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  1. it's really sad and striking that every eliminated queen but the first has been a person of color. priyanka stands alone now. that was a better library and better snatch game than i've seen in some time.
  2. alex is a great teacher, and she seems to really enjoy the process.
  3. i thought juju, shea, and alexis should have all been safe, but it was savvy of ru paul to say everyone but the winner was up for elimination. it added drama and tension that should be good for at least a couple more episodes. blair worries me with how ungodly thin she is. india's prom look was a straight-up reprise of her runway look when mimi imfurst picked her up, minus the tophat and spiderwebs. ugh. i have no idea why she was ever there.
  4. schnatter came out with a statement on obamacare that he couldn't afford to pay for health insurance for his employees so he'd have to increase prices. total douchecanoe.
  5. the scene with molly and santa muerte in the pool was absolutely stunning.
  6. they really need to hire some better writers on this show.
  7. Kwame's pants were definitely off and i'm pretty sure there was penetration. either way, it was assault. Arabella was also assaulted. legally, it depends on the statutes where it happens. Michaela Cole is incredible. This is like a way better, more realistic, slightly more mature version of Euphoria.
  8. i love alex and i think she will be an excellent teacher. looking forward to this season!
  9. the thing i'm not getting-does nobody see how small that boat is? that's a tiny casino! certainly not big enough to do everything the byrdes are promising.
  10. La Boheme, the main tenor aria Che Gelida Manina.
  11. i never read the book because of the oprah's book club thing. i was too much of a snob, lol. my question is this- is juliette lewis's character written that badly in the book? i was considering reading it now, but if she's that unrealistic in the book, i won't bother.
  12. Gigi is also extremely, worryingly thin. that emphasizes that huge chin. don't get me wrong, i like her and won't be mad if she wins, but i'd much rather have Crystal or Jaida.
  13. Oksana on the train wearing that thing her mother made for her and fighting to understand her emotions was incredible.
  14. I continue to love this series. Ryan is awful and I hope Annie sticks to her guns. LOVED JCM doing moonage daydream. The empowerment fest was spot on. I want to read her article!
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