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  1. I gotta lean into the idea that any pregnancy - indicates a fertile woman. And fertile women are nothing more than commodities. I genuinely don't think any Wife would be executed, but I do think her name will be stripped and she'll find a red tag in her ear. Can't let that ripe uterus go to waste when so few have that "blessing."
  2. I totally agree, but I'm surprised that there are that many of them... it seems like when shit hit the fan, the ones with funds would get out ASAP. Thing is - how many would Gilead even want, at least of the celebrities (there's a joke in there for the Kardashians)? Would they want Angelina Joile running up a head of steam with Bono? Or would they execute Oprah? Think they would give her a quiet exit thinking it would be easier to ignore her than to explain her sudden death or disappearance? Pure speculation, but was musing about it...
  3. Mmmm, I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. *What* specifically has been proven? My understanding is that nations tend to get involved when they are either feeling threatened directly or they have some incentive to get involved. Humanitarian reasons don't fall in either category. Gilead is too weak to be a legitimate threat to any country - including Canada and Mexico. And there really isn't much by way of incentive. As I pointed out - their resources have been damaged (so much so that people attempting to clean up the mess lose their skin "in sheets"), Gilead is a poor source of expor
  4. Agree. Atwood made a brilliant move by using only real life events for inspiration. We can see exactly what you describe in a variety of ways and degrees of severity today around the world.
  5. Agree. It's a pretty normal trait of all humans. We move to a new place and to make adaptation easier we make it look familiar. I don't think that is an American trait... or any other nationality or culture. It's just being human.
  6. I find this line of thinking rather fascinating. We Americans tend to think that we are so powerful and influential that should anything truly awful befall us we'll have many countries, or some countries, or a few at least coming to help us. And maybe I'm just cynical, but I really don't think they will. If we were suffering from environmental disaster that were devastating and widespread then our value as a natural resource is damaged. With the loss of population we lose our manufacturing and with that our ability to trade. With the loss of science and rational thought we lose innovation
  7. I believe it is supposed to be blue... which represents Mary (the mother, not the follower/supporter). She did not bear Jesus, but was his mother - very similar to the position of wives in Gilead.
  8. I would put forward the idea that The Colonies are in Nevada and parts of New Mexico and Arizona - places that have seen both nuclear testing and sites for "disposal" of nuclear waste. At least in part. That's where I tend to see them...
  9. Point of interest: if certain users have habits that you find distracting, annoying or frustrating you can hover over their avatar - that will give you a pop up where you can ignore the user. Presto! Forum enjoyment to be had by all!
  10. Generally true, but I think Gilead closely resembles the splinter groups of the LDS church. Generally the FLDS, but also including the more isolated cults like the one run by J. Warren. In those boy children are not as welcome as they are seen as future threats to mating. Frequently when the boys begin to show interest in the girls they are rounded up, driven for miles and literally left on the side of the road.
  11. Well, no, but (!) they are part of the North American continent. But they are an entirely separate, sovereign country that functions and operates independently of America. In fact, Canada is *more* European in that they are a Commonwealth British Territory with the Queen as head of state and a Governor General who represent HRM.
  12. It's wonderfully charming, all too lacking and much needed in this world. American who loves her Canadian neighbors (I'm biased, I'm half Canadian myself).
  13. Well, for those of us on the North American continent, generally there are "The Americas" to refer broadly to the geographical area that encompasses all of Canada, United States, Mexico and Central America. "America" is used to refer to "the States" or USA. Canada is, of course, Canada. I'm sure those who are not on this hemisphere have their own colloquialisms. This doesn't mean it's particularly accurate - only that culturally they have their own terms. Much like I'm not a fan of hearing the word "fag" as a reference to a cigarette. But I consider that unique to the other sid
  14. Don't think that was her point. Synchronicity.
  15. Brilliant citation. I'd forgotten that... To put a bit of perspective - the last laundry closed around 20 years ago. Your comparison is spot on!
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