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  1. Okay I did not expect Dany to goll full on bonkers like that. What was even the point? The city has fallen, what did she want to accomplish? I could've taken five minutes less carnage for an explanation on what the hell her motivation was. Or is she just completely bananas now? I really liked the Arya/Hound parts (no surprise). Arya walking away from Cersei so she could be the angel of life was a nice almost-ending to her journey. Of course, this being Game of Thrones, everybody died anyways, so it was a gesture I guess? Jaime offing Euron felt natural, the fight a bit less so - Euron should've kicked Jaime's ass easily. But I'll take it. Jaime and Cersei dying together like that wasn't how I pictured it, but I liked it. Felt like an ending that made sense for Jaime, although a bit rushed (that's more on last week's episode though).
  2. Dany didn't really work for me this episode either. She's hellbent on rushing to KL ASAP, when Sansa clearly has a point - all of the armies need some rest and reinforcements. Cersei isn't going to go anywhere, so take a week or two and then go at it. But it isn't really unearned, they've hinted at this stuff for seasons now - at least it doesn't come out of left field. But it did feel a bit rushed, it just should've been more gradual. There was plenty enough stuff in this episode for two regular sized ones, maybe that would've given them more time. A fleet shouldn't be too hard to find and it's not like he has anywhere else to go, so they can just camp out there, wait for signals from their scouts and then get in position. The only problem I have is that they've now gone twice to the Euron surprise attack well. But I guess there just isn't any other way he can be used if not for these kinds of attack. KL is going to burn no matter what, that was pretty much inevitable. The only question has always been, who's going to light it up? Cersei or Dany? Looks like the answer could be both.
  3. Not sure about Melisandre. She was pretty awesome and made the episode look a lot more spectacular, but the Dothraki were cannon fodder even with burning swords (visually stunning cannon fodder, but still) and the lighting up the moat bought them a couple of minutes at best. Okay, she did give Arya the idea to kill the NK but again, that was more for the audience - Arya is hardly so dumb that she couldn't figure out to maybe try and kill the enemy they've lured into a trap? So for me, Mel is still on the MVPs, but more because she had scenes, less because of her actual impact. Other MVPs: Theon, last man standing in the courtyard, succumbing only to the NK himself after a last heroic charge. And Arya, of course - other than her killing the NK, she also had that great Resident Evil style trip through the crypts, which was a great scene and also gave us a slight breather. Game of Thrones, where sneaking through your undead ancestors counts as breather. I don't see it. Could he betray her? I guess. But for Cersei? Why? What could he possibly gain that would lead him to do that? Most likely, those signs are simply to show (inner) conflict that has to be resolved, not foreshadow a huge plot twist.
  4. I don't see how Jaime could get close to her now. She even sent Bronn to kill him. Best guess is once again Arya, she just needs a good face. Qyburn or Euron are probably the only ones that won't have to fight their way through to her, and out of those two Qyburn should be a lott less heavily guarded and easier to reach. And it can't be Bronn, because Jerome Flynn and Lene Headey won't share any scenes.
  5. I just don't see how he could be even harder to bring down and he needs to have one weakness. I can't imagine there's going to be three episodes worth of fighting Cersei either. We'll get one transitional episode next week, one battle episode where Cersei goes down and then one hour of hugging (and boy are we going to need that).
  6. Cersei is easier to defeat than the NK (at least in that regard she's the weaker villain), but even though most named characters made it out alive, I don't think there's much of an army left. Some Unsullied, very few Dothraki and a bunch of Northerners. So I think the challenge should be there. The NK gave them one hell of a fight. Not sure how much harder to kill he could've been. Maybe dragonglass also doesn't work, but then how do you kill him? He kind of had to shatter once stabbed.
  7. This one had to be in the dark. Not being able to see much of anything was a feature, not a bug - the characters had the same poor sight, only being able to see what's charging at them at the last moment. But the next battle should be in daylight, like the loot train battle. Yeah Jon and Dany could've started a bit earlier instead of sending the Dothraki. In hindsight, the Dothraki should've been parked somewhere south, the battle goes exactly the same and Dany still has them that way. But I loved the visuals of them charging in the dark with their flaming swords, only to killed off in seconds. A moat? You'll need a huge freaking moat so the NK can't just freeze it. And where would you get all the water? You can't cook that much snow because there aren't nearly enough pots. Bronn? Edd was the first one to die trying to save Sam. I didn't see Bronn at all, he probably had the best seats in Westeros.
  8. Well, the NK could've hurried up a bit, kill Bran - and then still get yanked by Arya just the same. It's not that Bran was controlling the living. There were a couple of implausible things (Jon not getting killed in at least two instances among them, same as Dany surviving surrounded by wights after Drogon stupidly sat on the ground and let himself get climbed), but overall not so many as to ruin the immersion. The giant letting himself get killed was indeed a bit wonky, but I'll take it.
  9. I guess he can't influence people and events around him too much or he's risking changing too much and he told Tyrion last week something - afterwards, Tyrion was a lot more hopeful in the fireplace scene. So I take it that Bran has seen the outcome and is just trying to lay low and not mess things up by telling people too much. Same goes for the writers, the more they let Bran do the more they can mess things up logic wise. So best let him sit around and talk in cryptic sentences.
  10. I was suprised she didn't have a more spectacular death, but I agree, that was very well done and a great way to end the episode. They're just the symbol of the Children of the Forest, there doesn't appear to be any deeper meaning, other than the NK using it to mock them. What do you mean by finishing off the NK? He shattered and his entire army went down with him, Sauron style, he's gone for good.
  11. There really only were two options - Jon in a more drawn out fight or Arya by stabbing him from behind (or above in this case). And the latter just has to be quick. I also don't think I could've taken any more fighting, so I'm A okay with it being a short scene. I think Gendry's okay. Didn't see him alive at the end, but I didn't see him him a terrible spot either. Should be okay. There was some with a beard like Tormund being raised by the NK, but I don't know if it was him. Totally agree re: Dany and Jon. As for Arya: I half expected that she had to kill Bran and take his place to jump the NK. But thankfully the old hiding in a tree trick did the job. Still, kinda weird to have Bran survive - now that the NK's dead, the 3ER doesn't have any purpose any more. But I guess it just means he can be Bran again.
  12. Dany did pretty much what she could do, fly around and light wights up. What else could she possibly do? Jon was trying to kill the Ice Dragon and staying alive in the meantime. Oh, and in his usual Leeroy Jenkins style even tried to take on the NK. Hardly a joy ride. He also duelled him in the air, so I'm not sure what more can be expected. Some girl got dragged under the tables shortly before the end, but I don't know if it was Gilly. But I didn't see her make it out. Boy, we're still counting the survivors half an hour after the episode.
  13. He went MIA once he crashed, so I assume he's dead, but he could be just badly injured. I would've expected Drogon to die of the two, mainly so that Dany is now doubly fucked in that Jon has the better claim and is the only one who's got a dragon. So I guess that conflict will be pretty much solved by a) the North accepting Dany after all she did for them and b) Jon still not wanting it anyway. Watched it on my monitor, but yeah, it was dark. But I didn't mind, the important stuff had good lighting and it was pretty effective that you had to guess what's coming, even when it was so close you should've seen it, so that was great for immersion. The political drama was more or less over once Cersei took the Throne, it was just her vs everyone else. So I was definitely more invested in that part of the story. But I'm sure the last couple of episodes won't suffer, Breaking Bad did have to terrific episodes after Oyzmandias for instance.
  14. Yeah, a couple Dothraki came running back along with Jorah after that disastrous first strike (I thought they would've managed to kill a couple thousand wights at the very least, but boy were they worthless). What's-his-face was among them, but died inside WF and was raised later.
  15. I haven't seen Podrick for while, but I guess he did. No idea about Ghost. By the way, where the hell was Nymeria? I absolutely expected them to show up. But I guess they barely would've made a dent anyway, only added some wolfs to the NK's army.
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