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  1. Hey gang! Trying to listen but the audio won't play. Is there some issue? First day back in the office after Christmas break and I need to hear the gals salt Dylan as he deserves!
  2. girlonthepark

    Talking Through Our Memories Of Homecoming

    I am so happy that Dave liked Teen Titans Go! My 6 year old loves it and it is one of my favourite things to watch with him, along with Bob's Burgers.
  3. The fact that Tara references Bart the Bear in this episode gives me so much joy. My husband and I have a running joke about him and the fact that casting directors typecast him into bear only roles. "He could have been a goldfish, he could have been Jean Valjean, but he's always a bear!"
  4. Sarah, I am right there with you with Witches of East End. Freddie Prinze Jr. was a shirtless butterfly scientist! The world needed more of this show!
  5. girlonthepark

    EHG 75: Ew Detective

    With regard to Game Time answer Neil Hope a.k.a. Wheels on Degrassi . . . he is not so much working at Tim Hortons . . . http://www.thestar.com/entertainment/2012/02/17/degrassi_star_neil_hope_aka_wheels_died_a_lonely_death_unnoticed.html
  6. girlonthepark

    EHG 48: The Extra Hot Great TV Cop Special

    Exactly! I know people who have been in that situation with "whoops!" vasectomy babies. Also, I do agree that it was wrong for Sookie to force Jackson off to have a medical procedure without talking to him about it beforehand. If their relationship was supposed to be one of the healthier ones on the show, why couldn't we have seen them have a conversation about family planning?
  7. girlonthepark

    EHG 48: The Extra Hot Great TV Cop Special

    Oh! And Tara, the nonvasectomy plot was also an issue in the last season of Gilmore Girls where Jackson didn't get one after Davey and Martha were born and then Sookie got pregnant again. Again, this was presented in an "Oh Jackson!" sort of way and everyone just kind of let it go and Sookie resigned herself to being a mother again against her will which is such insane bullshit, it still makes me angry to think about. Also, please note that I say this as someone who birthed a tiny human. I love my kid but I hated being pregnant and if my husband did that to me, I would be absolutely furious/leave his body in a swamp.
  8. girlonthepark

    EHG 48: The Extra Hot Great TV Cop Special

    Very minor correction - John Cusack's character in Better Off Dead is Lane, not Lloyd. Lloyd is from Say Anything. The only reason I make this correction is that both of these were made during the period that I still loved John Cusack as he was at his most Cusackiest/was still making decent movies*. Nowadays, the Cus is like someone's ponchy dad, ruining ladyboners everywhere with his poor filmography and weird old man twitter account. Dear God, that man and his spelling! Also, if you're talking about a slogan for Spike, it should be "The Face-Punching/Star Wars Channel!" Anyway, keep up the good work, TV Cops! I appreciate you keeping our streets safe! *This period extends to High Fidelity in 2000. Nothing after that was any good (and no, Serendipity, while sometimes a rainy Sunday afternoon time sink, is not an exception).
  9. girlonthepark

    EHG 42: The Fall Guys

    Tara - I love John Mulaney too but I am so scared. I saw a trailer a while back for it which feature a dog on a skateboard wearing a rasta hat and it looked like this was one of the big jokes of the episode*. I seriously cringed all the way through the 2.5 minutes. So awkward. *It looks like the production team cut new trailers that don't feature the dog anymore, but YIKES!
  10. girlonthepark

    EHG Mini: Kid Tested, Adult Approved

    I have a 19 month old little boy and I have to say Batman: The Brave and the Bold is kind of fantastic. It is so aware of how ridiculous its history is and how lame some of its villains are and openly makes fun of itself. For example - Kiteman's origins: Also, the Batman in this version is made of snark which I enjoy and the supporting characters are pretty funny. John Dimaggio (the voice of Bender) does the voice of Aquaman and his pomposity is hysterical. The episode where he goes on vacation with his family across America to see things like The World Biggest Ball of Yarn and is bored out of his mind is kind of amazing.
  11. girlonthepark

    The Previously.TV Comic Book Book Club

    I just finished reading Sex Criminals and am hoping to meet Chip Zdarksy at TCAF tomorrow! I will report back if/when I do!
  12. girlonthepark

    Gilmore Girls Would You Rather?

    I'm jumping in! The Dragonfly! I want to ride Cletus the horse! WYR do Europe witn Emily or Lorelai?
  13. girlonthepark

    A Call For Nonac Submissions

    I agree that this maybe wasn't the best episode of Clone High, but I still say the worst episode of Clone High is better than a lot of show's best episodes (I'm looking at you, Two and a Half Men and According To Jim!) Plus, I will admit that I love the reference to the sunny beaches of Canada and the Buddy Holly plane joke pretty much always makes me laugh. (As a sidenote, my husband works with the guy who directed Clone High and he (the director) said working on that show was an absolute nightmare. So sad to hear!)
  14. girlonthepark

    The Previously.TV Comic Book Book Club

    Whoops! Fair enough! I nominate Fables then. I have been playing "The Wolf Among Us" and it is making me want to re-read the books.
  15. girlonthepark

    The Previously.TV Comic Book Book Club

    I finally have brain power! Of the things already suggested: Fray (Just bought this and haven't dug into it yet!) Y: The Last Man Birds of Prey Runaways Other things that I like that could be good: Fables Chew The Unwritten I am pretty flexible about title so I am interested in seeing what wins!