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S03.E22 The Dance

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The Dance (Season 3 | Episode 22)

8:00PM EST Tuesday | ABC

With the kids away at the school dance, Katie and Greg look forward to a romantic evening alone; but Anna-Kat is crushed when the boy she likes doesn't ask her to the dance, and Oliver begins to panic when the town psychic's predictions begin to come true.

Airdate: May 14, 2019

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Ok the Taylor being cropdusted by Anna Kat joke really made me laugh out loud with just the way she delivered the whole joke and she winks at me ...

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This episode was so bizarre. On the one hand, I laughed outloud about six times, so, good? But on the other, oh man, do I have qualms.

1) This was completely predictable.

2) In what universe do third graders (I'm guessing since Anna-Kat is 9, but maayyybe 4th grade?) not only have school dances but are at the same one as the high school kids? The earliest I (or my friends I polled, who did not grow up in the same places) had dances were 7th grade. IE 12-13 year olds. This was some convulted nonsense to set up a convoluted plot. They clearly wanted to do this mix-up-the-boyfriends-with-the-sisters plot, but due to the age gap it made no sense. I mean, I get they depending on AN age gap, but the specific one they've got Taylor is apparently 17 and Anna-Kat is 9) meant there isn't a time when Taylor should still be at that school when Anna-Kat would be old enough for it to make sense for there to be a dance in the first place. And having the elementary kids at the same dance as the high schoolers, even if for some reason both had one, still wouldn't make sense.

Ugh. I used to love this show but it's missing some of what made me feel that way in the name of cheap jokes.

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Lots of elementary schools have dances. My kids school has 2-3 a year.

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I didn't mean elementary schools never have dances (although none of mine ever did) but rather that even the K-12 schools I'm familiar with, when they have dances, they don't have all the grades together in one. I even asked my teacher friends (in different states). Maybe this is more common with tiny schools? I'm used to say, "the sixth grade dance" and "the junior prom". And yeah there is some mixing of grades if one kid goes with another from a different year, but not a single dance that's intended for every grade altogether at once in the same room. Maybe that's more common than I think? But that's the part I found bizarre. 

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