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  1. Fireball

    S05.E03: Chapter Eighty-Four

    Soooo I feel like I'm the only one not excited about Michael's return. I have no interest in revisiting the love triangle. I hated the stupid thing before and I stopped watching because of it. In the last season of the show, I see no reason to revisit the love triangle again. I also don't see any way the writers get themselves out of the corner they have put themselves in. There's no way for everyone to have a happy ending now. Jane ends up with Michael--- No happy ending for Rafael.. Jane ends up with Rafael--- No happy ending for Michael. I think the Jane finds an epic love and then finds love again after her husband died was a much more interesting story then yet again having her choose between Rafael and Michael.
  2. Fireball

    Dynasty (2017)

    I think Liam is gone for good. With Michael going to be part owner of the soccer team; I guess that means Fallon and he are endgame.
  3. Fireball

    Valerie: The former army one

    I've wondered that too. I guess the writers just didn't want to redo the storyline of someone taking classes and exams to become a midwife which honestly they never really committed to that storyline with Delia, so they could have had Valerie take classes etc. I also think it was dumb on the writers part to not address how Valerie was a midwife in a blink of an eye; all the writers had to do was have some throw out line that Valerie had been training to become a midwife before she went off to be a Army nurse.
  4. Fireball

    S04.E04: Backed Against The Wall

    IMO Trying to shoe horn in characters from the other Chicago shows really hurts the show they are being forced on. I stopped watching Fire when every story line had to be police related. And now Med has to have Jay from PD show up basically every episode!
  5. Fireball

    S04.E08: Play By My Rules

    I'm like 10 minutes into the show, and I already want to punch April.
  6. Fireball

    S04.E07: The Poison Inside Us

    They have no chemistry! You wouldn't think it would be hard to find someone that had chemistry with Colin Donnell, but for me the show has had him in three different relationships and non of them have worked. Season 1) cliché of student hooking up with teacher. I think she was a second year and Rhodes was a first year, but same kind of thing. Either way IMO they didn't have chemistry. Season 2) Rhodes out of the blue hooks ups with Robin and I never got why he was interested. And then she goes cray cray. I fan winked it as Rhodes was subconsciously trying to save his mom. They had better chemistry than Rhodes other 2 love interests, but I still didn't like them as a couple. Season 3) He has this cliché of I hate you but I secretly like you thing with Becker. And they have the worst chemistry of all! The only relationships of Rhodes that I have been interested in were his relationship with Dr. Downey and his relationship with Dr. Latham.
  7. Fireball

    S02.E08: Buck Actually

    So I guess I'm in the minority. I didn't really like this episode. I guess I don't care that much about Buck and his love life and the whole episode was about Buck realizing he's not Buck 1.0 anymore but Buck 2.0. And really who refers to themselves as 1.0 and 2.0. I also thought it was really odd that nobody was annoyed that Buck was hooking up with the reporter that didn't care about the ramifications of airing the firefighters being high as a kit as long as she didn't have to go back to being a traffic reporter. I mean the firefighters could have lost their jobs. I really thought it was strange Bobby was OK with Buck potentially dating the reporter. I mean she was going to air his deepest secrets. I do agree that the earthquake girl is better then the reporter, but I kept wondering how did earthquake girl get Buck's phone number? Did Buck give it to her the day of the earthquake? If he did, that is so inappropriate and hello there's a earthquake going on not the time or place to give some girl your phone number. Also I can't help but wonder why she contacted Buck. I know Buck questioned her about it "did you only call me because I saved you?" However, you'd have to think that played a big part in her calling Buck. I know I know the show showed us them talking forever and that they had a real connection, but I kept thinking what happened during the earthquake that made the girl go oh I need to call that guy Buck! I get that kind of situation makes someone reevaluate their life, but I was thinking really almost dying made you want to call Buck? ooookkkaaaayyy I don't dislike Buck; I just don't really care about his love life.
  8. Fireball

    S04.E07: The Poison Inside Us

    Why am I still watching this? oh right the pretty men...
  9. Fireball

    The Durrells In Corfu

    Off topic: But what role is Larry going to play on The Crown?
  10. Fireball

    The Durrells In Corfu

    That bunny cake was adorable! I guess I should feel sorry for Gerry, his mom can't even remember how old he is exactly, but I find him annoying as heck so I don't. ETA: so Spiro's wife leaves him...Isn't that convenient. I guess Spiro and Louisa will be a thing...
  11. Fireball

    The Durrells In Corfu

    The only problem I have with thinking Spiros was desperately trying get it threw Louisa's think head that he isn't interested is. Spiro's seems to get jealous when Louisa is dating anyone. He showed up when Louisa was on that date with (can't remember his name, but he had a awesome little red car). He didn't like the idea that Louisa might start dating Mr. Ferraris. He also flirts with her which ok some married men do, but if he's desperate to get those type of ideas out of Louisa's head then he needs to stop flirting with her. This last episode when Spiros and Louisa were making up he insisted she call him handsome twice. He makes eyes at Louisa and she makes eyes at him. IDK it seems like the show wants it both ways. They want us to root for Spiro and Louisa, but also think Louisa as her head in the clouds and can't see that Spiro is treating the Ferraris just like he treated her family and that they really don't have a special relationship. I'm getting annoyed by the whole thing to be honest.
  12. Fireball

    S02.E07: Haunted

    Christopher is adorable! Wolverine was such as awesome costume! While they worked to make his mom sympathetic, I'm not sure if it worked for me. Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention which is possible. But it sounded like Shannon was mad that Eddie was in the military and was deployed for 2 years and she was left with Christopher, then Eddie came home and they had issues, then her mom got sick so she left to take care of her, and then she decided it was to hard to come home. I wonder if we will get some flash backs that will show Eddie was not always this wonderful dad/guy. Like I said maybe I missed parts that would make me more sympathetic.
  13. Fireball

    S02.E07: Haunted

  14. Fireball

    S02.E07: Haunted

    I was so mad that they killed the horse just so Hen would realize she needed to pull the plug on her father.
  15. Fireball

    The Durrells In Corfu

    I think I'm supposed to be rooting for Spiro and Louisa, but I'm sorry I can't. Spiro is married. Yes, it was implied that he got himself in a situation like Leslie did and unlike Leslie he married the girl, and there was some conversation about regrets and I got the impression that Spiro regretted getting married. But nope sorry he's still married and he's emotionally cheating on his wife. Not cool.