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S07.E37: CJ & Shana

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Original Airdate 08/07/19


Justin Combs joins Nev to help CJ find Shana, a woman that CJ's been having a steamy relationship with for eight years and has never met.

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Wow, faking a kid with cancer is really asking karma to smack you down hard. Shana is a real bitch, she ruined his relationships & then says she doesn't remember, & the crazy stalker stuff she was doing was really creepy. I feel bad for CJ but, when Justin asked him if when he met Shana if she turned out to be pretty would he still want to be with her, he said yes. And of course, once he met her, all romance went out the window, so just another catfishee that claims they want love but what they mean is they want someone hot.

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Again, as clunky as the THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE declarations are and as much as I roll my eyes at Catfish's favorite "obese women are emotionally unhinged sociopaths" narrative, I believed most of this one. Rebecca has so, so many issues and if the above post is true, maybe an arrest warrant? I'm also confused why she was catfishing as a black woman as a (presumably) white woman. She seems to have a fetish for younger black men. Fake kid, fake kid cancer, fake fundraiser, admitting on national TV that you knowingly started talking to a minor as a 30-year-old and developed a pseudo-romantic relationship with him...there's a lot to unpack there.

Although CJ got a major eyeroll from me when he, prominent moobs and beer gut and all, sheepishly admitted he still was interested in dating her if she was decently attractive. Dude, she wouldn't be catfishing if she was and she's been actively destroying your irl relationships!!! Hotness really does make these fools forgive anything.

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