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  1. I'm confused by Jade's grandfather. He looks younger than her mom. Hell, he looks younger than all of the parents of the cast.
  2. If anyone is curious about the details, you can get them here. Jack really is a wanker. I never found him (nor Travis) charming.
  3. Didn't Colin literally say that he didn't have a passion for yachting earlier in the season? Sandy's reaction was to pretty much beg him to stay despite it. Now she's basically telling Hannah she should do something else because she thinks this isn't Hannah's passion. Hmmm. I would be incredibly uncomfortable if my boss, especially if it's one who I have an uneasy relationship with, asks me for a 'Big hug!' after scolding me. You don't need to be grabbing me by my shoulders, you don't need to be kissing my cheek, you don't need to be touching me in any way.
  4. It was Evil Lives Here - the episode is titled "Black Widow." It was about Blanche Taylor Moore. (Hope you feel better soon!)
  5. Yes, they build sculptures to sink and turn into dive sites. The one that they saw was Simon Morris's Amphitrite, a 600-pound bronze sculpture.
  6. The show posted on Facebook that it was a special 3-week premiere and that the rest of the new episodes will start airing in November.
  7. Fatima wrote another essay for Bon Appetit magazine that is in their upcoming by March issue - they decided to publish it early online: link.
  8. This is horribly sad. She seemed very sweet and funny and her food was the one that made me drool the most during that season. The quote that I best remember is that whole exchange with Bruce.
  9. Pakistani media/Twitter is saying that Chef Fatima Ali passed away from cancer today. She was 29, freakin' heartbreaking.
  10. Luciano

    Season 5 Chat

    Was Junior's leather jacket and sitting backwards in a chair thing supposed to be a homage to Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds? Because heh.
  11. I thought Becky meant that Darlene had slept with only two guys before sleeping with Ben - like, of course you're not experienced with how this newly sexual relationship should go, you've only been with two guys before it. I've already deleted it from the DVR so I can't double-check, but I remember thinking that's how it was meant because it struck me as weird until I understood.
  12. Funniest moment for me was the reactions of Darlene, Jackie, and Geena to Mark manipulating Dan into giving permission for the chicken coop. They all looked so impressed as they clapped/snapped their fingers.
  13. Is it that shot in the blue shirt, where he's talking to the rest of the crew? Because that was what he was wearing at the end of this episode. Tips are given out equally, but Kate gets the bigger salary as the Chief Stew (completely separate from Bravo - just her yachty salary) and a larger amount of money from Bravo since she's been on the show since almost the very beginning.
  14. Luciano

    Season 5 Chat

    Pops is the best. I loved him yanking that tiki torch out of the white guy's hand and telling him that "this is over for you people." Jack thinking that the gift of teeth Diane got him was cool ("They're still warm!") shows that she's not the only twisted twin.
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