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  1. So the Talon and Garrett almost kiss, but Talon turns her head away! I guess Talon is taking what Zed said to heart that she should be dating a blackblood? Talon and Garrett still haven't kissed this season and haven't really felt like they are in love. Garrett was a bit whinny with "we are alwasy saying good-bye!" I know I'm supposed to route for them, but it's hard for me to. I wish the show would stop showing Talons perfectly smooth ears. It annoys me; she should have scars on her ears from cutting off her points. I don't know why but I keep expecting Gwynn to show back up. Li
  2. Janzo has the best lines! I can't remember it exactly but it was something like "The page is as blank as your expression Garrett" I love Janzo!!! Garrett seems even more bland then usual. Also when Janzo was doing the whole Tobin loves FaFalista, like I love Wren, like you love Talon Garrett had such a bland facial reaction. Have Garrett and Talon even kissed this season? I keep wondering if the actors aren't getting along? Still annoyed they killed off all the Black bloods. Gluing pointy ears on actors can't be that expensive! lol Also yes, Talon you should feel guilty! You could
  3. The scenery is what keeps me watching...
  4. I am annoyed that they killed all the blackbloods and blackfists. I'm also annoyed that Talon never seemed concerned that all these blackbloods were living in such a horrible place and was always "I need to protect the humans" .... #teamhumans... Why is she so #teamhumans? Didn't humans kill her family? Talon and Garrett don't really seem all that in love this season which I am ok with. I've never understood Talon being happy that the guy who was dating Gwynn while also trying to hookup with her finally decided that he wanted Talon. Falista needs to stop listening to two, and Tobi
  5. I completely forgot that the Outpost was back.. Just watched the premiere. I can't remember why everyone dislikes Falista so much... I mean she's not exactly likeable, but didn't she help save the outpost and she just lost her husband who she did love. You think they could be a little sympathetic. I will always roll my eyes anytime Talon talks about how Gwynn was her best friend. Janzo is obviously her best friend. Gwynn really used Talon at times, so I don't understand the whole she was my best friend thing. Garrett trying to push Talon into being queen because he thinks it'
  6. That's what I thought... I mean Jack not being dead isn't a surprise, but giving away what is wrong with the Doctor, and the rest, makes me feel I really don't need to watch since I know everything that's going to happen.
  7. Virgin River: Season 3 | Official Trailer DO NOT WATCH IT YOU DON'T WANT SPOLIERS! Seriously after watching the video I feel like I know all all the "Big" moments / issues that will take place.
  8. I wasn't able to watch last weeks episode; sounds like I missed something big! :D
  9. Linda was the best part of the episode! Her revelation about the chicken was hilarious. Also her asking God do you want water or wine? Oh for you it's the same thing. Was funny!
  10. Watched S8 E5 The Folly Of Jephthah... I swear Flambeau daughter is a different actress! I found her not a very good actress. I hope this is the only time we see her. I was afraid there that the actor playing Flambeau didn't want to play the character anymore, so they were going to have him lose the bet and the daughter would be the new thief we had to deal with.
  11. I'm watching on Netflix, and I am struggling to finish this show. It's so so so boring. They should have kept Bess as Secretary of State, and ended the show with her running for president. I miss the old show. Well not Henny is supper dude and is better at everything they were going for/ still are going for. But I miss the people at the office Jay, Kat, and press dude etc.. I miss the interaction between the office characters, the interaction Bess had with foreign diplomats, and her going to foreign countries. Now it seems all Bess does is give boring speeches. Dimitri does look good
  12. Kirby still being into Adam after finding out what he did, makes me wonder about her. Girl you should be running as fast as you can the other way. Maybe she's done something horrible in her past too?, or does she honestly think Adam has changed because he loves her? Is she that stupid?
  13. With Mina gone, I find myself really just not interested anymore... Nic and Conrad are annoying, Rose is annoying, I don't like Cain. I'm not interested in AJ mentoring Leela.. Guess it's time to find something else to watch.
  14. I'm shocked about this renewal! Will I watch season 2? I don't honestly know. It will depend on what time it airs and how bored I am I suppose. I do hope they improve Charlotte's hair. It bugged me so much! It wouldn't have been so bad if all the characters had inappropriate hair for the time period, but it really was just Charlotte.
  15. I feel like who got star baker Liam vs Yan and who went home Julia vs Stacey came down to how they did the dough on the showstopper: outside the mold vs inside the mold. I agree! I see no difference between the two. But the way Paul went on it seemed like doing it inside the mold was cheating or easier? I actual thought putting the dough on the outside of the mold looked easier. If it has to be done outside the mold, why not put that in the brief? I thought they were all cheating because I thought hand raised meant no using any type of mold. I did too! Julia got a comment ab
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