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S01.E02: The Boy

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In reality, the explosion of Serge's carriage was far worse than showed on screen.


His body completely exploded, sending pieces far and wide.  One of his fingers, with rings still on them, was found on a roof sometime later.

Also, it's interesting they don't mention that at the time, Serge and Ella were raising Serge's niece and nephew, Maria and Dimitri.  The latter has a rather notorious role with Rasputin.

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They finally revealed that Ella and Sergei were married.  

I did appreciate how they showed the charismatic Rasputin reaching out to people with compassion and empathy which attracted them to him.

But, call me a prude, I don't think I've ever seen a show that had so much sexual content that was so unnecessary to move the plot along.  

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Yeah Serge's death was much worse. I wish they had mentioned that after Alexei there weren't a whole lot successors. So many of the Romanov males were either dead or weren't allowed because of their morganatic marriages including Nicholas's brother.

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