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S07.E36: Mugshot Mayhem

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Take a look back at how the Teen Mom cast members have ended up in handcuffs and what happened afterward, including never-before-seen footage.


Airs January 15, 2019

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Are the only original TM and TM2 girls to not have mugshots Maci, Chelsea, & Leah?

When half or more of your originals casts on two shows about being a "mom" have mugshots.... I'm sure that's completely normal for show about struggles "parents" face and all....

ETA: Okay, I forgot Kail doesn't have any arrests.  However, Catelynn (for pot in 2009, along with Tyler), Jenelle, Amber, and Farrah (DUI) all do. That's half. And that's not even counting the dads and significant others.... And honestly, Leah probably just lucked out on never being caught by law enforcement with pillses & Kail's lucky Javi never called 911 to report assault when she gave him a head-shake, etc. 

TM and TM2 should really be called "Train Wrecks Who Created Some Kids (& A Few Other Boring Girls with Kids)."

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8 minutes ago, MyPeopleAreNordic said:


These shows should really be called "Train Wrecks Who Created Some Kids (& A Few Other Boring Girls with Kids)."

do you know, I was thinking that, too.  Like we all get super annoyed when they complain about their "job" as they shove their Louis Vuitton diaper bags into their BMWs...

but MTV really does do them kinda dirty, putting out specials basically saying "look what garbage they all are!"

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I don't remember watching this?! But then again I watched TM2 for the first time this season this week.

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