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  1. I'm with the people above questioning Kaycee. I hear about how she's tough and played football, but I've never seen her have a dominating performance. Maybe because people are scared to put her in elim, or because she has a strong social alliance...but her finals performances haven't been legendary. Ashley, for all the tears and drama, is scrappy on the physical side and capable on the puzzle side. She's really grown on me.
  2. Oh, JD...I loved your enthusiasm and your naivete. I hoped it would last a little longer, but I think we all knew his days were numbered. I'm glad blue failed to throw the challenge, because I want to see more of them and going to tribal intentionally is usually a bad idea. You'll get there soon enough, through a Peachy twist or an eventual loss, so don't rush it.
  3. They do get a fee for appearing--I believe it is a weekly stipend and it can vary with the "star" level of the contestant. Ashley made a comment about "if she was out, at least Amanda would get one more week" that I took to mean "at least she'll get paid a little more if we're both doomed." Moment of the episode for me was during the daily, when teams were smashing blocks and you see Emy not using her hammer but picking up blocks and throwing them at other blocks. Just...very Emy. Kudos to Devin, or whoever thought of it, for the loophole. I look forward to the producers changing up
  4. I feel for Boots' owners...some dogs never learn about porcupines, despite all the injuries, until it's fatal.
  5. He is, as someone famously snarked and I can't recall whom, a Teen Mom when not on this show. ETA: Who? Whom? I feel like Corey doing puzzles right now.
  6. I went with The Challenge again this week and just caught up on Advantage Island. I am really trying, Peachy, to keep liking your new version of the game, but I find I can't care about what people are doing with the twists if I don't know the people. This cast seems to have some interesting people, but half the cast is Purple so far and the other half are just reacting to advantages. And yet I'll always watch, because even bad Survivor beats no Survivor.
  7. Cory and Nelly in a battle of wits with Ashley. That's...I mean...jeez...I'm sorry, gentlemen. Overall, predictable but I enjoyed it. Part of my love for the Challenge is the messiness. Everyone on some other shows gets edited to seem nearly superhuman, but here we get warts and warts and then a good performance, then some drunken warts.
  8. This is what entertains me so much on recent seasons...here's this physical specimen known to be among the best at puzzles and most of the time we see him is sipping coffee, looking over this glasses like grandpa, draped in a blanket in the background of all the drama. He's nearly mastered the art of staying out of the way until he needs to play the game, although next week's previews make it look like that may be coming sooner this year.
  9. Funny how it's always someone else's fault. I'd never believe his self-serving version, but his proven inability in eating challenges is a huge red mark right in the middle of his claim that Kaycee's injury was the problem. The only reason I'm not glad with how the ep played out was it was a very minimal putting hands on Josh. I hoped for a little more contact between the two, just for entertainment value.
  10. I picked this over Survivor for real time viewing last night and I wasn't disappointed. Both the daily and the Lair were good unique challenges. Younger me that couldn't take CT on Real World Paris would be so confused by my reactions now.
  11. I'm not sure how long he is for the game, but I would love to have him over to watch Survivor any time. Seems like a really cool guy.
  12. That was somewhat frantic in all that happened over two hours, minus what seemed like a lot of commercial breaks. There's something about Genie I like, even if she didn't get as much airtime as I hoped, and JD was a favorite in our house even if he needs to rein it in a little. Danny, too. The change in casting really did give us an interesting collection of people this time out.
  13. I am what used to be known in less PC times as a "friendless loser" and I always overconnect with tv characters, and I have to say I have felt much the same way watching. It's like growing up with people and watching them mature (or not.)
  14. Kailah hooked up with Bear during a cold season. That's reason enough to keep them in the sun forever, because that scarred me. As for this episode...I'm always a fan of the drunken stupidity. I loved Tori and Corey trying to wind people up and Nelly chowing down in the middle of it all. I wish it had been ninety minutes and not broken up like this into two shorter episodes, though.
  15. https://www.primetimer.com/item/Jeff-Probst-reveals-how-Mike-White-helped-shape-Survivor-41-olS7xN An encouraging snippet from the front page...at least Mike White came through with a good perspective before yet more Peachy twists.
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