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  1. I had the exact same thought. I really want Fallon to get one over Adam. But the nurse will probably actually fall in the love with the psychopath or Adam will have known the whole time that the nurse was working for Fallon.
  2. Just started season 4; I don't get why Kenzi didn't tell Bo she didn't have all her memories when she kissed Dyson. Neither of them even remembered Bo at the time.
  3. Thoughts: Adam's nurse is weird. Fallon talking in front of the help that's working with/for your creepy brother isn't smart. Kirby is useless and I'm pretty bored whenever she's on screen. Evan has a temper. Run Fallon run. Are they ever going to check on/mention Steven?
  4. Fireball

    S3.07: Athena Begins

    I thought that too. My thinking was oh he's going to be the killer because he doesn't want to lose another female cop to marriage/kids,
  5. Yep unfortunately. So very original...NOT... I'm not a big fan of Liv Tayler, but I like Rob Lowe. Ugh so of course they will be a will they won't they couple.
  6. Fireball

    S3.05: Rage

    The storyline might be ok IF the writers had built up to it, but nope out of the blue Eddie is mad and beating someone up and doing street fights. It came from the stupid writers wanting to show off Ronda's fighting skills and thinking it'll show that Eddie and her have something in common, so it'll make sense that they are hanging out. Such a dumb storyline. Actually I think part of reason the show had Buck not be 100% recovered was so he wouldn't be around and Eddie would turn to Ronda for advice/friendship. I mean last episode it was Ronda's advice that got through to Christopher; not the advice of the medical licensed psychologist. 🙄 Ugh so not interested in watching Eddie and the flight story and Eddie & Ronda become more then friends.
  7. Fireball

    S3.05: Rage

    I'm so disappointed in the last two episodes: I do not like Buck's storyline. I do not like Maddie's storyline. I do not like Eddie's storyline. And I just don't like Ronda/ Lena?
  8. I can see that! However, I was thinking that Liam would get his memories back after Fallon had given up hope and gotten back together with Michael.
  9. Watched last episode without trying to multitask. 🙂 First: Blake is a idiot. You need to come a crossed as a boy scout, so idk maybe not try and attack someone and certainly don't admit to killing the guy. Kirby certainly was fast in redecorating Michaels apartment. I mean wasn't it only a couple of days that she was there before Michael came home? Also it certainly seemed like Michael was breaking up with Kirby. Adam is creepy. He need to go asap. I'm wondering if he actually wants Blake in prison so he can take over the empire. Also when did he send down drivers again to find the ring? Poor Liam. He wakes up to an extremely overbearing mother and a crazy women saying they are engaged.
  10. I'm not enjoying this season very much. Larry and Margo are off doing their own thing which leaves us with Gerry who I'm not that found of and the stupid Louisa Spiro drama which just no... I really dislike Louisa & Spiro and have for sometime. Why can't the show give Louisa a single love interest? Why do the writers think Louisa and Spiro are these star-crossed lovers that we as the audience should root for?
  11. But didn't Fallon say Blake killed dead guy? So Blake still is in hot water for that. Or did Fallon imply Blake had to kill dead guy in self defense. I guess I should do watch that part again, but I'm too lazy. lol
  12. Kirby is an idiot! She thinks she can have her cake and eat it too! Did she really think she could stab Fallon in the back and everything would stay the same? That they would still be friends? That she could still live in the mansion? Maybe Fallon deserved to be stabbed in the back, maybe not, but for Kirby to be all butt hurt that she was getting kicked out of the mansion was ridiculous. I didn't understand why Fallon framed the dead guy? But then I didn't quite catch what Fallon was saying. Did she admit that she and Trixie were drinking and that Trixie accidently fell and died? She said Blake killed the dead guy, so Blake's still in trouble. Why not just say Blake disposed of Trixie's body? Like I said I didn't really catch what Fallon was saying. I do wonder if Fallon will also be in trouble for lying to the police? I actually like Liam, but I think Culhane is end game for Fallon.
  13. I agree Amelia and Link are really the best things; however, I can't stand Jo and wish she would go away.
  14. Fireball

    S3.03: The Searchers

    Ugh I think the show really telegraphed that Lena is going to be Eddie's love interest. I'd love if I was wrong since 1) I don't think the actress is very good and 2) I hate the whole story of people working together and being in a relationship. Especially when in reality people would never be allowed to date another firefighter in the same house. Maybe I'm wrong and Lena doesn't join the 911 crew, but the preview made it seem like she does. I agree. The whole lets put Christopher in danger really lessened my enjoyment of the episode. I mean Christopher being in danger gave the actor playing Buck time to shine and it was highly unlikely that the show would kill off Christopher, but I still didn't like it. I also feel a bit cheated that we didn't get to see how Christopher survived.
  15. Nope not the only one. I was hoping for something besides Zed/ the black bloods being the "bad guys".
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