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  1. So much word to both of these posts. Here are all my random thoughts: I saw CoG on Thanksgiving weekend but wound up missing the first 20 minutes of the film (I should have just left my coworkers behind, grr). Anyway, my friend gifted me the CoG screenplay to make up for it, and it was a really engrossing script! I was behind at work trying to finish up! JKR shines as a novelist, no doubt, but a writer for the screen she is not. I wonder if she would mind collaborating with Steve Kloves on movie 3 to whittle down all the fluff. ITA that Nicolas Flamel's scenes in the film were kind of pointless, but I found him even more pointless reading the screenplay. My coworker argued that them focusing on the Philosopher's Stone means that it's gonna show up in movie 3 or 4, but I just thought it was a nod to HP1. Same with all the familiar surnames. Poor Nagini was pointless, although I liked the Maledictus backstory. I initially thought the Nagini representation criticism was slightly OTT, but now I have to agree with everyone else. Claudia Kim deserved a lot better than to just follow Ezra Miller around like a service pet. I think that it's plausible for Credence/Aurelius to be Ariana Dumbledore's son. The (implied) assault plus a birth plus giving the baby away to be adopted can be what made her go mad, ESPECIALLY if the adoption wasn't her choice or done without her knowledge. And as far as timelines not matching up, JKR can just retcon. Hell, she had Professor McGonagall at Hogwarts circa 1927, when I clearly remember JKR describing McGonagall as a "sprightly 70 year old" during Harry's time. If she were 70 when HRH began attending Hogwarts, then she would have been born around the events of CoG. If she was 70 by Halloween 1981, then she would have been an older teen in CoG. And according to JKR's backstory on McGonagall, she moved to London and worked for the Ministry after graduating from Hogwarts and remained there for several years before applying for a position at her alma mater. Why did Leta have to die?! I loved everything about Leta's backstory: the guilt over Corvus Jr., Kama and his desire to avenge Kama Sr., the Lestrange family tree with men as branches and women as flowers, just great writing. I agree with others upthread who said that Zoë Kravitz is usually a bit meh, but did great in this role. I sat up in my seat ready to drag her when she appeared onscreen, ha! I just knew that her accent would be off, her acting mediocre, but I really enjoyed her. Although I think Leta was talking to both Newt and Theseus with the "I love you," I believe she was still IN love with Newt. He was still on her mind. It begs the question of why they didn't make it? RE: Corvus Jr.'s drowning--doesn't magic have a certain level of protectiveness for the witch/wizard in distress? I wish Johnny Depp would have used an Austrian or a more pronounced English accent in his portrayal of Grindelwald. I personally think all the "staring intently" and "we were closer than brothers" between him Dumbledore and was lame. Just say DD loved him, damn. It didn't have to be a Brokeback Mountain kind of deal to portray romantic love between two men on film. In the script, DD is described as "dandyesque" which I guess is a precursor to his more eccentric style in his later years. But in the movie, I felt that Jude Law made DD seem rather normal and conservatively dressed. Am I the only one that thinks Jacob might be a Squib? I just feel that he is just TOO privy to a lot of magic, and seems to be keenly aware of all the magic that is going on around him. There doesn't seem to be anything that he doesn't see/perceive, when it's been stated that Muggles are notoriously oblivious to magic and some areas they simply cannot access, i.e. the Hogwarts grounds. In Flamel's house, Flamel is watching the activity in his crystal ball, and Jacob is commenting and reacts to seeing Credence and Queenie. And I refuse to believe that he would have been able to access that underground amphitheater if he were just any ordinary Muggle!
  2. *deep sigh* I think I'm gonna have to cut this show loose. Reality TV destroys families, I don't care what anyone says. Would Trina or Traci have been alcoholics if they hadn't begun appearing on this show? Not saying that the stresses of life can't drive one to drink, but the cameras are totally exacerbating the situation. What's even more disturbing is that these very real, very damaging issues...are being used for STORYLINES? Is that where we are in life? "Oh Lord, Traci out here stumbling drunk...did you get it on camera?! You didn't? Okay Traci, get up, they're gonna have you stumble out the door again, they had technical issues and they didn't get the shot, up you get, come on..." What's really turning me off from this show though, is the continued red-headed stepchild treatment of Traci. She needs to get some counseling STAT because at 40+ years old, she's STILL looking to be validated by the sisters...who are still looking to be validated by Toni. It's repugnant. It's like, seriously Traci? Were you REALLY being honored at an event, but you skipped it to make a 3-minute appearance at a jazz festival? Stop playing. Are we THAT thirsty to be up under Toni, to be seen with Toni under the extra-bright lights? There was NO reason why Traci couldn't tell Toni that she's doesn't feel supported professionally, but she could tell us in a talking head? Sad. She actually sit there and let Toni do the whole "I'm not judging, but I'm so judging" thing. "You lost weight!" Good job, phoni Toni. How often do you all think those two interact, one-on-one? I was pissed with the whole trailer scene; you know your sister, and you know she's drunk--why not pull her aside, no camera, and talk to her? No, Trina and Towanda just sit there and give each other knowing looks, and even Antavius and Omarosa are in on the laughs! Let's all just laugh at the trainwreck! These heifers have NO loyalty...I would never IN LIFE let my folk appear on camera acting any old kind of way. And I for damn sure will NOT let you laugh at them in front of me. These chicks are so Hollywood with it, I can't even... Then you see Evelyn going out with her favored (read: rich and famous) daughters, and it's nothing but suppressed smirks when talking about Traci. Man... With that said, I applaud Trina at their dinner and saying that Toni doesn't keep promises. It really appears to me that Toni ain't really doing a damn thing in terms of "support" unless those cameras are rolling. If you don't live close by, or are not a part of her "Get Fresh Crew", she could take it or leave it. Years of being Toni "the" Braxton, I guess. Even poor Denim is looking like a second-class citizen next to his younger, "special" brother. I believe the "stalker" Tamar is talking about is Toni's (former) assistant who she was beefing with on social media. These sisters are so bizarre--the assistant was working for Toni or alongside Towanda for her Secret Squirrel agency, but actively beefing with Tamar. Like, in what universe does that happen? How are you working for me, but arguing with my sister? And I mean, the little back and forth that I saw between the two was very personal, very nasty insults. Said assistant was in the fold for a while, too, if he's not still involved with them. Again, these women are effing crazy. No real loyalty, it seems like. Next week: a "sister-vention"! I have a remedy for y'all: get the fuck off camera and have a real conversation for once. And stop trying to butter up to Toni, y'all are adults now. She'll probably respect you more if you let her little ass have it one good time. And as obnoxious as Tamar can be, give her her props for using the show's platform properly and launching a career for herself. Nothing wrong with telling her that she is annoying, loud, defensive, insecure, a bit narcissistic and insensitive...because she is. But fucking let Tamar know that, don't just go silent and then start being passive-aggressive with her. Or pull stunts like having your assistant shade her for you on Twitter...
  3. I wound up tuning in on this, and I'm enjoying it as well. I don't agree with reality TV and marriages (especially brand-spankin' new ones) but I really hope Kandi and Todd can make it. He seems like a reasonable dude who wants to do well. Kandi would be an idiot if she lets anyone (Bravo, the fans, the OLG, her employees) ruin this for her. Kandi has the worst case of Runteldat disease I've ever seen in life. Like someone upthread said, she let the OLG talk all their shit (about Todd? I can't remember) and she just took it and cried. But she immediately ran back to the cabin and told Todd all the NEGATIVE parts of the conversation, and she really thought that he would just sit there and say, "Okay, babe"? Like, WTF? Instead of getting lipo and shit, she should have gotten a damn backbone transplant. This woman is too grown and too successful to be so easily manipulated. Ridiculous. It's really a shame when your 11/12 year-old child can read people better than you. What is Mama Joyce's problem? Has she seen video of Carmon and Todd messing around? Why is she so convinced? And why is she so antagonistic toward someone she's known since they were a child? It's all so bizarre. My neighbor has a very ratchet theory that Carmon probably had a threesome with K&T, and that's the (fragmented) info that Mama Joyce is privy to. I just need to know why MJ is being so aggressive about it. Don Juan is one of those talking-ass people that I hate with a passion. He can't let anything happen without having to give snarky commentary. Always trying one-up people with a sarcastic quip or a joke at someone else's expense, but GOD FORBID someone call him on his shit or like Kandi, put him on blast when he least expects it. Ol' catty-ass dude, ugh. OLG, who? I think Kandi is doing something right if she has a profitable empire, but there's something about her leadership style that leaves a lot to be desired. I understand her wanting to keep people like DJ and Carmon close--people she's known forever and can trust. She also knows all of their secrets, and they're acutely aware of that. But in order to salvage my friendship, I would have to put Carmon in a completely different capacity if she's attitudinal and doesn't take initiative. What the hell is she there for? Glad to see Todd's family coming across like nice and sensible people. I heard him getting choked up when he was talking to his uncle and brother at the bar about how he's in need of a sensible sounding board now that his mother's passed. Poor guy.
  4. ABC Family is running Harry Potter Weekend. Loving these extra scenes, especially in SS and CoS. Adds a lot more dimension to the (albeit, already very long) films. I'm a purist, so I appreciate the Columbus films so much. I know how difficult it is to fit every little tidbit from the books into the films, but he managed to stay so true to them, even if it meant he had to sacrifice creativity. Also read on the Daily Mail that they're looking for actresses to play opposite Eddie Redmayne in the Fantastic Beasts prequel. I notice that they're looking at some American actresses: Dakota Fanning and Kate Upton among them.
  5. Right? If she ain't pregnant now, then it probably won't be far behind. And boo to his girlfriend being 17 and him being 19! I hope her father didn't give that boy his blessing! They're both far too young. And didn't Kevin Jr. say that he and the girl have been together for three years? Foul on the play! Towanda's way of being supportive is being there, doing research for you, assisting you, etc. I believe she was great moral support for Trina as she went to court with her. Beyond that, I don't think Towanda is capable. She doesn't strike me as all that emotionally sensitive. Well, except when she's had enough of being ignored. Anyway, I was waiting for one of the sisters to reach out and hug Trina, she was in so much pain, poor girl. And then Tamar shooting her mouth off at the lunch table, and Traci actually having to tell her to bring it down a notch. Like, not about you right now, Tamar. I do agree with her telling Trina not to pack up the house alone. The wonders of the wig! You can floss 85 different looks in a 72-hour period. Your stepdad sounds like a great guy, like a non-sociopath. At any rate, 14 years is too long to completely write your stepsons off to spite their mother, he should be better than that, but he's clearly not. So was it actually love or control? I'm thinking that even if he was hurting and angry with Trina, he'd still be able to talk to the boys and keep them at least on the life insurance policy. Selling the house I can see--telling your soon-to-be ex-wife "Get your sons out of MY house" and "I'm taking YOUR sons off of MY policy" is lower than low, and it's possible that he only saw the boys as a means to an end (Trina). Sad. Evelyn looked so weak and small in that hospital bed, it's a shame the cameras couldn't give her a few days. However, did you see those heifers (namely Trina) drooling over the physician's assistant? LOL! Let that ink dry first, Tri!
  6. I'm thinking his messy ass cheated again. The thing about Gabe though, he's kind of unstable...didn't he have a webcam jerkoff session with some random chick, and THEN proceeded to spill all of the family tea? Me thinks Trina was so attached to him (besides the probably passionate sex--crazy people know how to work it) because he helped her raise her sons and was a "silent" investor in many of her ventures. Poor girl, she did look a bit tired. *snort* As I use this blessed Kleenex, I was always annoyed with the Towanda-Andre storyline. First it's an open marriage, then they're talking about divorce, then he's trying to woo her, then he WON'T GET A JOB BUT HE'S A GREAT FATHER!, but now he's nothing but a glorified babysitter, then they're back together, just STFU. In short: *loud snort*; yes, Toni is the Queen of the short 'do--ANY short 'do; defintely hell nah at the blond and Ronald McDonald hair. These Braxton ladies are bonafide beautiful, why they do clown hair and war paint and rock geometrically parted hair is like, WTF? I agree with you that Traci seems "stunted", but I mostly think Traci gets into those THs and has an extra-large cup of Live Free or Try Hard. In her excitement, she just goes off the rails and says all kinds of shit in order to get some laughs or hashtags. I don't even think she meant half of the shit she said about the girl, she was just being extra. She saw Tamar become a C-list STARRUH from her little TH witticisms and gayspeak, and Traci's trying to do the same. To the 3rd bolded, I think it was because if it was Black, then Trina didn't want it. Oops, did I say that? Just paraphrasing our girl... Yeah, or perhaps someone close to Trina. I'm also thinking that he was really flexing on the money front and getting really possessive and demanding when it came to her businesses. I personally wouldn't have had his crazy ass fund shit for me! So glad you pointed that out. Towanda really doesn't seem to realize that they were both dead-ass wrong. And as much as I think that Tamar is a cesspool of insecurity and narcissism, she had a right to be upset and she had a right to voice that. Towanda, you ain't low sis--you wanted to hijack that girl's moment and you need to admit that, maybe then you'll get Tamar to admit her wrongdoing. Why Trina and Traci let her slick ass talk them into jumping on stage--even with Trina expressing doubt--I'll never know. Then they got up there looking all kinds of sloppy, too? Girl, stop it.
  7. Interesting season opener. Sorry about Trina and Gabe's breakup--this looks more genuine than the other times when she announced she was leaving him. I'm sorry that I had to LOL at her saying, "He built my brand?!" Uh, I believe it was out of your mouth, Trina, when you said that it was Gabe that bankrolled your solo music (or at least that "Party or Go Home" video) AND was an investor in Bar Chicks. I don't mind marriage at all, but I am leery of getting assets so deeply intertwined...so I guess I'm leery of marriage since there's lots of intertwining going in that type of relationship. Somebody please tell Towanda that that long, black wavy wig with the center part and perfect cat-eye liner is EVERYTHING. She has such distinct features so she really needs to keep it simple with hair and makeup. Definitely had to SMH at her shoving her booty in Tamar's face, tho. Yes Towanda, you have ass. We get it. DEAD to the BED!!! at Traci's radio co-host straight up asking her about the sisters and their fake noses! LMAO! How and why did he feel the need to do her like that?! That wasn't even shade, that was a blackout, Sweet Gawd. Anyway, not here for Traci's hair at all, or her lisping "Yaaasss honey!" every five minutes. Is she wearing Invisalign or something? Also tired of her trying to be Tamar-lite in her THs. Am I the only one who didn't think Toni's "Trina believes in magic" comment was shady? I hate how every single off-the-cuff comment or remark has to get a , "YOU TRIED IT!" response out of Tamar. Like, come on with all that. I felt Toni meant that Trina was essentially trying to be optimistic and kept trying to "make fetch happen" in terms of her relationship with Gabe. Nice to see the sisters laughing and having a good time, that's what I'm here for. I mean if these fools aren't gonna sing, at least be fun and playful, damn it.
  8. I think it was season 1 where Tamar was extolling the virtues of tanning and plastic surgery (now she has amnesia, but I digress), and she kept urging Mama E to get some Botox. I think we actually saw her in the doctor's chair in season 2 or 3. I personally thought she looked relatively good and didn't need any work done. I thought a really good chemical peel and masterful makeup application would have worked just as well. On the flipside, that was the BHD (before HD) era for me, so Mama E could have had all kinds of cracks and pebbles and I wouldn't have been able to tell.
  9. I am only here to say that if this season does not culminate with at least a new jingle from the sisters, then...(cues in dramatically tearful Tamar voice)...this'll be my last scene and season of Braxton Family Values. *muffled scream* But seriously though, I've really begun to hate all these different reality shows that feature musical artists...not performing any music. WTF? That was the biggest part of the Braxton sisters appeal for me, and these heifers are not delivering! Hmph.
  10. In the Season 3 thread, SoSueMe posted this: I'd like to know what'll happen to the other kids if Jon manages to get custody of Hannah? How many more of them will want to follow suit?
  11. Wow, but are we really surprised though? There is such a nasty undercurrent with Kate, chockful of megalomania and a dash of bitterness. Too bad Jon didn't have that moxie when the kids were a lot younger. IMVHO, he waited too late to start pulling rank. I'll back off though, because I didn't live in their home so who knows what it actually was like. I wonder how many of the others will want to join Hannah...she can't be the only who would rather stay with Jon. Plus, it's always weird when someone leaves the ensemble, how will the others feel with her being gone (if that were to happen)? With all that said, I kind of understand her attachment to TLC (aside from her being a famewhore). This is EXCELLENT money for her and those kids, money they'll need if she wants to keep that house and keep the kids in private school and then college. What about cars for the kids (although she can get them used starter cars)? But knowing Kate, she can try to get some kind of endorsement and get them newer model, freebie Toyotas or something. So I get why she wants this so badly, even at the expense (no pun intended) of the children and their emotional well-being. What a mess.
  12. Are we discussing Monday's Mother's Day episode here? I really enjoyed watching the kids be creative (I even enjoyed Kate Jr. delegating and everyone handling their tasks well) and putting together a wonderful meal for their mother. It's hard for me to root for Kate but she IS their mother, the only one they've got and they do love and want to please her. Very endearing. I also liked Mady putting Collin in charge of card-making because he's artistic, and he seemed to really appreciate that. It's nice when your older bro/sis can stop kicking your butt to deliver the occasional compliment, lol. Cara did a great job on the pancakes...I would have preferred them a little browner, but the entire spread looked great. Such good work for eight kids under the age of 15. How cute was Alexis? "I got to make the pancakes with Cara, with Cara!" What I DIDN'T like was Kate actually saying that she keeps her standards low, and how she seemed shocked that the kids could be well-behaved and play nicely. Like, really, Kate? Do you think you're raising monsters? Is that what you think of your children? My God...and she kept going on and on with it. They should have given her a mug that said "World's #1 Pessimist" with those flowers. In my experience, children reflect and react--show them chaos and mayhem and that's what you'll get from them. Love (and a fair bit of even-handed discipline) will get you children who'll be cooperative and affectionate. This life thing really isn't that hard, and she seems to make things harder than they have to be. I left this show around the time when Jon began to snap (I still feel kinda sorry for him; Kate truly appears THAT bad), but peeking in on these updates, the kids seem okay. The boys seem like they may have issues with passive-aggressiveness, though.
  13. The BTS/Assassination of VC crew inserting themselves into Mark and Valerie's daily lives (via permission of the latter--she did not confer with Mark, just sprung them on him) is troubling. Then, she goes and offers up her house to the Seeing Red crew--again, sort of springing it on Mark--and they tear up the house at that. Another blow is Mark having to pay for the damages out of his own pocket. Valerie can't and won't set boundaries and it's killing her relationship. In a couple of scenes over the past few episodes, you hear Valerie say something to Mark and he says, "Are there cameras around?" or "Oh...you must be on tape." So now you have a husband who thinks that a wife being considerate is only doing so to look good for TV! That is how far Valerie has gone in her zeal for fame--she's obviously willing to sacrifice everything for it, and I think Mark's reaction is justifiable. In the parking lot scene he said, "Are you even in there anymore?" He does not recognize his wife as she is morphing into a total famewhore. He shouldn't support that! Famewhores are not genuine, they are not rational. They don't live healthy lives, they live for the cameras, to be seen. It's destructive, and Mark should get away from that. Yes, he could have simply gone to one of the rental homes, but why should he? That's his home, too. Why couldn't Valerie take the crew to one of the rental homes? It works both ways. I can tell that coddling Valerie and validating her was probably a full-time job for him, but he loved her so he just dealt. Now that you're getting some good reviews from a show (that was created by her nemesis to mock her, no less), you're going to just toss me aside like a ragdoll when I've always been in your corner giving you good reviews? It's bullshit and she knows it, but she feels like she can't stop now. She's finally, finally arriving at the destination she's been driving to for years: the Hollywood A-list. Just like Juna Milkken! And really, marriage be damned. She's got her publicist and Mickey to gush over her, and now, a film crew to just stare blankly at her while she waxes poetic on the joys of being seen as "It". She's delusional and probably needs to hit rock-bottom so she can reassess her life and what's truly valuable. Right now, her marriage is not all that valuable, but that film crew constantly following her around and confirming that she's Somebody, is. Mark has every right to be upset. She is so obsessed with "storytelling" that she can't say when. Any opportunity to get that shot! ...and another one for safety. ...and another one.
  14. "Reddddddd! I'm naked!" I laughed so hard at that scene because I imagine that's exactly how my mom would wail if I ever dared to barge into her bedroom with a camera crew. Like, wtf Valerie? And what a shame that he said that she hadn't been to his apartment since 1993 when he first moved in. Ay. I think that Mark should move on--Valerie is losing touch with reality by the day, and that Valerie that he knew is getting consumed by the Fame Monster. She also doesn't seem to get that "The Assassination of Valerie Cherish" is going to be damning, and I can't wait to see it. So we're seeing Juna and Kellan Lutz' character, too bad we don't see the other two roomies or the Indian dudes, it'd be nice to see how they all fared after Room and Bored. I would love to see this "comeback" for a third season!
  15. Will certainly is more...willful, but still in all, just barely out of toddlerhood so the defiance bits are par for the course. I will say that I think that the constant presence of the film crew can't foster an environment where Will can be disciplined consistently and learn healthy boundaries. I mean, forget the audience at home, having to do time-outs in front of a whole crew watching and filming? That would probably be really humiliating for a young boy. And nowadays, you can't even publicly tap your child on the rear or the hand without someone taking offense to it. In the instance of Goldfish-gate, I can see Jen also not wanting to perceived by the viewers as a stressed/overwhelmed/meanie mom by taking the snacks away from Will, although she probably should have. You know, always gotta be aware of the cameras! That's the downside of rearing the children on camera--they don't have a lot of privacy and they can't/won't allow themselves to make disciplinary (among other) mistakes for the world to see. IMO, they don't have the luxury of having alone time to grow as a family and growing as well-rounded parents. I can see food being used as a bribe to keep the kids content and even "up". I saw the promos for the new season of Kate Plus 8. One of the 14 year-old walks away from Kate in disgust and Kate flashes a "Great, she hates me again, I failed" look at the camera. I don't think the Arnold-Kleins won't descend that far, though--I can see them bowing out gracefully and instead using their platform for other endeavors.
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