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  1. I agree Minju's look was the only one that really read military for me and that was due to the gold buttons. If she had used different buttons it wouldn't have felt military. Also Charles white outfit also felt military once that weird blue coat thing was removed. Angel's jacket was a big tent and I feel like she was given the win due to the judges being impressed with her quilting the gold fabric and giving the coat volume. Her outfit under the coat was simple, cheap looking, and felt thrown together. I was also rooting for him. I thought he should have won the active wear! It feels like for whatever reason the judges just don't like him. I also don't get the judging. A contestant gets dinged for missing the mark on the challenge, in another episode a contestant misses the mark on the challenge, but the judges say oh that's just their take on what the future in that category will look like. One time someone gets dinged for their look being to commercial and another time the contestant gets praised with oh they know exactly what customers are looking for. It feel like the judges knew from the start who they wanted to win and just come up with whatever reason to keep that person in the competition. I've felt like Minju or Angel are going to be the winner for awhile now; there have been a couple of times IMO that they deserved to be eliminated. They've gotten praised for looks that are not original, missed the mark, not finished etc. I agree with all of this. I like the hosts, the talent , and skill levels are high. But it feel like a big set up and I will be very surprised if Minju or Angel don't win.
  2. I completely agree! I hate hate that this is a team challenge. It doesn't seem at all fair some people are getting through based on their partners skills looking at you Angelo and other people get kicked off Naresh because they compromised. I also had higher expectations due to the praise of this show on MTC. This 100% I didn't like the winning look either and I also feel they won because of their story!
  3. I completely agree! It's an individual competition and should be judged as such! Nasheli was completely screwed by it being a team thing. I hated that dress! It was so cheap looking and tacky! They had to corset the model into it so the dress wouldn't fall off, so I'd think using the restroom would be awkward. Do you bring someone along to help you cinch you back into the dress? Lol I had the exact same thought! Also I hated that black dress with the rubber gloves that Alexa was wearing at the first! The hands on the gloves were placed such that it looked like the dress was feeling Alexa up! Also what the heck were they trying to say with Rubbers? A rubber is a condom in a lot of places.
  4. That was such a weird and random scene for me. I guess it was referring to stuff that happened in the books. I'm not asking you to tell me what happened in the book since I don't want to know. However, from that scene I guess I'm to assume Amos and Clarissa became friends or lovers while transporting her back to Earth? But why was Clarissa even on the Roci? So weird and random. I don't think we've never seen Amos give someone a nickname, so if the show isn't going to show why Amos became so close to Clarissa and gave her the nickname Peaches why bother with the scene? I guess it's to show Amos has feelings? But I think we already knew that. Such a weird and random scene for me.
  5. Sanders outfits were ugly imo. The color combination and fabric just no. Brown and yellow?🤢 and the fabrics seemed not complementary. I think if Sander had done white or black instead of the yellow I might have like them.... But no just no it was ugly. I think Sander picked the ugliest colors and fabric as a big FU to the judges. I really feel like the judges were rewarding him more for following their advise then for the actual clothes.
  6. I'm on season 2 episode 3. I also knew Jocelyn and James were going to have a thing with the slapping etc. However, I do not get why all of a sudden Jocelyn is interested in James when in season 1 she showed no interest in him and seemed totally interested in the Dr. Now that she can have the Dr. she's suddenly not interested in him. Maybe that's the whole thing; Jocelyn is only interested in someone when they are forbidden, but once that person isn't forbidden she loses interest in them. James Reed and Jocelyn make no sense to me. But maybe they will make sense by the end of the season...
  7. Why can't I comment while I'm watching? Everyone else did. 😊If I have to wait to comment until I've finished watching I probably won't comment.
  8. 😂 I know you are lying, but thank you. 😄 I really am having a hard time with this show; I just really don't like any of the characters that much.
  9. I know I'm supposed to be rooting for Charlotte to marry above her station, but I'm completely on team Stringer. Of course Charlotte and Sidney are endgame... I'm having a hard time wanting to keep watching this. Sidney is such an ass asking for her opinion and then telling her off for said opinion. Being rude all the time. So please someone please lie to me and tell me Charlotte ends up with Mr. Stringer! This bothered me from episode 1. In other period piece shows the young women goes off with a relative or a good family friend. Here the parents send her off with complete strangers. And these strangers continue to house and feed Charlotte. It is the strangest thing.
  10. Fireball

    Station 19

    That's exactly how I feel! I certainly hope Andy is there for him. But she'll probably be over at Sullivan's for a "sleep" over.
  11. I've been watching the old episodes, and I had forgotten how much more I enjoyed them when we had Lady Felicia and Sid. Bunty just doesn't really work for me. I feel like they tried to combine some of the characteristics of Felicia; flirt, men fall over themselves for her, has money, butts heads with Mrs. M, and characteristics of Sid; good with cars, rebel, picks locks, likes to get into trouble, and none of it really works. Felicia and Sid they just worked better and IMO are better actors than Bunty. In The Skylark Scandal, I found myself wishing that the actress playing Hetty had been cast as Bunty.
  12. Fireball

    Station 19

    I feel bad for Jack. I mean yes he was a total idiot for getting involved with Eva, but I still feel bad for him. The whole station not including Andy is giving him the cold shoulder. If I was him I'd be thinking transfer. I actually liked the idea of Andy and Jack if only to keep the inevitable Andy and Sullivan form happpening. I really hate that they killed Ryan. I know the writers said they wanted to take Andy to a dark place, I haven't seen that myself, if feels like they wanted to kill any other potential love interest for Andy. So Sullivan and Andy are back together; doesn't Andy think about how this will affect her ability to be promoted? This is why I hate the put the character with their boss storyline. The relationship never really adversely affects the characters career. I don't feel bad for Maya either. Also I keep thinking when a LT gets promoted don't they usually go to a different fire house, so it's easier for them to transfer from co-worker/friend to boss/captain?
  13. Fireball

    Station 19

    So Andy is back with Sullivan. Ugh.. I knew it was bound to happen, but I was soooo hoping they were done for good. I also hate how Andy as forgiven him for denying her the captain position; just because she wasn't grieving like he and her father thought she should grieve.
  14. As soon as Alex said he was with Izzy I turned off the tv. I came here to see exactly what else happened, and...… What a crappy way to write the character out. There were so many other ways to go that didn't make Alex look like an asshole. I had been watching off and on this season, but I'm done now. I have no interest in watching Jo find love again. I never liked the character and would have preferred her riding off into the sunset with Alex. Or leaving Alex married to Jo, but just offscreen and focusing on Jo career.
  15. I think that's what a promise ring is... I never really understood them; I always thought a promise ring was stupid. When I read that Caelynn and Dean had a commitment ceremony and Dean was wearing a ring. It made me think of a promise ring. Both promise/commitment rings seem stupid to me.
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