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  1. After vowing to be done with this, I couldn't find the remote and left it on NBC. I just...I mean...I...sigh. I've seen these actors be funny, even with bad material in other shows. This whole thing is just terrible because, even if the jokes hit, they are still four self-absorbed unlikable adults (oh, wait, five, forgot the daughter...a preview for Dave and Rebecca's kid of her future.) It's played without any scope or nuance, just bumbling idiots with no real cares getting in their own way. I erased a big Seinfeld contrast paragraph, but the gist of my rambling is that if this show wanted to go for heavy irony where they learn all the wrong lessons from their experiences, it isn't working because there's no wink and nod to it. It's presented as "yeah, they're terrible, but they come together at the end" and...I don't want people like this coming together. I want them separated, possibly by court order.
  2. In some ways this felt like a retro sitcom/procedural, where the foil would always be some guest star, but with the callbacks and continuity we expect from B99. I felt they might have all turned on each other a little too fast about the who did the prank, but i'm willing to overlook my own quibble because there was so much great dialog.
  3. AncientNewbie

    Fix The Show

    Building on various threads above, I do think that a simple fix (or at least a shake up) is to mess with the standard tribe set up/merge timing. Now that they film in a set location, they can have campsites of differing types and size to drop people into. Keep them moving so that alliances and blocs can't crystallize early. I'd also like to see some changes involving the booted to shake it up, without having them reenter. Have all the ones that aren't F3 be the jury. Or have a random draw that any 11 of the booted could be the jury, or all post-merge plus two at random from prior, etc. It's the shake up aspect, again--because if you can't just vote Older Lady off at 1 without reason or totally screw over a pre-merge ally because you'll never see them again, it might open up some new style alliances or connections. Or bomb entirely. There's a reason I don't write tv. Also, early on we used to get more of an edit that implied this was life and death and starvation and wild animals were around the corner. As we learned about production and what camp is like, that faded because it wasn't sustainable when you've shown the camera/sound crews wandering by. I'd like to reintroduce that "life or death" angle--by gameplay, not by strategically airdropped lions. If you finished dead last in a selected challenge, you're automatically eaten by the lions or died of dysentery, etc. Or if (even with tailoring it to avoid one note challenge beasts) that's too biased, that person loses a vote or faces against the voted-out in a contest for who really leaves, etc. A final thought before this grows into an actual novel--I'd like the season to start with Jeff facing all of them, holding up a necklace, "this is a hidden immunity idol," as he throws it into the fire, "and you won't be seeing one again this season." Or they do exist, but there are two and can only be played once, without replacement. I actually like the HII in concept, as it really did change up gameplay, but it's getting overused and changing what advantages exist from season to season could spark some new interest.
  4. You will see Nick Wilson comment on every former castaway's posts (well, I never did an exhaustive search...) It isn't the "having you over to play with my kids and playing professional poker regularly" bond of some of the real friends, but in terms of name recognition and interconnection, I bet Nick could talk to any one of them about anything in their life and it started as just being an online presence and not (I'm guessing) actively farming for information for a social game.
  5. @skybolt, you posted right when I was editing to make that same W point about lack of action. I know I'm in an unpopular opinion here, but I liked Michele's gameplay. Well, other than the faceplant part...but the social game after they lost* was quality "oh, anyone but little old weak me" and the boys lined up. *Editors, if the immunity challenge ends at 8:40 with a clear favorite to go out, we know that's not happening.
  6. I follow them both on IG (because I have no real friends, ok?) and they don't seem to be a couple (she has a new former castaway beau), but they don't seem unfriendly. But I would buy (1) playing it up the the camera and (2) villain edit for Wendell because this season is short on that sort of drama. I love Tyson and Rob talking heads, because both of them play such distinct characters for the show that I find funny. Rob is all bombast and Tyson is dry snark and they both love playing it up. I liked Yul, and I like the Penner connection, and I will miss him but I know a fair number of quantitative professionals who are somewhat inflexible once they get a plan in place. Not saying he is that way, but if I were a castaway and someone was laying out five moves ahead and sounding committed to that strategy, I'd be concerned. Because these people all know that someone's "get us to the end" strategy always is more keyed on "get me to the end" because that's the game.
  7. Being the best fed, with a high fat/high energy food, is a challenge advantage of a sort, and it tastes better than fake parchment. Or a log with a note on it.
  8. I think you've just fallen for his game plan. Or his edit, given how he was very energetic in this ep at TC and it seemed out of place compared to what we've seen. I'm just getting paranoid about edit vs. game this season, I guess. I hate cringe stuff, but I'm actually liking the Michele/Wendell thing because everyone else is always guarded this season and they've either lost the ability to play with composure or they are (esp. her) playing a long con. I know it's all editing monkeys, but Denise cited as not being a threat and then making a power move...well done. Using the second idol was unnecessary from our POV but 1) she might have expected a vote split between her and J and 2) she declared she's a gamer and in this thing which, imho, makes her safer because she's not a simple pick-off-the-weak vote and will require them to strategize about her, which may push other people into view.
  9. "No, Rob, you're on mute...No, still can't hear you. Get one of the kids to come fix it. We'll be back after this..."
  10. My personal pick is about S23. For me it wasn't night/day but that's seemingly when the current structure of idols, swaps, gimmicks and twists really started.
  11. I still class Rob as one of the top players. Admittedly, we've seen him a lot to form opinions and admittedly there were bad moves...and admittedly he can't get out of his own way or adapt...so I'm not always sure why I think that. I guess I think his strategies and play have shaped a lot of the gameplay of later players. I think if you could run a simulation of any Survivor season it wouldn't come out the same way twice, but his skills and plans put him in contention each time.
  12. Plot twist: Sonny is actually just a coffee importer and everyone's been buying into the mystique that drives up his sales for decades. I'd buy that more than what we're given...but then no one on this show has ever actually been qualified or fit for their particular job (well, maybe some doctors pre-Sonny) so I'm not going to think too much or it hurts.
  13. I agree. Or else he still controls the docks/unions and gets kickbacks from everything passing through or people who want to do business, even though he's not moving merch himself anymore. But everyone here is right--the idea of the bad guy who doesn't do anything bad is ludicrous and the writers (imagine) do viewers a disservice by just expecting we will not think too hard about it.
  14. I have long contended that a show that leans so heavily on law enforcement and court storylines should at least consult an attorney from time to time on this stuff. I'm not saying it has to be factually accurate--that can be very boring, hence why I'm on here at 1pm for escape--but there's still areas for plot tension without it being so outlandish it angers viewers. This custody storyline just beats me over the head with poorly thought out motivations for all of the characters when there are legitimate ways to do the same resolution. I get that not every fan cares as much as I do, but I think it would just be a better show even for the people that don't care if there was some internal logic/consistency.
  15. I do sort of miss Ozzy. There was something reliable about how he'd continually snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Made for soothing watching.
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