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The documentary comparing Elvis with America-- intriguing.  Elvis came up from nothing, just like America, and for awhile, he had it all -- just like America.  The documentary did a good job showing this.  It's interesting that Elvis rose and fell during the same time that the US rose and fell -- 1930's to the 1970's. 

I think the country is on the verge of dying on the toilet, so the timing of this was appropriate.

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yes, it was interesting the way they did it. have to say i was upset at some of the elvis hate from a few of the speakers. don't know their names. if they knew the real story, how elvis was controlled by the vile and evil tom parker they wouldn't say those things  . and as far as saying he didn't help with civil rights, or any such political cause, just because he was famous, he was not obligated to and the colonel surely would have put the kibosh on it if he did.

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There's a very interesting sounding 8-parter coming in April called "Philly D.A." where a maverick runs for the D.A.'s office and wins and starts trying to reform the criminal justice system from within

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I have to say, "Philly D.A." is really fascinating so far and I'm only 30 minutes into the first episode. No doubt it's hard to change any major thing in midstream, like turning an ocean liner. Plus, they didn't exactly have the police on their side

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On 6/2/2021 at 10:40 AM, janeta said:

This has been (was?) very good. IL usually does good work but this was even better than usual.

And I don't think it matters which side you are on. It's fascinating watching any major institution trying to change itself from the inside. And I still haven't gotten through Part 1. Also to note, Larry Krasner won the recent Democratic primary to return as DA; I'm not sure of his challengers in the general election

Back in 2012, IL showed "Have You Heard From Johannesburg?, a 5-parter on Apartheid that was really terrific. That may have been their only other multi-parter (or at least more than 2 parts). Multi-parters take a lot of time to watch, but they can be worth it (especially from PBS and those docs from Ken Burns)

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For January 2023:

"Children of Las Brisas" (Venezuelan youth orchestra), Jan 2

"The Big Payback" (debate about reparations to Black Americans in Illinois), Jan 16

"No Straight Lines" (queer comics artists), Jan 23

"The Picture Taker" (civil rights photographer Ernest Withers), Jan 30

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For February 2023:

"Outta the Muck" (resilience of Black Florida town), Feb 6

"Love in the Time of Fentanyl" (about safe injection site in Canada), Feb 13

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Anybody watching?  This thread is dead. I am watching the fentanyl episode and it’s so sad and yet uplifting b who is paying for the narcan and oxygen if this is an illegal site. Is this paid for by Canadian health insurance?  I’m really curious. 

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For March:

"Storming Caesar's Palace" (abt Las Vegas activist Ruby Duncan who challenged the notion of "welfare queen"), March 20;

"Hidden Letters" (Chinese women keep secret language that's just for women alive), March 27

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