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S02.E04: Regarding the Matter of Garret Spears

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Gwynn is taken hostage with a ransom only Talon can pay. Talon summons a risky ally to help her finish what she started. Janzo tries out his new image on Talon.

Airdate: August 1, 2019

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My thoughts...

Garrett really is dumb.. Sorry not sorry, but he fell hook line a sinker for the Gwynn is playing you story.  I mean ok he was tortured so maybe not thinking clearly, but it was all too convenient it should have set some kind of alarm bells off... 1) guy tells you the real queen was disfigured. 2) someone else tells you there's a picture of the royal family behind this wall. 3) here's a letter from Gwynn basically saying "oh Garrett's alive? Am I supposed to care?". 4) they all conveniently leave you in said room so you can look behind the wall and see the picture. Garrett also seems like he falls in love super quickly. He's in love with Gwynn.. no wait he loves Talon.. no he has the feels for the healer.  Not looking forward to the predictable reunion between Garrett and the gang.

Prince what's his name  is also dumb. Gwynn I have a gift for you! It'll change your mind about me! .....Here's some lingerie.... Don't you think I'm a great guy now? 

Janzo I liked that Janzo stood up to his aunt. However, I get whiplash from Janzo going from blubbering idiot to guy to the guy who stands up to people. 

Talon  I liked that she was all Janzo stop trying to be someone you're not. However, I didn't like that she implied she might fall in love with him maybe in 40 years. Girl if you're not into him don't go around saying things like that you just give the poor guy hope.

New Night Blood dude so is he going to be Talon's new love interest until Garrett shows up? I total can see it. It'll make Janzo jealous etc. etc. it'll create drama when Garrett shows up.. However, he's shorter then Talon so maybe he'll just be a friend. Can't have the leading lady have a shorter love interest. 

ETA: saying all that I did enjoy the episode.

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I dont think Garret is this dumb. Im hoping he is just playing along and gathering information. 

The prince is in fact an idiot. 

Janzo is cool but he needs to get this idea of being with Talon out of his head. Its never gonna happen. If saying that he might have a chance in 40 years gives him hope then he is hopeless. 

I dont trust the new black blood at all. Actually i would not trust any blackblood that comes through that portal. 

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