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S07.E06: The Bellicose Proxy

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I said last week that I'd like a whole episode with just Watch & Ward, so I'm glad we're seeing more of them.

Good to see there was fallout to the PP belt last week. Loved Dr. Z's fantasy of taking S-464 out on the town. Caught Brock's haircut on him at one point.

I'm wondering why Billy is spooked by St Cloud arching him. Is it because he's being arched the proper way now? No shock St. Cloud is a level one. All he has is money, a kickass pop culture collection (seriously, a Sigmund costume), and restless leg syndrome. I said last week that he joined the Guild JUST to arch Billy, and obviously he really had no care about developing his villain career beyond that until now. Billy's house of "useless old people" are Col. Gentleman, Action Man, and Billy's Mom. He should know that they could handle themselves. I don't think Billy knows about his mom's past, though.

Billy and St. Cloud's battle was so hilariously awkward (and of course none of them actually fought. they all passed out from nitrous). Shows how far Monarch AND Rusty have come. And you just gotta love Hank & Dean hanging on Billy and Pete's every word. I've missed that look on them.

Wow, a callback to Guardo. I think about it a lot. 

I was thinking Pete was dressed as the girl from the Blind Melon video and that's when Billy pointed it out an I got so happy at that.

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Lot of mentoring going on here; good guys, bad guys, and cyborg jilted lover guys.

"So? Whadaya want, an aspirin or somethin;?" Too funny.

Lupus, fibromyalgia, and restless leg syndrome? Sounds more like an ultimate episode of House, one where it really is lupus. Incidentally, restless leg syndrome is sometimes a symptom of fibromyalgia.

2 hours ago, Galileo908 said:

Loved Dr. Z's fantasy of taking S-464 out on the town. Caught Brock's haircut on him at one point.

Loved the Adam Ant outfit he ended up wearing in that sequence, complete with the two lines of warpaint on one cheek. The second haircut looked a bit like Iggy Pop's. And Dr. Z's black & white skirt there looked exactly like the pattern on the couch my family had in the 1970's. Bonus points for the sign in the background advertising "Oxler" watches (a scramble of "Rolex").

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The outfits on Dr. Z and Mrs. The Monarch at the end of the makeover montage are from the film Clueless.

This is the kind of episode they did a lot back in like, season two or three--not a lot of overarching story and feels pretty scattershot, but when you think about it, threads are being tied up--or are they? 

The Guild is trying to ferret out the 'mole', but is it indeed S-464? This is exactly the sort of thing that ends up leading characters off on a wild goose chase, where the goose is some loony tune in a giant bird suit who calls himself The Fearsome Gander or something. I'm making wild guesses that S's lady love is the actual mole, or that they're working together, or who the hell even knows?

Several bits felt kind of shoehorned in, like when you've got to go to a funeral or something and you get out your good suit and it's a leeeetle too tight, but not enough to justify going out and buying a whole new outfit, so you spend the day feeling squeezed and squished. Like, Billy  (and Pete, for that matter) has been around this shit long enough to not freak out so much over the Guild scroll--he got his arm torn off by a friggin' gorilla! He and White have been facing off against St. Cloud for literal years! If the pair of them are wigging because it's official now or whatever, the writing should have reflected that more. 

Same with Mrs. M. They've done the whole estrangement/dual career straining the marriage thing enough--move on with this; and why is she fine with saying bad guys this week when last week they were all wailing and snowflaking over that exact term at the conference???? I know the guys don't write the episodes in order or whatever but they need a PA to keep track of shit like that. And the whole Nine Dollar Latte New York, AmIRite? joke felt left over from last season too.

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Well, Rusty and Monarch can’t fight each other yet, but they can send in their stand-ins. Their sad, sad, sad stand-ins. Seriously, Billy and Pete are supposed to be scientists like Rusty, right? So why do they dress up? Best answer I have is that Billy really insists on that.

Billy’s mom beat the shit out of St. Cloud. That was funny. I know, she was probably an action heroine in her own right, and Col. Gentleman softened the snoot up, but damn, that’s gotta be a deflation. And I felt bad for Monarch and Gary trying to teach him Arching 101. Is this the price Malcolm has to pay for killing Guild members and getting away with it?

I’m good with S464 and his plot. I think he was the mole, but Shelia made a good case to go double agent. And then Dr. Z came in with the Clueless daydream. Good times.

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On 9/9/2018 at 10:27 PM, Galileo908 said:

I'm wondering why Billy is spooked by St Cloud arching him.

Because he's creepy. I don't think there needs to be a deeper reason. 

I like how Level 1 is just for show to practice your evil laugh and hero speech. 

My favorite was Rusty figuring out what was going on by the way the evil laugh was spelled. 

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Yesterday I showed Mom the scene where Monarch and 21 meet St. Cloud for the first time. She pronounced St. Cloud the best Truman Capote that she's ever seen, and she would know, since she spoke with T.C. on quite a few occasions. She says that he just needs to carry one of those annoying little curly-haired dogs around with him everywhere to complete the impression.


3 hours ago, ganesh said:

My favorite was Rusty figuring out what was going on by the way the evil laugh was spelled.

Similar to the way the Monarch had previously figured out that Phantom Limb had been in his parents old house by the cutlery that was left laying around. The characters aren't stupid, they just have terribly bad judgment.

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