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  1. locomoco

    S02.E09: Alone

    According to reports, Andrew had fired Jeff Trail's gun only to kill his victims and himself. In reality, the shot the caretaker heard was actually Andrew killing himself, but that would have resulted in less dramatic television - what we saw was Andrew firing a warning shot, which allowed for a much more drawn out stakeout scene at the houseboat.
  2. locomoco

    S02.E08: Creator/Destroyer

    Mark Paul Gosselaar is actually part Asian as well... I believe he's 1/4 Indonesian
  3. locomoco

    S22.E05: Week 5

    Life must've been tough trying to get enough attention from her mother as she juggled between delivering cocktails and fixing the pin setting machines. To this day, the smell of shoe disinfectant spray puts Krystal in a funk.
  4. locomoco

    S22.E05: Week 5

    her mama said, Krystal, don't let anyone steal your glitter!
  5. locomoco

    S02.E03: Warp and Weft

    Between Victoria and The Crown, Alex Jennings, who plays uncle Leopold gets to play all the seriously fun royal jerks...
  6. locomoco

    S02.E03: Warp and Weft

    Poor Dash... Every pet owners fear/regret to not be there when they pass
  7. locomoco

    S02.E06: Vergangenheit

    Perhaps Prince Philip did that, and that's why he was so against letting come back to visit.
  8. Perhaps Sean enjoys Abby's skill with the French tongue...
  9. locomoco

    Season 1 Discussion

    I shudder to think of some of the things that app has been asked to translate after the doors closed last episode.
  10. locomoco

    Season 1 Discussion

    They're probably still full of poop water...
  11. This is a variation of the regular 90 Day Fiance... hence the title "Before the 90 Days"... this is a show that shows people in relationships/"relationships" leading up to the potential of a proposal that initiates the K-1 visa process. In a few weeks, season 5 of the normal 90 Days Fiance show will start, and that will show couples who are currently engaged.
  12. locomoco

    Season 1 Discussion

    I'm sure he'd wear socks with the flip/flops... with sock garters.
  13. locomoco

    Season 1 Discussion

    Oh, she won't forget... she won't enjoy it, but she won't forget.
  14. If he had said that he'd volunteer to take one as well to put her mind at ease, it would have made the situation a lot less awkward.