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  1. Fireball

    Unpopular Opinions

    My Unpopular Opinion is I don't see the need for a movie.... I especially don't see the need after watching the trailer for the movie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tu3mP0c51hE
  2. Fireball

    S02.E05: The Blade of The Three

    Me too, but that look at the end certainly made it seem like he's a lying liar who lies.
  3. Fireball

    Premature Unfurling: TV spoilers & speculation

    Me too!
  4. Fireball

    S02.E04: Regarding the Matter of Garret Spears

    My thoughts... Garrett really is dumb.. Sorry not sorry, but he fell hook line a sinker for the Gwynn is playing you story. I mean ok he was tortured so maybe not thinking clearly, but it was all too convenient it should have set some kind of alarm bells off... 1) guy tells you the real queen was disfigured. 2) someone else tells you there's a picture of the royal family behind this wall. 3) here's a letter from Gwynn basically saying "oh Garrett's alive? Am I supposed to care?". 4) they all conveniently leave you in said room so you can look behind the wall and see the picture. Garrett also seems like he falls in love super quickly. He's in love with Gwynn.. no wait he loves Talon.. no he has the feels for the healer. Not looking forward to the predictable reunion between Garrett and the gang. Prince what's his name is also dumb. Gwynn I have a gift for you! It'll change your mind about me! .....Here's some lingerie.... Don't you think I'm a great guy now? Janzo I liked that Janzo stood up to his aunt. However, I get whiplash from Janzo going from blubbering idiot to guy to the guy who stands up to people. Talon I liked that she was all Janzo stop trying to be someone you're not. However, I didn't like that she implied she might fall in love with him maybe in 40 years. Girl if you're not into him don't go around saying things like that you just give the poor guy hope. New Night Blood dude so is he going to be Talon's new love interest until Garrett shows up? I total can see it. It'll make Janzo jealous etc. etc. it'll create drama when Garrett shows up.. However, he's shorter then Talon so maybe he'll just be a friend. Can't have the leading lady have a shorter love interest. ETA: saying all that I did enjoy the episode.
  5. Fireball

    S02.E03: Not In This Kingdom

    I don't understand why Janzo can't be a viable love interest. I thought him burying the dragman and saying some words for Talon was a very sweet thing. He also always goes with Talon for support even when he thinks she's making a stupid mistake. But of course Garrett, the white male, who was in a relationship with Gwynn and tried to get together with Talon is such a better option for Talon.... 🙄
  6. Fireball

    S02.E03: Not In This Kingdom

    Oh I know all that. I still can't believe I'm supposed to care that the poor thing is in love with Janzo and he can't tell.
  7. Fireball

    S02.E03: Not In This Kingdom

    To continue the theme: I can't believe: Talon and Janzo didn't write the names on one piece of paper. Didn't hide said piece of paper. Memorize one demon name. Talon thought giving the thingy in her head to Rebb was a good idea. Talon didn't realize what Janzo was doing with the whole "your eyes...." I'm supposed to care that serving lady is in love with Janzo. Garrett is that stupid..... Wait... I take that back I do believe Garrett is stupid enough to fall for healers story.
  8. Fireball

    S02.E02: This Is One Strange Town

    The bad: Gwynn letting the outpost fall to pieces. Yeah yeah her love of her life died..... But she annoyed me. Gwynn deciding Talon and Janzo should be together. Not that I disagree, but I still didn't like it. The cliche of the someone being ordered to help the man she's in love with get some other girl. Gwynn telling Talon that Garret did love her. Why are those two still ok with what Garret did? Why does Talon still act like she's in love with the jerk? Talon being all depressed because Garret died. Seriously both Gwynn and Talon need smacked the guy was in a relationship with one and trying to get together with the other one. Talon being all relationships are not for me... all the men die on me.... Talk about hitting us over the head that Garret is still alive and that Talon and he are endgame. Still don't understand why Talon feels obligated to help Gwynn flight the Prime Order. The good: Talon kicking price asshole's butt! Gwynn waking up and realizing her betrothal is a card to play. Talon telling Janzo he was being stupid trying to change himself. Janzo's makeover! That's all I got.
  9. Fireball

    Blood & Treasure

    I really disliked the backstory of Danny's dad. So his dad was a thief is that supposed to explain why he's gaga over Lexi? Danny turned in his own dad, why in the world would he decide to be in a relationship with a thief? yeah yeah I know Danny only turned in him dad so he wouldn't kill someone, but it still makes the Lexi + Danny pairing weird and seem widely out of character for Danny. Lexi and Danny are soooooo boring. And imo the whole I hate you but actually love you trope is so over done and it just doesn't work with these two.
  10. Fireball

    S02.E01: We Only Kill to Survive

    I don't think Garret is dead either; however, I kind of wish he was. If he was dead no more horrible love triangle! I also have your problem. I only really like Talon. Garret was the ass that was involved with Gwynn and still hitting on Talon. I don't know why Talon still has feelings for him. yeah yeah he has muscles. If Talon has to be romantically involved I wish it was with someone new or the writers would allow Janzo to grow as a character. I remember in season 1 Talon said something along the lines of I don't like guys like Garret. I so wish the writers had let that be true. I do sometimes like Janzo, but the character suffers from the writers needing him to an a blubbering idiot until they need him to be this mature, genius that understands the plague. Gwynn's traitor of a lady in waiting totally has the hots for Janzo. Withers is just there and I don't like him either. Gwynn is just not really likeable to me. She reminds me of the kind of person that says they are your friend but really they only see what you can do for them. She also seems kind of dumb her "you're only mad at me because Garret picked me"... I loved that Talon was nope I'm mad you didn't let me kill what's his name! It's not a good sign when you can't even remember the big bad villains name. I also don't understand why Talon feels it's her job to help Gwynn stop the Prime Order? It's really not her fight. I was also annoyed how normal Talon's ears looked! Saying all that I'm glad the show's back.
  11. Fireball

    Blood & Treasure

    A very odd choice! Wearing a tank top in a Muslim country seems like a bad idea.
  12. Fireball

    Blood & Treasure

    I'm not really sure why I'm still watching this show. It's not for the romance between Lexi and Danny because I don't care if they get together or not, it's not for the stellar lead actors because neither Sofia Pernas or Matt Barr are that great, it's not for the story because it's really not all that original or compelling. I guess it's for the travel scenes and it's a mindless summer show that's good to watch after a stressful day at work. Just finished watching the Casablanca episode and: Lexi being butt hurt that Danny didn't trust her after finding her burner phone was eye roll worthy. Of course he doesn't trust you now. dumb dumb. For a master thief Lexi is pretty dumb. If you don't want someone to find your burner phone: Don't leave the ring tone on. Have your burner phone password protected. Have any incoming text messages hidden. I don't buy that Lexi and Danny are in love.. Like at all. I guess we're supposed to think they have some complicated history, but it seems like they met, dated a bit, and then daddy died. When Lexi said something like "should I list our history" I was like Yes please do. Lexi wearing a black bra with a white tank top bothered me. Also wearing a tank top in a Muslim country seems like a bad idea. Lexi's silver sequin skirt and silk grey top outfit was awful imo. I mean it did the trick. The high waist emphasized her breasts and the tight skirt emphasized her butt every time she bent over which seemed like a lot. The writers are really trying to show that Lexi is a good person underneath it all; She makes Shaw take the Dr. lady to her family. She gives the refugee camp money. However, I still don't care. I was glad that it was Gwen who took down Omar and not Lexi or Danny. Danny was just kind of there this episode. I can't think of anything to say about him. Other then he must have been hot in a polo shirt and a dress jacket. I miss Charlie! I'd totally love a show with Charlie having adventures all over the world!
  13. Fireball

    S06.E08: The Old Man and the Anomaly

    Is it me or does Raven look so different from past seasons. Every time she's on screen it takes a minute to realize who she is.
  14. Fireball

    Blood & Treasure

    I feel the opposite. I feel it's obvious that they will get back together. So true! It's annoying.
  15. Fireball

    Give The Devil His Due: Lucifer In The Media

    I agree I think season 4 was a good place to end the series. I liked how it ended. I'm sure season 5 will end with Lucifer + Chloe together. Ugh not a fan, but I'm not a fan of Lucifer + Chole. But I also know that with a season 5 they will end up happy and together.