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Spoilers for Book 3: Changes

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All spoilers, all the time.

Some of the episodes from Book 3 were leaked and someone made screenshots. Four things came to mind immediately:

1. Old Zuko! On a dragon! I'm so happy that he finally popped up (on a dragon)!
2. There is a Sparky Boom Boom Family?
3. The animation looks much better than it did in the majority of Book 2. I guess the old studio is back to work?
4. The shot with the airbending (?) kid is interesting - I haven't seen the episodes, but I'm thinking maybe Zuko was looking for the Avatar (yet again - but nicely this time).E


ETA: And of course I mess up the thread title - can't edit it, so maybe a mod could knock off that unneeded 'S'?

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Is that Zuko on Roku?



I believe it's the dragon that hatched from that egg he and Aang discovered in the Sun Warriors' village.  Unless, like the sky bison, a bunch of dragons were discovered after the war.

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