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  1. I think Anthony, (I refuse to call that creep by the nickname he finds so appealing), couldn’t hack it in the House. He sucked at competitions, he didn’t have a good social game and got nominated right off the bat, and (although he probably wasn’t aware of it), he had a terrible delivery in the diary room of the jokes they wrote for him. Since he didn’t need the money he bailed, but will now try to spin it to seem like it was preplanned. At least Omerossa was interesting. He was dull and seemed to be using his time in the house to still be sucking up to Trump for a job. I hope Tom Green last a long time. He’s hilarious. But enough about his missing ball.
  2. Cramps

    Show Spoilers and Book Talk

    Hmmm. Does that mean Jamie and Brianna might meet this week in the Wilmington episode? I assumed they’d meet next week in The Birds and Bees.
  3. Cramps

    Season 15 Discussion

    1. If Reagan was healthy enough to sit in the audience in a fluffy bathrobe with PERFECT makeup, how damn sick was she? If she’s that sick she shouldn’t have been there at all. And don’t shove the bathrobe down our throats. If she was healthy enough to get her makeup done, she could have managed to get dressed. 2. Due to Reagan’s streaming success, (And why is that? She’s always, always ALWAYS OFF-KEY!) Adam assumed she was his best chance to win, so he completely sold DeAndre under the bus. It was painful and embarrassing to watch. 3. And then poor DeAndre had to deal with Carson asking “any final words for your coach? Kudos to him for not completely going off on Adam. I sure wanted him to.
  4. Cramps

    Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Marrisa and Ross are just starting.
  5. Cramps

    Julie Chen: It's Cool If You Call Her Chenbot

    Interesting. Maybe she wasn’t on The Talk because 1. their lawyers and PR people haven’t figured out what to say. 2 PR recommended she stay off the air today. 3.Or she’s actually now considering leaving non-head of network Les after the latest round of horrific allegations. BB won’t require her discussing her personal life. One would think she’d be back for that.
  6. Cramps

    Julie Chen: It's Cool If You Call Her Chenbot

    1. Julie Chen got at least one but probably both of her jobs because of Les Mooves. She has said in interviews that he specifically took her from the news and also put her on Big Brother. (he was married and they were not a couple then, although in retrospect, with what he’s now been accused of, who knows what was really going on). And she was initially an awful host. She’s actually grown into the role very well. As for The Talk job I assume she got it because of who she is. Wouldn’t you want the boss’s wife on your show? Or maybe Les demanded it. It’s one way to guarantee a place on the schedule. 2. I don’t know whether Julie will be on the talk today, but I’m guessing she will, and I’d be shocked if she wasn’t on B.B. on Thursday and didn’t at the very least finish out the season. She’s a professional. And how do you justify penalizing a woman for her husband’s actions? That said, when there is a new guard comfortably in place heading cbs, I wouldn’t be surprised if she eventually lost her job or jobs due to “creative” decisions. Because now there is no one demanding she be there. 3. This is a very similar situation to Project Runway All Stars and Georgina. Her season had already been filmed when the Harvey stuff broke. Does anyone know if there has been talk about her future with that show? 4. Evel Dick says Dr Will started the Dr Will as host rumors himself.
  7. Cramps

    S14.E19: Live Top 11 Performances

    No one has mentioned that Jackie Foster's boyfriend (shown in the audience with her parents during this episode), was one of the top 24 this season on American Idol.
  8. Cramps

    S02.E08: The Day Reagan Was Shot

    The writing this season has been markedly better than last season--particularly from the Kennedy episode onward. I'm guessing they have some new writers on staff. Tonight's was really great.
  9. Cramps

    Celebrity Big Brother US Wish List

    I've watched each and every damn season of this show. But with Omarosa on it--I may have to skip it. She's obviously a horrible person on and off camera. And the contestants will probably want to vote her out immediately, but the producers will convince them it's bad for ratings. The rest of the cast is of no concern or interest one way or another.
  10. Cramps

    S13.E27: Live Finale, Part 2

    Jesse J was a coach for the first two seasons of The Voice UK. (You can watch the episodes on YouTube). She was fine with her team, but didn't seem to get along with the other coaches very well. More recently, I believe she may have been a coach on the Australian Voice.
  11. Cramps

    S13.E25: Live Semifinal Eliminations

    I loved Noah at first, but he sounded awful last night, and his last couple of performances hadn't been great. Addison is breathtaking. Her voice and her phrasing are exquisite. A unicorn for someone at any age, let alone in someone so young.
  12. Cramps

    S04.E09: Search / S04.E10: Ten of Swords

    1. To the first of the two people who hated that the show moved it's focus to include the women characters--Donna didn't actually end up cheating on Gordon, Gordon cheated on Donna. 2. I would like to think that Donna's idea involved music and not some sort of payment program. Music has been a huge part of both the show and Cameron's character, for its entire run. It would be the ideal ending. 3. I'm not sure how I feel about the Joe ending. He's been a tech guy his whole life. How is he getting a humanities teaching job? Business, tech sure. But humanities? In the after show interviews, the Chris's say this is the job he will do for the rest of his life. But the Joe we know, despite all his growth, is someone who will move on to something new in a few years.
  13. Cramps

    S03.E05: Freedom & Whisky

    One addition I liked was that TV Claire seemed to have a lot more concerns about abandoning her daughter, a daughter who'd just lost her father, than book Claire did.
  14. Cramps

    Season 19: Live Feed Discussion

    I went to Washington Square Park and watched for a bit. It was packed. Lots of people cheering for "Jody." Cody had his arm around Jessica almost the entire time. And during the very few minutes when he didn't, he kept his arm on her and they were still managing to lean against each other. This meant that when all the teams were supposed to be clapping, Jessica would usually be clapping, but Cody couldn't, because that would have required him to remove his arm and stop touching Jessica. I don't know if it was just romantic, or somewhat of a security blanket/protective thing for him, because it was that way between every take, and even during some of them. At first I thought it was sweet, but eventually, it started seeming a bit possessive and weird, because he literally wouldn't stop touching her to clap on camera when he was supposed to. That said, they seemed really happy together and it is a new relationship. They didn't really talk to the other couples, although smiled at one and did pose for photos with some fans. ( I'm putting this here, because it doesn't really tell anything about the amazing race, but is more relevant to BB fans who are curious about Jessica and Cody's relationship.)
  15. Cramps

    S13.E01: The Blind Auditions Premiere

    People don't "say" it. It's sadly just part of the culture. Also I really like that we now regularly have two female coaches. It's totally changed the dynamics from the token woman who sits there usually coming in last, (or in Christina's case, being called a bitch for being strong).