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S28: Trish Hegarty: Brawn

David T. Cole
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Trip's recap, and various internet discussions, have gotten on Trish for her post-TC actions.  And I thought I'd defend her, a bit.  Virtually every non-premiere episode opens with a post Tribal Council group talk (in night-o-vision!,) and the majority of these feature someone defending their vote, or demanding someone defend theirs.  I believe that Trish took the initiative instigating the former, (and trying to do it civilly,) rather than let Lindsey do the latter, (which, well, we saw how well an attempt at civility went.)  As far as I could tell, within the scene, every escalation in nastiness came from Lindsey.

I suspect that Trish is trying her best, but as the oldest player on the island she's having trouble relating to her tribemates.  If she makes an effort it either looks awkward (I'm a man, baby!,) or she get's lambasted for it.  (See: Lindsey's repugnant comments regarding Trish flirting with LJ.)

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That's a good point Way Wes Jr, but I gotta say I oscillate pretty hard with her. It's a love-hate thing and I can't quite figure out what the switch is that keeps tripping me. 

One minutes she's sympathetic because she seems to be pretty much always at the butt end of Lindsey's rather juvenile ugliness. The next she seems grating. I wonder if perhaps without Lindsey there to give her that playground-underdog role if she won't deteriorate in appeal. Everyone loves an underdog, but few of us like to feel constantly irritated. 

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Strange to say, but Trish is running this game right now.  Not Tony, not LJ.  She played Kass like a fiddle.  She saw the crack and she split it, just brilliant play from her.  Perhaps being a confessed emotional player ("I play from my heart," I believe she said) made her see how emotions can get someone to play completely against their own interests like Kass just did.  Best move of the game so far, from where I'm standing.

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