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  1. I was wondering the exact same thing.... WHY are they walking and not riding a horse? The only thing I came up with is they killed all the horses at the outpost for the meat...
  2. So I haven't been following the show in the media... What is the backstory between Badd and Jensen?
  3. Still don't like Jo. Never have. Her backstory makes no sense what's so ever. I think her backstory was supposed to be a rich kid and a diva aka "princess", and then the writers decided to give her that tragic backstory which so much of it doesn't make sense. I wish she had left with Alex.....
  4. Ashley and JP split up!?!? I was surprised when Ashley picked him, but I thought they were considered one of the real successes from the show. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/ashley-hebert-j-p-rosenbaum-000036204.html
  5. Anyone else feel like a lot of the discussion regarding Harry, Meghan, + the royal family that was going on in the History thread would be better posted here? Just me? I responded in the history thread and I think maybe I should have posted here.. So main reason I'm posting here is: I have noticed a distinct change in tone on "articles" that show up on the yahoo and bing homepage regarding Harry & Meghan and William & Kate, and the royal family. It was positive William & Kate, and the royal family and negative Harry & Meghan. Now it's switched and it's positive Harry & Meghan and negative William & Kate, and the royal family. I put articles in quotes because the things that show up on yahoo and bing remind me of tabloids at checkouts in stores.
  6. Thoughts: Why is Talon so insistent that Gwynn is her best best best friend in the whole world? As I recall Gwynn has said horrible things to and about Talon basically was only nice to her when she thought Talon could be useful to her. I was totally with Janzo with his whole "what??? I thought I was your best friend!" Janzo and Wren are still the best part of the show. I'm liking Munt as well. Him and what's-her-name are cute. Talon now has a Lu Kyrie of her own! And all it took was giving the evil Lu Kyrie a snack! However, I'm still ticked that her semi first Lu Kyrie died to save her and her "friends" back in season one. Talon tells us and Garrett again that she loves him. However, does Garrett love Talon? I guess we're supposed to believe Garrett also loves Talon but I don't know if I see it. The most emotion I've seen out of Garrett was when he found out Tobin broke his engagement to Gwynn and married someone else. Garrett is so bland and boring which makes sense with everything he went through, but he's boring. Over all this episode felt like it was the men complaining how Talon handles being in charge and her choices, but not having any other ideas other then to complain and put her down for her choices. Also I hate Talons new hair style. I'm not enjoying this season as much... I never thought I say this about any show, but bring back the love triangle with Talon, Garrett, and Zed. ETA: I really don't want the love triangle back I just really dislike Talon & Garrett together.
  7. I am very disappointed to hear there won't be another season. I only stumbled on it as well.
  8. Double post: Not sure how to delete...
  9. What I hate is how in love Talon is with Garret. Garret hasn't done anything to deserve Talon's love, he hasn't said "I love you" to Talon, he hasn't done anything heroic like saving Talon, he hasn't given anything up for Talon, he hasn't picked Talon over Gwynn. I honestly feel if when Tobin and Garret rescued Gwynn if Gwynn had woken up and run and kissed Garret that Garret would be with Gwynn and ok with the situation. Can Talon get a new guy please? I'd even be ok with Zed winning her over... I also feel sorry for Falista. She wanted to marry Tobin, but had to marry the guy her father chose. However, I feel it's a little pathetic that she's willing to marry Tobin when it's obvious he's not into her. But I'm actually hoping Tobin falls back in love with Falista and Gwynn and Garret get back together (I dislike both of them, so they might as well be a couple) and Talon finds a new love interest or just says screw this and leaves. Honestly none of them (except Janzo) have treated Talon that great
  10. I don't disagree that the royals expect the women to toe the line, follow protocol, and do what they are told. However, I don't think this should have come as a surprise to Meghan. And if Harry didn't give Meghan a heads up he was an idiot.
  11. I found the episode very slow and depressing. Also Beth knows nothing about chest and the old dude doesn't start teaching her until she shows some promise. Even if Beth is a genius I found it hard to believe she was able to teach herself the game with knowing basically nothing about said game...
  12. I love this! I wish Zed had done exactly that. I think I was supposed to be cheering for Gwynn when she was "poisoning" Zed, but I wasn't. I was actively rooting for her to get caught. Also Gwynn's whole "you were just using Talon" retort to Zed had me going "Pot calling the Kettle Black".
  13. I'm glad I wasn't the only one distracted by Chole's hair.
  14. I'm happy the show is back; however, I didn't love the episode. I dislike that: The Blackbloods are bad and the humans good. Talon is loyal to Gwynn and Garret still. Why? Just why? Talon is in love with Garret. Again why? Talon kissed Garret. Garret doesn't deserve to be kissed. The show thinks we should root for Garret & Talon to be together. No just no Garret is a ass that was dating Gwynn and then tried getting together with Talon at the same time. #TeamAnyoneButGarret! We have not 1 but 2 potential love triangles. Tobin, Gwynn, & Garret. Gwynn, Garret, & Talon, Talon doesn't respect herself enough to know she deserves better then Garret. I remember in season 1 how Talon was all I have no interest in someone like Garret. Can we have that Talon back? Gwynn is so stupid to have a make out session in the middle of trying to escape. Time and Place princess Time and Place. Tobin and Garett have no consequences from killing some blackbloods during their failed escape. There was no explanation of why the blackbloods would allow Talon to walk free. I thought it was pretty obvious last season that Talon was #teamhunmans. Saying all this I'm glad the show is back.
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