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In the Media: Daily Briefing

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State of Affairs ratings set another series low last night, well off the numbers that Blacklist pulled in the same timeslot.




Comparing the ratings numbers of the fall finale of the Blacklist to the most recent outing of State of Affairs, 


                                                           Blacklist               State of Affairs

18-49 Rating:                                        2.5                            1.0

18-49 Share:                                           8                               3

Total Viewers (in millions):         9.75                          4.58


NBC is pumping State of Affairs as their new hit on Monday -- only not so much.  Without The Voice as a lead-in, the adventures of Charleston Chew and crew just isn't a draw.  It was beaten or basically tied with a re-run of NCIS: Los Angeles and a re-run of Castle -- and it was the only new broadcast show in that timeslot.  Yikes !!!

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The Adventures of Charleston Screw continue to bottom out in the ratings, setting yet another new series low: 0.8 18-49 ratings, 2 18-49 share, and 3.6 million total viewers.  Those are The CW kinds of numbers, which does not bode well for this show.




Update:  18-49 ratings was downgraded from 0.8 to 0.7 in the final numbers, while total viewers stayed flat.



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Since there isn't a separate State Affairs: Cast in Other roles forum (and who's kidding who, this show is done, so it doesn't really matter), Katherine Heigl was mentioned in Sunday night's Family Guy episode.  Apparently the writers of Family Guy aren't big fans of KH.


Peter Griffin: "Lois, before I say anything, I also got you a gift. It's a Katherine Heigl mask for you to wear while we have sex. She's perfect because she's only sorta hot so there won't be this crazy disconnect of her face on your body which would totally take me out of it. Also, it's designed so you can wear it on your butt."

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