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S01.E04: 2009

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Airs July 21, 2019


Roger finds his legacy in Joe Lindsley, a 25-year-old acolyte he hires to be the editor of a newspaper he bought in upstate New York; turning the local paper into a conservative news source, Roger also achieves revenge against the Obama White House.

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I think it's pretty perfect that Blumhouse is producing this series because it reads like a fucking horror movie. This episode in particular almost made my physically sick. I mean, it's one thing to have a different opinion about things but it's wholly another to just make shit up for your "news" channel because you want people to "feel" a certain way in order to do your bidding. This held true, apparently, for the newspaper he bought to do his dirty work, too.

Horrible. It's just horrible.

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Ailes was a pig.  That opening scene was revolting.  

He was also brilliant and he was correct about the actual laws and their effects in his home town.  Shea was the one appealing to opinion and feeling in that meeting.  He spoke of what he intended.  Ailes brought an expert to explain the actual effects as proposed.  That man was not allowed to speak.  Shea set those terms.  Not Ailes.

Axelrod is getting an undeserved portrayal.  He was a major piece of the "Chicago Way."  Sure, he created a president.  But, Chicago is a disaster and Axelrod's man did not get nominated by playing fair.  He's a pretty fair mirror image of Ailes in this regard.  I have zero data as to any personal abuses by Axelrod.  That's the difference.  Professionally?  He was an Ailes of the Left.  Yet in the show, he is seen to be the "reasonable" one.  Nuh uh.  

Gretchen's crusade to be more than the pretty face is understandable and it is somewhat commendable.  It is also a dynamic as old as media.  Doocey was/is the Alpha and he would and did protect his territory.  She wanted some of it.  It had nothing to do with sexism.  Ailes made the right business call in backing Doocey and cooling Gretchen's jets.  To this day, Doocey has delivered on air, and off air he has been as reliable a mouthpiece as any corporation could hope to have.  Gretchen would never have been the latter.  

Ailes' costly mistake was to go further and engage in sexist abuse.   He was dead wrong to do so.

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