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Past Seasons Discussion: Every Hero Must Learn His Purpose

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I've been listening to the series while I'm at work but am finding I'm going to need to watch it again too. Has anyone thought about trying to do a rewatch? Netflix has the whole series.

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Thanks Silver Stormm :-) I'd vote individual episodes but if that's overwhelming I'm fine having a topic per season.

How soon does everyone want to start? This week? Next week?

Is 2 episodes per week a good pace or should we all just watch and post at our own pace?

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LOL, I'm just popping in to say that I've started on Heroes for the first time. I'm on episode 11 of the first season and damn, what have I been missing out on? I hear it gets worse in later seasons, but season 1...is just really, really good. 

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I'm going to suggest Season topics, given the low level of responses to the rewatch.  If we wanted to be really tricky we could go with Volumes, which would split S3 into Villains and Fugitives (that's the only season where they actually got two Volumes in), but by that time so many people were mad at the show it may not be worth it.


Volume I: Genesis (S1)

Volume II: Generations (S2)

Volume III: Villains (S3a)

Volume IV: Fugitives (S3b)

Volume V: Redemption (S4)


(Volume VI would have been Brave New World, but that consists entirely of Claire's jump off the tower and the final line of the show, so maybe 1 minute total.)

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This topic is now locked.  Past season discussion will now take place in the respective season forums, so the main forum can be devoted to Heroes: Reborn.  If there is interest in restarting the rewatch, please let me know via PM or by posting in The Primatech Papers thread.  Otherwise, please feel free to create discussion and character threads for the old show in the appropriate season forum.


Note that the HRG and Hiro threads remain in the main forum as those characters are carrying through to the new show.  The same would apply to the other revived characters.

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