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Season 21 Guesses On The Winner

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Hey guys. My husband and I pick 3 people each we think are going to win. We flip a coin for who gos first and take turns for our picks. (We don't pick who we like but who we think will win the game,we make are picks by the end of the first episode . my picks are jack,Christie and nick and my husband's are Jackson,holly and Sam. Just curious who everyone's favorite houseguest is and what houseguest you think is going to win the game


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My favourite houseguest is Ovi. Favourite houseguest still in the game is Nicole (based on personality, not gameplay.) 

Who do I think will win? Since I obviously have no clue, I'm just going to say Nicole, because... why not? I feel like most of the jury will probably be willing to give her the money because she's mainly stayed out of the fray. 

If I'm right, what do I win? 😁

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Right now my favorite one still left in the house in Nicole.  I do not think she is going to win though.

My pick since the start of the season to win is Tommy.  I picked a Tommy vs. Holly final two with him winning.  I am not sure how that final two could possibly happen but that has been my final two since the start of the game.

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