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A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014)

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So...did anyone see this movie?


I did, and while it wasn't as good as Ted it was still a funny movie.  NPH, Charlize Theron, Sarah Silverman, and Giovanni Ribisi particularly were hilarious.  The only one I wasn't feeling was Seth MacFarlane: his character was too much like a modern guy that happens to live in the Old West.  And like on Family Guy, Seth has the tendency to do a joke to death.


Best part of the movie -- aside from the moustache song -- had to be the cameos.  Great Scott!

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Judging from the ads, I thought it would be about what the title suggests, jokes about how primitive and dangerous things were back then, possibly from a man who traveled into the past somehow, but after watching the trailer on YouTube as part the of "old people react to movie trailers" series", it didn't look nearly as interesting.

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I just saw it today, mostly because I'm an Amanda Seyfried fan and will go to anything with her in it (good for her being game about her eyes.)


It isn't as good as Ted but I liked it.  The Moustache Song is definitely the high point, though my favourite single line was "why are the Indians always so angry?"

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I saw this movie over the weekend. I liked it myself. I found myself laighong through the whole thing. I liked the chemestey between charleze and seth. Neal and liam were great too. They both played good bad guys. Not as crude as I thought it would be. I would watch it again. I liked Doc in the barn with the delorian. Too funny

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