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Larry Dallas: Glenn Quagmire's Role Model

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Love the title of this thread!

And there is a lot more to Richard Kline than Three's Company.  He is a Vietnam veteran and just all around good guy.


The problem is that the character of Larry Dallas just didn't have a place to play a very big role in the series.  There were enough wacky hijinks on the show without needing Larry to stir things up.


There is one place that Richard Kline could have done a great job and that is in a "very special episode" event.  I'm glad they never did that, but it would have given an opportunity for Larry to be shown as the straight man in a more dramatic role.  I think that John Ritter could have pulled it off as well.

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It seemed to me in the first season that Larry Dallas was going to be the actual 70's California swinging bachelor misogynist on the show. He was the guy who had a new chick every week and couldn't remember the last chick's name, while Jack would be the guy looking for true love one girl at a time. Back then it was important for viewers to like the main lead -- people would not have liked a womanizer. By the second season Jack had a new girlfriend in every episode and was hooking up with random women five minutes after meeting them. That kind of undermined Larry's character. 


Thank God there was no special Larry Dallas episode in which we learn that his lifestyle is destructive, however Three's Company rejected continuity so Larry would have been back to orgies in the next episode. 

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I was watching a few episodes over the weekend, and I agree with you, Scowl.   They seemed to be setting up Larry as the womanizer to play against Jack looking for true love.

I enjoy it when Larry and Mr. Furley are in scenes together.  Larry has that slight smile when he sees Mr. Furley's outfits, or hears him planning out how he is going to woo a groovy chick.  But Larry always treated Mr. Furley with respect, and I like that.

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There was a 40th anniversary reunion for Three's Company (40!  Time flies).

Richard Kline made a very intersting comment about Larry.  He said that Larry never GOT any hot action.  Instead, we always saw Larry in pursuit.

Richard made a point that this was a character choice for him.

I liked that. . .

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I'm currently process of watching the whole series, and I find it weird how Larry isn't really there at first. He makes one appearance in the first season, but then quietly disappears, until towards the end of Season 2.

Was Larry originally meant to be a one-off character or something?

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