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When Chris got the role in GOTG, Mike Schur said something like,  "We will keep him on the show as long as he will stay." I think this is one of the main reasons the show is ending in its 7th Season. I don't mean Chris is to blame! They just didn't want the show to lose so many characters after making the actors so famous (see: Rashida). 

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Hitfix asked a few of Chris TV bosses, former and present(the producers of Everwood, The O.C. and Mike Schur on Parks and Rec)about whether they knew Chris would be a big star. Here's what Mike had to say:




Why did you hire Pratt in the first place, and what were your expectations for him?

My wife had worked with him on "The O.C.," and when we were casting she reminded me of how great he'd been in that show.  We saw a lot of really funny people for the role of Andy, but Pratt just flat won the part.  He did improvisations in the audition, with Rashida, that could've just gone into an episode of the show verbatim.  He was technically a Guest Star in our first six episodes, but that was a contractual formality -- we had begun to recalculate the character and his role in the show before we even shot the pilot, because we knew we couldn't let him go.

What was the moment — whether something he did in performance or something he did just hanging around the set — when you realized what kind of talent you had in him?

It was honestly the audition.  If you mean, "within the show," I remember looking at his talking heads in the second episode we shot, "Canvassing," where he was talking about his next-door neighbor Lawrence, and he had done something different and funny every single time.  The real explosive break-through, for me, was in "Rock Show" when he did his talking head about all of the former names of his band.  He improvised about 30 more than we'd written and they were all great.  He also wrote the "Ann" song he sings in that episode, just because he wanted to try to write a song.  He's talented, is what I'm saying.

If someone had tapped you on the shoulder midway through season 2 and said "In a few years, Pratt is going to be the beloved star of a mega-hit summer action movie," how would you have reacted?

I would've kept looking at that person, expectantly, waiting for him or her to tell me something surprising.

Read more at http://www.hitfix.com/whats-alan-watching/how-chris-pratts-tv-bosses-knew-hed-be-a-star-long-before-guardians-of-the-galaxy#BUCQt9lYdy4pDU61.99
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I love Andy, but it's a little hard to know how to piece together season one and early season two Andy with who he becomes later - because they're completely different people! Even after they made Andy more of a well-intentioned manchild than a jerk, he basically stalked Ann and I had no idea why April was into him. Fortunately he turned into the sauce that makes everything awesome later in season two. :) Though I do wish they wouldn't make him so clueless about music - I realize it's a sitcom and he's supposed to be the manchild character, but it would be nice for him to at least know that "We Are the World" did have an "actual impact on society."

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