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S04.E10: The Children: Speculation Thread

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Episode 10 Synopsis:

Circumstances change after an unexpected arrival from north of the Wall. Dany must face harsh realities. Bran learns more about his destiny. Tyrion sees the truth about his situation.

Tagged for those who don't want advance information.


Here is a chance to speculate about what events may or may not occur in episode 10 only.

Next week, a 'Looking ahead to S5' speculation thread will be posted, so please either save your thoughts about S5 for that thread or post them in another appropriate thread.

Readers are welcome to post in here also but no Book Talk please; save that for the Book Talk version of this thread.


Thank you.



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I'm *hoping*:

Sansa and Arya see each other.  They're so flipping close, it's ridiculous to have them not see one another again
The Hound gets some compensation before I think... he's going to get sepsis and keels.  If he goes down to a sad, drained state, I hope Arya uses Needle to say a charitable good bye.  I hope they both look to each other knowing they gave one another something they'd not had previously.  Either that, or I hope The Hound takes out LF either thinking he's taking one over on Sansa and/or jealousy.  Arya steps in too late to see the discussion between H and LF, and her response is to help her sister who bemoans the loss of her benefactor. 


I hope like hell Tyrion's eyes are truly opened to the ugly I feel his dad's been ladling out on Tyrion's life this whole time.  I hope he get ape-shit determined to get himself free.  He's boned otherwise.  And I *hope* Jamie is still behind his brother and does one more noble deed.  Maybe he'll even do a beautiful face push to Cersi Puckered Puss.


Jon kills Mance.  I don't know if the Wildlings will take something of his hide if he's seen, and we may end up losing him, but this will be the very first time he's completely stood and acted on his own instincts.  He will, I believe, be successful.


Dany needs to explain Jorah's absence to Mr Fire in Mah Loins why, and his plan then becomes to 'be seduced' as often as possible.  He gets slapped back into friendzone.  Her story is as boring to me as spending a weekend watching Orson the Squasher hone his craft. 


I want Hodor to give just one good "what the fuck?!" at least once.  Twice would send me.


And that after the one hour is over, I'll be heartbroken to have to wait so long to soak in this show for another season

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I agree if Tyrion survives this ep, it will be because of Jamie.

In other news: I think Stannis will arrive at the Wall in the nick of time.

Arya will part ways with the Hound, whether it will be a mutual decision or a necessity remains to be seen.

Dany's dragons will cause some catastrophe and she'll have to make a big compromise to settle the citizenry.

And Bran will find a tree. Yay!

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I don't think Arya and Sansa will meet, though it's possible Sansa will hear that someone calling herself Stark was at the Bloody Gate.


Given that the title of the episode is The Children, perhaps Bran will meet some of the Children of the Forest.

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I can see the Hound letting Arya go her own way.  There's really no reason now for him to keep tromping her around god's green acre. 


Thought, too, about Pod and Brianne.  They're on their way up to the Eire (sp?).  Ha... what if the Hound meets up with Brianne and Pod, hearing what Tyrion's fate is, decides to go down saving Tyrion. 


Sooo many possibilities with who may meet up with whom on which path. 

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I hope Tyrion is either rescued or killed this episode. The worst that could happen is that they give him a realistic out and pull a cliffhanger. Luckily, if you don't want to build up hope for nine months, only to have it brutally crushed in the first episode next year, you can spoil yourself and that's exactly what I'm going to do if they don't resolve it in tonight's episode. I agree that if he is indeed rescued somehow (I highly doubt that, but who knows what crazy twist awaits us?), it has to be Jamie and possibly Varys who could be behind it. 


As far as the Wall stuff goes, I'm interested in Jon's plan how to kill Mance. Walk in there, ask for an audience and then grab the next sword? Unlikely, he wouldn't make it near Mance unless completely chained up. So does he plan to kill a Wildling, put on his clothes and go undercover? I'm not sure how many people there know his face, but one would expect that at least those close to Mance would know Jon. So that's probably a no-go, either. Could he, instead of murdering him, end up brokering out a truce/peace? That's what I would consider as an option. Apparently, the NW can't hold them back, and instead off getting their asses killed, they might as well accept the fact and open the gates. Maybe the White Walkers finally make it close to the Wall, so the humans are like "yeah okay, let's ignore this little war thing we have for a moment and go fight the ice zombies together". The last possibility is Stannis making his way up there, like he goddam promised in last season's finale. He's got a big army now (or even if he didn't buy one yet, at least he's got 4,000 leftover, which is about 3,980 more than the NW has) and could defeat the Wildlings. 


I hope Bran finally finds that goddam tree and three-eyed raven. Please, let there be some kind of resolution to this storyline that was worth all the slug. Jojen told Bran "the raven is you", but of course that can't be taken literally. So I'm concluding it's some part of Bran's idendity he doesn't yet know about, and identity could have something to do with his family or some special destiny. Speaking of family, Benjen's up north of the Wall, too, and still missing. Another loose thread and wouldn't it be great if we could tie the two of them together? The question of course is if Benjen is dead or alive. Or maybe a zombie, if he ran into the White Walkers. Yeah, now I wish we'll see Benjen sitting at the tree, warging like crazy and saying "Hi Bran, I see you got my call. Now, here's some crazy shit for you to see". Something like that would make that storyline really interesting. 


I still think Arya & the Hound will want to go to Braavos. It's the only logical destination. I doubt Arya and Sansa get reunited because Lysa is dead now, so when Arya is finished with laughing manically, they'll turn around and leave. After that, Arya probably wants to use her coin, and I see the Hound planning to tag along. He mentioned the Second Sons earlier in the season and a sellsword job in Essos is what I assumed as his preferred destination since a long time. The big question is, will he make it there? I agree with Mz Anthrope, I see him falling victim to that nasty bite wound and Arya finally making true on her promise "one day, I'll put a sword through your skull" or something like that and crossing another name of her list - only without any satisfaction. Maybe afterwards, she'll meet up with Brienne? It's a small way apparently to the Eyrie, so it wouldn't be far fetched that if they are there at the same time, they would also run into each other. Hm, maybe they'll go looking for Sansa together then? 


And then I hope we'll get a bit of preview for next season. What's up next in KL (a bloody wedding or two, I hope), what's the Bolton clan up to, maybe we get a quick glimpse at some characters with little to no screentime this season (Walder Frey, Balon Greyjoy) and of course I'd like to see what Sansa & LF are going to do now. 

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As far as Tyrion goes, I see three options.

One: They kill him and everybody stops watching the show. Martin might be that crazy, but I don't think his screenwriters are.

Two: Jaime pressures Tywin into accepting Wall exile as an option. If Tywin's gotten any ravens recently, he'll consider that a death sentence anyway.

Three: He might be able to sneak away to Dorne. On the ship that Cersei is sending there. Which would be hilarious.


As far as Bran goes: Bran's story arc is boring. Bran's story was too boring even for Rickon, and Rickon is not exactly Mr. Excitement himself. So I hope the wtiters just forget about him this week. Shouldn't be that hard to do.


I do like the Dany storyline, but I'd actually rather see what Jorah is up to now.


Hope the Hound makes it. Would kind of love for Sansa and Arya to miss each other completely, since that way Arya and The Hound can continue to have scenes without Littlefinger in them. But on the other hand, there is no way there's not going to be Litlefinger scenes anyway, so maybe adding better characters to the mix will dilute him enough. Bonus points if Arya and/or The Hound take one look at Sansa's Evil Bird Suit and fall over laughing.

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