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  1. Fireball

    S04.E05: Expire Erect

    I'm really liking Eve too. I am not looking forward to the inevitable Lucifer choosing Chloe and breaking Eve's heart which will probably cause Eve to go Evil!!!!! Amenadiel going to talk to Chloe was sweet. However, I thought Chloe had a house? It looked like when Amenadiel knocked that Chloe now living in an apartment? Did I miss when she moved? I'm tired of Chloe almost crying every single episode. I know I know she's going through a lot and has a lot to come to terms with, but I'm bored with it. It also is kind of odd since old Chloe didn't get that emotional. I know I know her world was turned upside down. Also I know this is really rude, but I find Cloe's face really distracting now. Did the actress just do filler on her lips? But her face is also fuller all around so did she do filler everywhere? Can you even do that? Or maybe she just did Botox? Her face doesn't seem to move as much... IDK I just find it so distracting it looks so different to me at least. But then I find Chloe really boring so I'm probably easily distracted.
  2. Fireball

    S05.E08: Chapter Eighty-Nine

    Minority opinions: I don't like the Twins. They seem like little know it all brats to me. I also don't think snide/sarcastic remarks from little kids is cute like at all. Michael should have stayed dead. I'm only half paying attention when watching this show anymore.
  3. Fireball


    My thoughts from last nights episode: Kate has been in way to many episodes. For this reason alone, I was kind of hoping that Kate was telling the truth that she was playing Eric. I don't buy the Eric & Kate's romance. Eric keeps things for her, he asks her to jeopardize her job for him, etc. etc But Kate also doesn't have to jeopardize her job just because Eric asks, so her being mad is whatever to me. The looks Eric & Kate had when they were in the apartment made it seem like neither one trusted the other, but then at the end of the episode I'm supposed to believe they both really care for one another? Ok..... Kate's Pepto-Bismol colored pant suit was horrible! Just horrible. Zara looked stunning! It's kind of weird how Eric just takes a drink from Zara's glass. That's kind of the thing spouses do. Zara and Eric have better chemistry then Eric and Kate. However, I don't want Zara and Eric to be anything other then friends.
  4. Fireball

    S02.E17: Be Careful What You Wish For

    The writers didn't do a good job of getting me invested in the Eddy/ Shannon relationship so her dying was... whatever to me.. I'm also left wondering what the point was in bringing the Ex/still wife back. I can't help but wonder if the writers will have Eddy go down a dark path. Because that is sooo interesting...not... I also thought it was weird that Shannon was pressuring Eddy at the beach to commit to where the relationship was going only for her to decide I want a divorce. But then she said maybe I can learn to be a wife, so was she thinking that down the road they would get remarried? I feel bad for Christopher, but don't really feel bad that Shannon died. Also the writing department needs to stop giving away the major storylines in the next weeks promos.
  5. Fireball

    Dynasty (2017)

    Adam. I don't understand him. Is he bent on making Fallon's life miserable because he's jealous she got the life he thinks he deserves and he's trying to make her life as bad as his was? Lima and Fallon still haven't slept together. I certainly hope the show doesn't go the route of Liam is really Adam that would be so creepy. Yeah they haven't slept together, but they have made out and are apparently in love. I think we are??? But I'm not.
  6. Fireball


    You think the team would know not to discuss who they think the kidnapper is in front of parents... I found myself more interested in how this 19 year old was supporting herself and the baby then I was in the actual case. I mean as soon as the cop went off about drug addicted mothers I know he was the kidnapper. Also the cliffhanger of will Kate forgive Eric was..... Oh who cares.
  7. Fireball

    Give The Devil His Due: Lucifer In The Media

    And the promo has Lucifer still talking about how special Chole is....🙄 oh lovely....
  8. Fireball

    Give The Devil His Due: Lucifer In The Media

    I agree the writers humanized Lucifer way too much! Also him being all tru luv over Chole so didn't work (at least for me). No offence to Chole, but she's not anything the Devil should be losing his darkness for. I hope the show gets back on track and doesn't continue where it was last season.
  9. Fireball

    Dynasty (2017)

    Adam is creeeeeepy... Also what is his deal with Fallow? Is it just she got the life he thinks he deserves?
  10. Fireball

    S05.E05: Chapter Eighty-Six

    What a depressing episode: I don't get where the writers are going. Do they want us to hate Jane and Rafael? If so they're doing a great job. If they wanted everyone to be happy with Jane ending up with Rafael making him the biggest ass isn't the way to go about it. Also Michael is just there I don't see the point of bringing him back.
  11. Fireball

    S02. E15. Ocean's 9-1-1

    I thought Buck had the best lines! He's growing on me. While I do agree the episode was a filler and predictable, I thought it was fun. It very much had an Ocean's 11 vibe. Now I'm probably the only one, but whenever we see Eddy's Ex/current girlfriend all I think is Eddy was soo much more interesting as a single dad then whatever he + ex are now.
  12. Fireball


    I agree it does feel like the show is changing it's focus towards the characters personal lives. We've covered: Zara and how the job affects her relationship with her husband and kids. How her husband is jealous that Zara puts the job first and jumps whenever Eric calls. Oliver and how the shooting is affecting him and I guess how he has PTSD. Cynthia and her out of prison brother that she lied about. Eric and his new relationship with Kate and how he's serious about her. I too liked the focus on the professional with just drips and drabs of personal info thrown in every so often, but it feels like we're going to get more personal this season.
  13. Fireball


    I don't need him alone either, but I don't want to watch his relationship either. I just have this feeling we're going to see a lot of Kate and the drama of their relationship, and I'm like whatever don't care. I watch other shows for the romantic relationships, but that's not why I watch this show.
  14. Fireball

    Dynasty (2017)

    So I feel stupid I didn't realize Alexis's new face was Fallow's face. I guess I wasn't paying enough attention. But I really hope the show doesn't go the route of Alexis sleeping with Liam. I did like that Fallow was only mad that Kirby didn't tell her about Cuhlane.
  15. Fireball


    So I haven't commented on here since the new season started. Partly because I didn't realize it was back, I thought it was going to be coming back in the summer....great job advertising there CBS....it's a good thing this show isn't just owned by CBS. But mostly I haven't commented because of the changes to previously TV. [Vent] I hate the new way previously TV aka primetimer categorizes shows. Alphabetically made so much more sense. When the new website came back I still had all the forums I follow, or there was a new thread with a link to the new forms page since the old forum was put in the vault. However, the Ransom forum wasn't there at all, and it wasn't even put in the vault. So I kind of forgot about the show until I stumbled a crossed it one Saturday. And then when I tried to find the new Ransom Forum talk about a pain. I also don't understand why they made certain forums read only. I have some shows I started watching that I'd like to comment on, but the forums are closed and who wants to talk to themselves on the new forum that nobody follows. If the old forum was still open one could quote someone and get the dialog going. Sorry the new changes annoy me. [End of Vent] Anyway on to the Episode So Erik and Kate.... I really don't care like at all... I guess I'm horrible that I'd rather Erik be alone. I don't want the show to turn into Erik + romance. That is not why I'm here. I really hope we only hear about Kate every so often and this episode isn't setting a precedent where we have the FBI "Kate" and Crisis Resolution "Eric" work together multiple episodes. We've already had two episodes where they work together. So yeah that's really all I've got for this episode. .