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  1. buttercupia

    Best Baker In America

    Michael needed to go, if for no other reason than continually calling it MAR-sca-pone. Ugh, that drives me crazy. it's a major dessert ingredient, say it right.
  2. buttercupia


    I love the character but damn, someone needs to hook Alice up with a box of whitestrips.
  3. buttercupia


    I love love loved River and especially him. Ripped my heart into tiny shreds.
  4. buttercupia


    Stellan Skarsgaard is amazing. His acting this episode was emmy worthy. The dawning realization of how bad it was, personaly and globally, the use of his authority to get the scientists' words across when it mattered. I loved him in River, too. He tore my heart out, stomped on it, and brought it back to life in the last episode of that. Saw him recently in The Man Who Killed Don Quixote and he was fantastic there too. The man is a chameleon. The horror of that hospital and the evacuation. I'm old enough to remember this vividly along with three mile island, which wasn't anywhere this bad.
  5. buttercupia

    The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (2018)

    Saw this last night. Lovely film. Funny, poignant, weird, very Gilliam. Jonathan Pryce was astonishing in his portrayal of DQ. Adam Driver gave me the range I wanted after seeing Black KKKlansman. He's a darn good actor. The plot wove the DQ story, the story of Gilliam's attempt at it, and his typical flights of fantasy together very well. Very much worth seeing.
  6. buttercupia

    S11.E02: Good God Girl, Get Out

    you mean like last week?
  7. buttercupia

    S04.E09: Sex and the Kitty Girl

    Monet was dressed as the Pink Panther, and every single judge missed it. WTF. I'm not quite hate watching, but it's getting close. I also really liked Naomi's runway. Reminiscent of Sharon's magazine challenge crazy cat lady. I thought Trinity had a bad runway and was shocked it was so well received. It was a literal catsuit with plain makeup.
  8. buttercupia

    S05.E00: Bandersnatch

    I thought i was ridiculous. the whole thing bored me to tears. we only got to one ending but were completely uninterested in finding others.
  9. buttercupia

    Holi-Slay Spectacular

    I was entertained. Any time drag queens are on my TV, I'm happy. Kim Chi was a delight and it was wonderful to see Sonique again. That was my favorite look of the night. totally amazing.
  10. buttercupia

    The Last Kingdom

    Uhtred's season 1 hair was the best Uhtred hair, and that's that. :)
  11. buttercupia

    S01.E02: Red Flags and Parades

    That is a great line. Classic. Should be in fortune cookies.
  12. buttercupia

    The Last Kingdom

    Not done w/season 3 yet, but I thought the Skade character looked far too modern. like she should be in a lip synching girl group instead of the 9th century. also, terrible actress. ethelred's hound-"you can't just kill underlings like that, this IS the 9th century!" ROTFL.
  13. buttercupia

    S01.E06: Two Storms

    I believe it was to cover the eyes, which shrink into the head. I did notice a box shirley had that was labeled "eyes" when she was working on a corpse.
  14. buttercupia

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    wow, that is one gorgeous home.
  15. buttercupia

    S08.E01: The End

    i hope the cannibalism thing doesn't continue. I can't with long pig.