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  1. Just started in on season 6 and I am boggled that they just switched Terry Boyleses on us and expected us to not notice.
  2. just fyi, Dylan doesn't need that money for the baby's ear surgery. His mom likely didn't need it either. Erin and baby would be eligible for PA's medicaid program. DJ would be eligible on his own since Dylan isn't the father. the baby would be a foster situation while staying with them. hell, even if Dylan had been the father, they'd both be eligible. (I administer medicaid and other similar programs in PA.)
  3. super disappointed that 4 women and one african american man have been eliminated so far.
  4. it was a nice touch that our first look at Erin, laying on her bed talking to her baby, was echoed in her last pose in the stream. heartbreaking. the poor kid never had a chance. I know it's the US version of Happy Valley and I don't care, I'm in. if it's half as good as HV, that'll be good enough for me, especially if the grandson starts calling her GRANNEH!
  5. buttercupia


    about the only people I'm invested in are wanda and oso. I want wanda to make it and stay clean, and I want oso to survive because he's ridiculously sexy and also because he's a real sweetheart. I wish we knew what actually happened to lucia.
  6. Just finished watching this and wow. his dad was a garbage fire. utterly disgusting person.
  7. buttercupia

    Mank (2020)

    absolutely hated this movie. citizen kane is one of my all time favorites so this was especially disappointing. I found it pretentious, misguided, scattered, and completely without heart. boo.
  8. Carla is a great teacher. I hope to see her and Alex in future seasons.
  9. i'm loving this so far, I admit. Pratchett fan since the 90s, have read the series at least 6-7 times. i read hogfather every year at hogswatch and reread some favorites regularly like small gods and the witch books. i'm happy to see another vision of discworld, especially one that strays so far from what most folks think ankh-morpork looks like, yet remains so close to the spirit of the book. like twoflower in the color of money. really looking forward to bingeing this once it ends.
  10. She might find a Rainbow Connection in the nebula... at any rate, it's time to face the music.
  11. buttercupia

    Your Honor

    2 things that cracked me up. The volvo being destroyed in a manner very reminiscent of a certain RV was one. Then I about lost it when someone said "Jimmy Baxter is a Serious Man". (for those who don't know, Michael Stuhlbarg played the titular character in the movie A Serious Man.)
  12. perhaps an unpopular opinion, but I love Noel and Matt really grew on me. I like offbeat, surrealist, silly humor though. it was nice to hear Matt sing; he has a lovely voice, and Noel's pep talks are golden. you can tell he really cares and wants to help. I knew Luis had passed as he was my favorite baker ever from the series, but seeing his photo at the end broke me all over again.
  13. re: pronunciation of names, southern us "taliaferro" can be mystifying. so sorry to see mark go, he was adorable and talented. lottie continues to bug me. she's a gifted baker for sure but she needs to get her hair out of her face.
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