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S04.E07: Episode 7

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4 hours ago, Moxie Cat said:

Maybe I'm misremembering but (hiding in case not allowed)

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Wasn't Elizabeth blonde in the books and/or the older series? I've always thought that the issue of Valentine's looks don't make any sense in this series, given that Elizabeth's hair is just as dark and curly. If mom were blonde, it would be way more of a visible issue.



Elizabeth is very blonde in the books (Demelza is the brunette and Caroline the redhead - the show has switched them all around). George, on the other hand, is dark-haired in the books, but has a very different physical appearance than Ross - George comes from a long line of blacksmiths and looks it, he is a big man, thick-set and stocky, in direct contrast to the tiny, willowy, blond George in the show. In the book, Valentine's dark hair could have just as easily come from George as Ross, and it could be argued that his wiry build came from Elizabeth, so it really isn't obvious that he isn't George's child, and that uncertainty, without any way of proving it one way or another, is something all the characters have to live with. The show is making much more of the  supposed resemblance than the books did at this stage - apart from thoughtless Geoffrey Charles commenting on it one time in front of George, which is straight from the book!

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I have gone back and forth on all of the characters throughout the series.  However, I am pretty much over Demelza at this point.  She has dealt with flirtatious advances before and has shown that she enjoys attention.  It was especially galling that right before Adderly swooped in on her Caroline directly told her not to believe anything that he said after which he said that in London married couples eat with others (not their spouses), etc.  Excuse me, but Caroline just said don't believe him and Demelza believes him.  Then, allowing him to hold her shoulder and run his fingers along her arm while they were gambling.  On top of which she wants to keep his flowers, and when uncomfortable with him in the room upon entering it, she left the door and went into the interior of the room.  I am not "victim blaming" but I am confused as to why she was so willing to entertain his attention.  As to why Ross didn't provide "guidance" for her behavior-it's been clear that she has rejected anything he ever said about poet-boy, so I think he was kind of in a lose-lose situation (and, I don't by any means support everything he does either).  As for the duel?  Ridiculous.  Ross felt slighted by Adderly's attention to Demelza (and her allowing it) and wanted to prove his manliness-get over it Ross.  

I did wonder why Demelza didn't talk to Caroline more about Adderly if she was so concerned.  Even Horace saw through Adderly's actions.

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Actually from my vast knowledge of London society gleaned from Oscar Wilde And Shaw it does seem true that at dinner parties married couples were not sent down together. Which makes sense as you’d want people to mingle. I’ve no idea why it would matter at a buffet. 

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Things I learned from this episode:

Ross is still a jealous, impulsive idiot who would rather sulk than have a conversation with his wife.

Demelza is a naive idiot who should have excused herself from Adderly's attentions.  It would have been polite enough but message clear.

Teenage boys will be teenage boys who blurt out whatever comes to mind without thinking.  (And it was worth it to see George's expression.)

Dwight and Caroline are still the best couple on the show.  And to think in the first season I couldn't stand her.

George truly is Wile E Coyote.

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On 11/12/2018 at 7:54 PM, voiceover said:

I'm sad that no one caught my "Black Adder-ly" joke.  Am I the oldest person in this thread??

Way late to the party but I did.

I also spent the entirety of his appearance on the show mentally referring to him as Thelonious Cannonball, which makes me even older, if slightly more cool.

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I’ve binged watched the series up to this point (although I’ve looked ahead to see what’s coming...) and it looks like the show ran out of ideas once Demelza slept with Hugh.  Why do they keep revisiting her infidelity each episode? Ross literally has Valentine walking around as a reminder of his (that all important parties know is his) but he keeps doubting Demelza of all people.  How was she supposed to know how to behave in London?  Why did he not step in earlier with Adderly? Also, why would Geoffrey Charles say a dumb thing like Valentine is the spitting image of Ross? In front of George? Ugh.

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