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S01.E18: Dramatis Personae

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Kind of a fun episode.

I noticed Jake was explained away at the beginning of an episode with the field trip. I guess they do not want to deal with him dealing with Sisko not caring about anything.

I like the clock that Sisko built. I wonder if he ever figured out what it does.

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I like this episode. Especially since it seems to effect everyone slightly differently. Sisko stops caring about anything, Kira and O'brien are all about controling the station, Bashir is interested in the two sides and Dax is fasinated by her past.


One thing I just realized could have been interesting is if this episode had Garak.

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This was a fairly compelling episode compared to most of the recent ones - an interesting way to explore what might happen if everyone turned on each other for control of the station. My one complaint is that they did not adequately explain why each affected person behaved the way they did. Why did Jadzia become so unfocused, why did Sisko seem so detached? It's as if each was possessed by a particular spirit or personality. The ending seemed a little too pat as well.

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They were each possessed by a different alien personality.  (There's a weird sentence to write!)  So they were reflecting the character of each alien spirit, not their own.

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