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Y: The Last Man

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Loved this series. I started off a little dubious, because the idea of it seemed so potentially cheap, with this one guy being sought after as the saviour of humanity via sexing ladies. Turns out that's not what it was at all.

And the final issue broke my heart, about three times. That last scene with Yorick and Ampersand....

It also broke my heart a little when I read that Shia Lebouef was tacked on to play Yorick in the movie. Thank god that doesn't seem to have come to pass.

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Good grief all the women weren't hot! Some were old, some had just ordinary faces, some were larger than what is considered 'comic book hot', some were scarred.

Yet nearly every woman was fucking brave, competent, an asset to her community or given duty. There were criminals, there were heroes and cowards, Earth mothers, and soldiers, sweethearts and bitches. The range of women in this series is astounding, and I commend BKV for including all those differences.

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Lowell could pull it off, he'd be good! 

As I read, and reread the series, I kept thinking of John Krasinski, and they do look similar, but John is too old for the role, I think. 

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I really liked this series over all (save for the ending - I always feel a little disappointed in BKV endings for some reason). I actually made my new husband stop on the way to our honeymoon in Muskoka at the comic store so I could get the last Y: The Last Man trade which had just come out.

The talk of the movie adaptation of this title always bummed me out. I don't understand why everything has to be a movie and can't be a minseries or a short run television series like True Detective. I feel like being such a slave to the movie format makes them cut too much stuff out and abbreviate plotlines that should have been given room to breathe. This is one of the things that bummed me out about the World War Z adaptation which is a book I LOVED. If they had made that thing into a Werner Herzogian documentary style series with each episode focusing on a different country or group of survivors that would have been amazing. But instead it was a vehicle for Brad Pitt and wasn't halfway as effective.

Also, Shia LeBoeuf is a dick smack and needs to take up less space in the universe. I enjoy Genius' idea of Chris Lowell. I think he could be good.

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John Krasinski would have been perfect, you're right!  But yeah, maybe about 5 years ago at this point.  I'd be happy with an HBO mini-series version, that would be amazing!

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If it was an HBO mini series, there would certainly be no lack of boobies for them to show.

I do think that format would fit the story far, far better than a movie would. As for casting, I know nothing about that Lowell guy, but John Krasinski seems to have a bit of charisma. Still, the good thing about HBO is that they're great at finding unknowns (or relative unknowns) and turning them into stars.

As for Agent 355? Nicole Beharie, please.

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Ha Danny, well you're right there, since most women have them and there are only women left in the world. ;)

And I can totally get on-board with Beharie playing 355. Just please not Zoe Saldana. I loved Neytiri and of course Uhura... I'm just sick of seeing her in everything. 

Who would you all like for Doctor Mann?

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She did Battlestar, I think she could pull it off. I'd like to see all unknowns cast, so then I could really get into the characters more, rather than my brain thinking "there's so-and-so" when they were onscreen. 

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