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S01.E10: The House Of Pain

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Increase becomes more aware of who is in charge. Whilst Anne is investigating a mystery, she finds herself in a dangerous situation, needing Aiden's help.


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Increase gets more interesting every episode. That opening scene was disturbing.

For the first time, I didn't find Anne annoying. Interesting that she chose her father's side and didn't tell Alden about the mask. A few episodes ago, she called on him and wanted to speak to him in private - I thought that scene was her telling him about her suspicions about her dad. If it wasn't, what was it about back then?

I sympathize with Tituba. She went through a lot more shit than the others, and her reasons for turning to witchcraft were convincing. At least the angst was more convincing than Mary's. What was also interesting was that Magistrate Hale was the one who recruited her. I assume whatever they were worshipping, directed Hale to Tituba.

When Tituba whispered a name to Increase, I guessed that she would point to Alden. She waited too long for her vengeance to give Mary up. It was a good plan to get rid of the only thing she deemed was distracting Mary. Increase didn't seem to let Mary off the hook though.

During the interrogation scenes, I couldnt help but think how tame these were compared to Hannibal, a network show.

Cotton was a mess.

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After seeing Increase mortifying himself my increasing enthusiasm about him waned immediately. Was it too much to ask for the Tormentor surprise us and be a smart, rational ass instead of the religious bloodthirsty fundamentalist cliché we see in every piece of period, wasn't itShow?


I find Anne always annoying. Maybe because they are trying to make her the second love choice for Alden. And the actor who plays Alden doesn't have chemistry with any of the women on the show and makes him appear pathetic.

I find Alden annoying now that he turned  one useless very, very secondary character only to be seen shirtless at fan service on the back of the screen week after week.. By the way, they should address those dark circles on him. they don't do him any favors.

I find Tituba annoying. After selling Alden for spite, I remembered how mean she is and my sympathy for her over her troubled past faded to the desert.

I find Cotton annoying in constant depressed mode but a little funny.

I find Hale annoyingly weak, with no purpose other than putting out fires.

I find Ms Hale annoying with her threats to her husband at this point of their life.

I hate the wannabe witches in their blissful delirium.

I find myself annoying for finding everyone annoying.

Is there anyone else for me to find him or her annoying?

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