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The Meghan Jones Appreciation Topic

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Talk about the only good/truly entertaining thing to come out of this mess.  Ideas for her future career. General appreciation of her awesomeness.  Speculation on whether she actually ever believed ANY of this mess.  Interviews (if any exist), etc.


You know you love this:





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Her website.  Pet Portraits are inherently kind of cringeworthy, but to be fair I'd rate her actual drawing/painting skill as decent (if not stupendous):  http://www.meghanramseyjones.com/



An interview with her from right after the premiere.  I'd actually say she comes off pretty well (she at least APPEARS to have a sense of humor about herself):



And a few media links:


Jake Pavelka Steps Out with New Girlfriend (11/02/2010)

Dallas Observer - Three DFW Women Get "Duped" on I Wanna Marry Harry (05/20/2014)

Meghan Jones from ‘I Wanna Marry Harry’ In Studio! (06/11/14 - so the day before the cancellation) - there's an audio link down the page.

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I have to say, I admire her determination to use her preplanned soundbites. To wit:

"Your head is so far up your ass that I could eat alphabet soup and shit out a more coherent sentence than you just said."

"No offense Columbus, but you were all over the map tonight."

"You fed it to him on a silver platter" while physically picking up and putting down a silver platter.

She clearly practiced those for the Bachelor, and since she didn't get to use them there, she put them into play here. Hilarious.

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I have to agree--she belongs on another reality TV show or on a soap.  Very funny girl.  I hollered at her facial expressions when Kelley was eating that burger, so gross.  Actually that entire scene gave me the giggles.


Why wasn't this girl in the final 3??  Argh!  Stupid producers!

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