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  1. I do not trust Zed at all. He is too anxious to use the "key" but supposedly he does not know what it unlocks.
  2. ^^^^ I dont think Garret is this dumb. Im hoping he is just playing along and gathering information. The prince is in fact an idiot. Janzo is cool but he needs to get this idea of being with Talon out of his head. Its never gonna happen. If saying that he might have a chance in 40 years gives him hope then he is hopeless. I dont trust the new black blood at all. Actually i would not trust any blackblood that comes through that portal.
  3. ^^This. Jon has zero ways of actually proving his heritage and zero power to actually press his claim. And i cant see how anyone in the north finding out his heritage being a good thing. Will the people who hate house targaryen suddenly pull a 180 and be pro house targeryen? I
  4. Let me preface this by sayin im not trying to advocate dany being the perfect person/ruler cause shes not. That said: Mistake me if im wrong but i didnt know that Dothraki women "owned" anything. Considering dothraki women are pretty much shown to have zero power, anything they have would belong to their husband. But yes, i believe viserys purchased those slaves. But from very early in season 1 didnt dany make it quite obvious she didnt like slavery. Did she have the power to stop her slaver husband back then? Did she have the power to stop the dothraki from slaving back then? No, but i think its been implied from then and throughout the series that if she could she would. She never intended on buying the unsullied cause she came there knowing she didnt have enough money to do so. Technically she stole them and immediately after freed them. Jorah at the time of their intro didnt own slaves and seem genuinely remorseful about what he did in the past. Daario currently works for dany and i doubt he will be working for any slavers inthe future being he swore an oath to dany and oaths are supposedly forever. Im pretty sure the dothraki as a whole are not doing any more slaving either. Please do not try to twist my words. I never said or implied "once a slaver always a slavery". Because people can change and learn the errors of their ways and they should be commended for that. But hizdahr and his father were not ex slavers looking for redemption were they? They were current slavers who never changed their ways and had no plans of doing so. If they could have killed her and gone about their ways they would. I will sympathize with their death in the sense that I dont really wanna see anyone die but im not gonna act like the world is now worst off cause their gone and villify dany cause shes the one that did it.
  5. So what. Back in like season 3 jorah and barristan were speaking to her on the road of punishment and jorah said "you will have blood on your hands before this thing is done" and she replied " the blood of my enemies, not innocents" Was Randyl Tarly innocent? No, he was her enemy. He died. In a perfect world people would always be able to talk things out and there would be no war or real conflict. But this isnt a perfect world. Unfortunately in the entire history of our world and the GOT verse no king has become king by just "talking things out" . People had to die in some form or fashion sadly. So to think that "breaking the wheel" somehow implies no one is gonna died is just naive. But imo shes gone out of her way to not kill innocents in westeros. Considering the kind of power she has she could of taken kings landing day 1. Would other rulers even take the innocents live in consideration? Tywin sure didnt when he sacked king landing. The northern lords didnt when they followed right in behind them. Hers ancestor didnt when they roasted harrenhal. History considered, she doing the best she can without looking like the weakest powerful person ever.
  6. But thats the thing. She should already have earned a certain amount of respect with the north. There are 6 other kingdoms in the north. Which of them has come to help the north in their desperate time of need. Zero. The wall/north has been sending ravens since season 1 about the treat to some capacity. no one but stannis even gave it a second thought. Its the foreign invader thats come to help you. Does that decision in and of itself garner no respect? Really?
  7. Do you think hizdahr and his father owned slaves? I do. I think most of the master/nobleman of meureen did. IMO as someone who is from a country where slavery once existed and also a descendant of one of those peoples I find the idea and application of slavery utterly disgusting to say the least so to me it doesnt really matter if hizdahrs father spoke out about (whether thats even true or not) this one cruel act because if he owned slaves hes just as wrong as the people that crucified those kids. Heck i would even call him a hypocrite to boot. So sorry, no sympathy for anyone who thinks it ok for people to be bought and sold.
  8. ^^This. It is a logical worry but Sansa should have gone about it differently. She came here to help you, not conquer you. The attitude is not necessary.She gave dany no choice but to respond as any king or queen would. I fell like people expect the queen with all the actually power in this war (soldiers, dragons, dragonglass) to walk on egg shells while everyone else can be as openly rude and ungrateful as they want. And if dany pushes back just a little its like "look see i told she was a horrible monster, she shouldnt be queen"
  9. I dont get it either. IMO she has gone way out of her way to try and help people. To an extent that most leaders (excluding jon) would. I mean did Tywin care about how may innocent people would die when he sacked kings landing?Did Ned? Did Robert? Did jon Arynn?
  10. It was treason. The tarlys are bannerman of house tyrell the wardens of the east. House tyrell recognizes danys claim to to throne so that means all her bannermen must recognize it as well. Its just like the northern houses banding behind ned stark in roberts rebellion. Aerys was king not robert What the tarlys did would be like the karstarks or umbers telling ned "we cant fight for you because areys is our king" and then sacking winterfell and killing house stark.
  11. I think everyone who mentions this is taking danys threat out of context. Imo she was trying to say what Jon Snow should have been saying to/about Sansa since last season and that is you dont have to like me or even agree with my decisions but you have to show respect in public. Behind closed doors you can express whatever you like, we can then try to come some sort of median then we can go talk to our subordinates as a united front. Sansa has knack now for publicily calling out people above her and that is just not the way things are done. It doesnt help anything. It just causes dissent in a situation where we all need to be unified. The scene with dany talking to jon about Sansa is a prime example of how you should do things like this. She talked to him in private and basically said you need to talk to your sister before i have to. i am the queen you choose to rule over the north and at the very least she has to respect that in public. Any ruler would ask for that.
  12. They don't. Just to Clarify, the returned humans that have healing abilities were bitten again at some point by daywalkers. That is why they can heal. Julius and flesh got bitten in the last couple episode of last season. That is why they had healing powers and Axel did not. It wasnt until scarlett got a daywalker to bite Axel that he got healing powers. Mind you i think the whole daywalker plot is stupid but that is why some can heal and others cant.
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