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Has Haney-one Seen A Wolfman? Titans in the Comics

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20 minutes ago, Jenniferbug said:

@Sakura12, your post in the Jericho thread about Donna being the only child on Themyscira made me wonder- do the Amazons never procreate? I am not familiar with the comic book backstory of them. 

In the comics the Amazons are immortal. They can be killed but none are dying of old age. So they have no need to procreate with men. The only one allowed to have children was Queen Hippolyta. Diana and Donna's back story always changes. In some they are the bio children of Hippolyta and Zeus. In others they were made out of clay and brought to life by Zeus. 

Donna is the character of infinite backstories. In one she was a human rescued after her father's death by a Titan and taken to their planet and made into one of them. She was given a name after a Greek city, which is why she's named Donna Troy and why she chose the name Titans for the group. She was later found by the Amazons and became part of them.  In another one she was a clone of Diana created so Diana can have a playmate on Themyscira. She was captured by an enemy of the Amazons because they thought she was Diana. She was cursed to live endless tragic lives and be erased from the world's memory each time she died. She would only remember all her past lives as she died. 

Then in yet another which this show seems to be going with. She was rescued by Diana after her father's death and taken to Themyscira, given the powers of Wonder Woman and raised as an Amazon. Of course they could go with the endless tragic lives story too since she lost her father when she was very young, then lost the love of her life who she finally got close to. 

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Thank you! I could not remember if they were typically immortal or not. I remember trying to read a summary of Donna's backstory at one point and it is a mess. Poor Donna. She has had a tragic life. 

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She has, which is why I was happy when she showed up on this show. I thought she'd finally get her due. But nope this is the Nightwing show disguised as a Titan's show. 

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