meeeeech

    S04.E08: An Inconclusive Truth

    Fuckin' MJ. Is nothing sacred? Using her fat little dog's corpse as a sight gag or to be a clip on The Soup was sooo wrong. Pablo and Julio are probably the only real friends she had/has. I think this every time I watch this show, but these people are terrible. The more this storyline fleshes out, the more confused I am to what GG expectations were for blurting this out. Okay, so Mike hit on you and you immediately shut him down and he left you alone? Is that the extent of this or am I missing something totally insiduous here? GG has stated Mike didn't try to force anything and her gripe is Jessica's well being. She doesn't give a shit about Jessica. If she was so bothered, she would've called Jessica and said "Hey, your boyfriend's a dog FYI, this is what happened" and done it off camera to minimize Jessica's humiliation/pain at the revelation. GG, we see you girl. People that are genuinely afraid/angry/having conflict don't choose to socialize with their aggressor for an entire year for non work related events, like GG did.
  6. meeeeech

    S04.E09: Jamey & Ari

    Jamey handled it well and I'm glad they remain friends. I think their love was sincere albeit a little naive. Ari knew it would be challenging for Jamey to accept her as a trans woman, and Jamey knew her secret was big enough to prevent her from fully committing to him. It's tough to be rejected but they both went in knowing that was probably what would happen. At least it wasn't a prank, or someone trying to launch their reality show career. Nev, stop asking people who they've had sex with. He did it on the Felipe/Jasmin, Whitney/Bre, and now this episode. I know Ari said that on her OKCupid account and mentioned it to Jamey, but really? He's so damn nosy.
  7. meeeeech

    S04.E08: Whitney & Bre

    I wonder if they had to air this episode since they didn't have time to shoot any extras. I'm not sure how long Max was away producing that movie but maybe they only had a few weeks to film the remainder of the season when he came back. Either way, this one was pretty unsatisfying.
  8. meeeeech

    S04.E07: Stephanie & David

    I was hoping this would be like the other lost episode with Blake and Kirsten. Now that was compelling TV and I could see why the girl that scammed Blake wanted it pulled...super embarrassing. This one, eh. It's always interesting to me when the person that was lied to is rightfully upset and Max and Nev try to convince them that he or she is being unreasonable. I wonder why they decided to unearth this one instead of just showing a new episode that was filmed recently.
  9. meeeeech

    S05.E21: Reunion Part 2

    I can't deal with the reunions because Andy Cohen is so incompetent. I wish I could show up, sit him on one of the couches (furthest seat from me, obviously), whip out some index cards and read "Meeeeech from your home state wants to know if you're afraid of your employee Brandi Glanville? Do you think blankly staring, mouth agape as your guests scream at each other equals hosting? Is this just a glorified PR campaign for the women, since no one is expected to actually answer the questions?" He drives me crazy.
  10. I think she got an extra shot of fillers or whatever to compensate for some weight loss. She's always been very thin on this show but her bony knees on the reunion made me wonder if the stress of all the fan backlash and worrying about her contract has made her lose a few pounds. She over-compensated losing some of the fullness in her face and ended up with the bloated puffer fish face. She looked much better on the WWHL with Jeff Lewis that went awry.
  11. meeeeech

    S04.E06: Will You Marry Me?

    Mike has been awful these last few episodes but I still remember the season all of these "friends" were accusing MJ of being an alcoholic/popping pills and Mike being the only one to ask her directly and dropped it after she said no. I also remember him sticking up for Sasha at the gay club against Reza because Reza was wrong and everyone jumping on him for that. I don't think Mike is a bad person and it is beyond shitty, but predictable, of these people to gang up on the odd one out. Happened to GG, MJ, now it's Mike. I doubt anyone was worrying about the implications this would have on Mike's life beyond a juicy storyline for the show; people calling him a rapist, possibly ruining his relationship. Jessica can be a bitch but she actually tries to look out for Mike, something that can't be said for anyone else. Not saying that he didn't hit on GG, he probably did, but GG announcing it on national television in front of a party full of strangers a year later after willingly spending time with Mike and Jessica? She wanted attention and she got it. Vida is a beast. I thought this was her version of "being nice", though.
  12. meeeeech

    S04.E05: Chitara & Priscilla

    @Neurochick, she technically could and get damages if Ashanti somehow made money from the image (if she used it as an advertisement, etc). It's a huge hassle to go after people who just steal pictures for random social media profiles though so most people don't. I think Nev said on his podcast that the show only uses pictures that they have permission for, so they probably swap out the fake pictures in production. I tried to watch this mess twice and zoned out both times. Getting closure is all well and good but if you need to coerce your paramour with Nev and an MTV camera crew, being publicly humiliated is kind of par for the course.
  13. meeeeech

    S03.E20: Reunion Part 2

    I remember Scheana saying that Kristina Kelly (Stassi's brunette groupie) apologized to her for mocking the wedding. Getting on Scheana's good side for filming this summer, no doubt. I'm sure ole Stass was not happy about that. As much as I enjoy this show I wonder if the formula can work for another season. One or both Toms cheating, Schwartz hemming and hawing about proposing to Katie/wedding storyline, Jax being a pig.
  14. meeeeech

    S04.E04: Daisy & Marcus

    I had no idea there was a Catfish podcast. Thanks Tara! I have a weird fascination with Nev and his dweeby antics. Supposedly a therapist is available to the Catfish if needed...hope Daisy made full use of that.
  15. meeeeech

    S04.E04: Daisy & Marcus

    Daisy, he's just not that into you. If he wanted to call, videochat, send a birthday card (that made me feel bad for her...any decent friend would not refuse to do this) he would have done so without prompting/begging. The mom was an asshole but she was right about how it would end. The buying gifts/sending money was too much. He said he was uncomfortable with anything more than texting, but he was comfortable enough to keep the stuff. Essentially tonight we saw what happens when the catfish ends up being who they are and semi decent looking: all is forgiven.