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S13.E33: How Bizarre

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Good episode, totally out there.  Becky's story was hysterical, we'll see where it ends.  I liked that they aren't ignoring that she helped get her brother arrested.


Drew.  Whose boobs are these?  And next week he's pushing the guy in a pool.


I'm interested to see what happens with Zig.  I hope he stays with the restaurant and learns from it.

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This episode was so messy, I loved it. And again, we had an overall theme: being the good guy (or in Zig's case wanting to be the good guy) and the results not paying off. That's life.


A-Plot. God, I love this messy rich white family. What does need to be address is the inappropriateness of sending a nude pic to someone not expecting it. All kinds of sketch. Anyway.

Drew, god bless him. He's trying to do better at least. It was the honest move to tell Mr. Hollingsworth, but the not-smart one if he wanted his job. His insecurity was at a fever pitch, he desperately wanted to be seen as a good guy which led to his fumbling with Mr. and Mrs. Hollingsworth. Honestly, he should be happy he's away from that mess but of course he'll come crawling back.


B-Plot. Yay, Becky's hot dad. Boo, her parents in general (did they recast Mrs. Baker?). I get that they're concerned for their son and don't want him to go to jail, but it's not like Zoe made an accusation and had no proof. I was surprised to see the Realm of Doom make an appearance, and the cybersex part had me grinning like an idiot. Believe that's a thing in those types of games.

Also liked the line with the prince calling Becky "Princess with two dollar signs."


C-Plot. Much needed Zig time away from Maya. I get he wants to prove himself, but you gotta crawl before you walk. Also Grace's know-it-all schtick actually felt more natural here.

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I really like where all of these plots are going.


Zig in the kitchen could be a great turn for the character. It suits him somehow, and I don't think we've seen a young aspiring chef on Degrassi yet. Like Pacey Witter before him, Zig can discover his calling in the restaurant industry.


And Drew, poor stupid Drew. He keeps walking into trouble by the nature of being pretty and nice. It says a lot when Bianca is your healthiest relationship.


As for Becky, I think this is a very interesting topic to cover, and I just pray it isn't going in the direction I think it is. I worry about who is on the other side of computer. 

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I'd love for the person on the other side of the computer to be a kid but one she wouldn't expect, like a ninth grader or someone who isn't physically what she was picturing. 


Or she'll find out she was having cybersex with a 45 year old leech

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Poor dumb, hot Drew.  When will he learn?


Clair, as usual, is working my nerves.  Can she graduate already?  And oh yeah: Shut Up Alli and Jenna!


I laughed hard at Zig thinking the chef would let him work the fryer, of all things, on his second day.

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Drew really is one unlucky dope. But not the brightest bulb in the world either. It can be fun at times watching him screw things up and this was that for the most part. 


I did love the stuff with Dallas and Drew, and the little interaction with Drew and Frankie was great too. 


Drew and Clare? Just have that long talk already and then move on to the relationship. And Jenna and Alli....what is it with people picking up other people's phones on this show? It drives me nuts.


Zig thinking he could walk in and start actually having real responsibility in a high end restaurant was all kinds of hilarious. I did like the rubber room scene, even if Grace was there to know it all again. 


That scene at the dinner table was very tense. It's one of those scenes where you can understand where everyone is coming from, even if in the case of the parents, you'd hope they'd be more supportive of their daughter. I wish we had seen more of the family dynamic, but I have a feeling that's coming, if not the next episode, then down the line. 


I was glad to see some Becky/Imogen scenes. It had been a little while since we've seen stuff with those two. The online game stuff was okay, and it did make some sense that Becky would want an escape. I did get a kick out of Becky picking a yellow dress, like there was ever any doubt. 


For those wanting to know who Becky's online prince is the TeenNick sneak peek  gives away the answer.

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The Drew/Dallas thing at the beginning was fun. It's nice to have actors on the show who can pull off comedy. You know, intentional comedy.


Claire is so awful. 


Drew is just an adorable little puppy. With the way they've been basically writing him and Claire as adults it makes the Mrs. Robinson thing with Miles' mom more believable. I mean it's still stupid and reminds me of Mistresses (ABC) but it's somehow more genuine than Tristan and the skeevy English teacher. This plotline should have gone on longer. It was wonderful. This is the Degrassi I love. So funny.


I found Luke slamming his ankle bracelet on the dinner table hilarious in light of the infamous leg toss on RHONY. 


"Need an Escape? Disappear into Realm of Doom." No, Becky! Don't do it! The symbolism is heavy-handed with this one! I thought it was just going to be this silly thing and then the kiss happened and then it became hilarious. You brought your A game, Degrassi.

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