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S11.E15: Bulletproof

David T. Cole
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We finally see Bishop getting her NCIS training and Tim and Tony enjoying giving her the Probie jobs. McGee had enough of the Probie hazing from Tony. I did like that they all told her it wasn't hazing it was,"All part of the job!" Bishop in interrogation, shouldn't it be Tim or Tony more often? Let her watch on cam to learn? She didn't dominate this one even though she did find a clue. So wait and see and she should fit in.

You could see how worried Tim was about Delilah and her getting back into the flow of things to quickly. He was the most awkward around her of the team. And it bugged me a little that Delilah bluntly told him that the movie talk was only for her and Tony.

The throwing the back pack of paint cans out the window to roll the Econoline Van was a little far fetched to me. Maybe it swerved and hit something, instead of rolling. Chris Poole and Chris Hoffman trying to get arrested to help college fund, was funny.

I liked that the team worked with Fred Linn. Him sky diving and Delilah wanting to do it was very nice. The mothers thing with Mallory(Fred's Mom) and the other mothers concern was a little thought provoking for me. I didn't know parents could buy more armor to send to their soldier family members in Afghanistan. Gibbs could have contacted Owen Granger and Kensi Blye(NCIS:LA) to get word to the soldiers that couldn't be reached, lol.

So it was Fae Gusman that took out Cory Ruxson? I guess when the shootout she had with the team at end she must have. But her trailer walls plus the faulty vest, didn't hold up to the Dodge Charger sides plus the normal vests! Bishop getting clipped is good. More times they could get hit in vest to make it more real.  Thought it was going to be Karen Upline(Vendor) or DOD vendor rep Benson Honeycutt behind things. Liked how Abby intimidated him.

Last note, Jimmy's Surrogate signed the papers! Congrats!


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Last note, Jimmy's Surrogate signed the papers! Congrats!

I'm glad to hear that, I was so sad for Jimmy.

This episode bored me so I was only partly watching; therefore I missed Jimmy's good news.

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Bishop in interrogation, shouldn't it be Tim or Tony more often?

As annoying as it is, Gibbs has always liked having the women agents helping in interrogation even when they don't know anything about a proper criminal interrogation (i.e., Ziva in the early years)


Gibbs could have contacted Owen Granger and Kensi Blye(NCIS:LA) to get word to the soldiers that couldn't be reached, lol.

Yeah, I don't expect that happening anytime soon since Shane is no longer show runner for the mother ship and Harmon never really liked the idea of the the LA franchise.  I know I haven't cared for it or watched it since midway thru the first season.  Its almost as much as a departure from the original NCIS as CSI: Miami was from CSI: mothership.  Original NCIS is still hands down the better show.

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new to the mothership, have maybe watched 50 of the 200+ eps. Did catch this one on a USA marathon. Made me crazed to think parents have to send their kids armor. At least the good-intentioned armor-seller had the decency to be sick about selling faulty gear. But what did she think when she got it so cheap??? And when Tony was with the sales guy and said "you have three seconds to talk to me... last chance" HA!


I like McGee and Delilah. It didn't bother me so much that the movie thing was with Tony only, since that appears to be his schtick. I like that they are comfortable with each other.


yay Jimmy!


Every time i watch an episode I just think how badly those tight pigtails must hurt PP. I think i read something that her hair has been ruined by the black dye? at least let her wear it down once in a while!

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