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S03.E06: #whocares

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Six episodes in and not a single dumpy cardigan! Hurray!

(I'm manageing my expectations here.)

I can't even begin to comment on the  1738264 plots going on here. I am basically waiting for Dante's Hot Boyfriend to die of the weaponsized virus, or heroically protecting Aaron, or both.

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I appreciate the makeup crew's accurate depiction of Emily's mom dying of stage IV cancer and her plot arc. So often they neglect to remove eyebrows and eyelashes and show thick wisps of hair sticking out of the head covering. The actress is a tiny bit too vigorous, but I guess that is to indicate that she has stopped receiving chemo. [I have first person experience with every aspect of this plot except that I survived.]

Right now I'm laid low by a fever I probably picked up on my flight back from seeing my mother in hospice care.

The saying is "life imitates art," but "art imitates life" is just as fitting.

Won't Mateo and his family be targeted back in Guatemala? Plot bygones?

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Six episodes in, and there still isn't a whiff of a connection between the Kirkman election A plot and the Hanna saves the world B plot.  These could be two completely separate shows, and both would be better off if that were the case.  Spin Hannah off to her own show, but keep it in the same universe for occasional cross overs. 

Does the stat 1 in 5 WH interns are mugged have significance because of their WH connection?  Are they targeted because they work at the White House?  Or is it that 1 in 5 young professionals working in DC will get mugged and the interns fall within that demographic? 

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