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  1. Every now and then in pro wrestling, there comes along a "future star" the ownership insists on giving the star treatment even though they can't carry the show and just as often a natural talent that gets lost in the shuffle because they aren't a six-five monster with biceps like watermelons. I mention that because I felt both parts of this reunion were working hard to make Fessy the new villain of the show, but he lacks the personality to carry it. He's smug and arrogant, but so un-self-aware it's not something he can use to play to the camera. Meanwhile, you have Devin, who is becoming a fav
  2. I liked it. I won't fault the "no demo" even thought they do some, because so many other shows rip down to the studs. I'll never replicate any of this in my own house, but it's nice to watch something with that touch of "maybe I could..." instead of teardowns that cost as much as the value of the property. Jenn seems a little too "on" most of the time and any vignette with her husband is just too forced.
  3. In reading what people had to say I realized I watched about five episodes and retained nothing about their design sense or what they actually did. It was pleasant background noise and held my attention when I looked up, but other than the profit reveal none of it really registered.
  4. I've been continuing my rewatch and I'm in the prime JEK years and...sigh. Not that a lot of guys from the era come off well by today's standards, but what a collection of douchey bro bros. I can believe the behavior, having been a college aged guy at that timeframe, but I'm still surprised MTV presented the people they did as the protagonists of the whole event.
  5. I wanted to see so many more people and hear about the things we hadn't seen, but watching Fessy get dragged for 90 sort of was worth it.
  6. I haven't heard of anything from her but her involvement (as the victim) in some of Bear's legal disaster probably mean they don't want anyone on that brings up the revenge porn guy with the teenage girlfriend and lying problem.
  7. Continuing a rewatch and onto Gauntlet III right now. Watching with someone who has never seen it and doesn't know who wins after all the fat trimming talk. I do like the rare unspoiled moments that catch a rewatch partner by surprise.
  8. Perhaps long association with challengers is dulling my wits, but kudos to Amber for picking Fessy. It's not a galactic chess move, but it mixes things enough that it's the one (with Leroy off the table) most likely to buy her safety. Not that I think it necessarily will, as I can see the others wanting to get Fessy out if they get a shot next week. I just hope there isn't some Security Breach that means CT has to go in against the house vote or something. I'm pulling for our old man, if for no other reason that to spite Fessy, which is increasingly I goal I hold dear. And I have to admit
  9. Rewatching this one now...and it's almost like a first watch because it's so unmemorable. I know the winners by name but that's about it. Sort of a cool experience, if not full of people I want to see, to be surprised by finish order.
  10. My first exposure to this designer was this week looking for daytime filled on Discovery Plus. I thought that she'd be hard to take in large doses with the "Aren't I little and cute?" shtick but that Instagram thread...that's sort of a deal breaker. Not even as much the original content, but the wading into the comments to double down on being unwilling to listen. I just don't get why someone comingles business and personal accounts in that way.
  11. I cringe at Pol's old school actions sometimes, but he's just like a large animal vet I remember from when I was a kid with the blunt summation of every case. "Yep, it's gonna die. Next," His facilities really do seem subpar compared to some of the other vet shows, though. There was one ep where I noticed Dr. Ray encouraging a big dog to walk down the stairs to xray so he didn't have to carry it.
  12. When she wasn't re-wallpapering the bathroom... Maybe it's because Erin and I are from the same part of the world, but I have a soft spot for this show out of all the vet shenanigans I watch. It's comfort food...Ben's going to be mellow, Erin's going to have bad jokes, the boys are going to be good kids embarrassed by parents but helping out...
  13. I got one from Wes for my spouse. It was a silly thing, but spouse got more of a kick out of it than with another pair of slippers or whatever else I would have stuffed under the tree. (I used coupons and codes to keep the price low, btw.)
  14. I'm usually not able to remember single eps and think more in terms of events (and am surprised when two things happened the same week or a month apart), but this one I have to agree. It was well edited and laid out.
  15. Well, we've found Big T's account.
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