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The Ever-Changing Faces of One Character, Actors Who Took On Multiple Roles

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Add any you can find! I was watching the first Malcolm Merriweather episode this morning and the guy who’s truck Malcolm ran into was Fletch. Only this Fletch was a much younger guy with black hair. Add anyone who has played a multitude of characters on the show.


The various men who played Fletch

Willis Bouchey/Fletch Roberts — also played Charlie O’Malley, Mr. Carter, Mr. Brady

Jon Lormer/Fletch Dillbeck — also played Parnell Rigsby, Tate Fletcher

Robert McQuain — Fletch Roberts

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Allan Melvin appeared in a bunch of different roles, eight according to IMDB.

- Howard's Main Event (1967) ... Clyde Plaunt

- Barney's Uniform (1964) ... Fred Plummer

- Andy's Vacation (1964) ... Escaped Prisoner

- Ernest T. Bass Joins the Army (1963) ... Recruiting Sergeant

- Barney's First Car (1963) ... Jake, Myrt's Accomplice

- Lawman Barney (1962) ... Neal

- Andy and Barney in the Big City (1962) ... Hotel Detective Bardoli

- Jailbreak (1962) ... Clarence 'Doc' Malloy

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Mr. Hendricks, the butter & egg man Aunt Bee had a date with in “Aunt Bee’s Invisible Beau”.... LOL.... is now selling a church organ to Andy and Warren as Harlan Robinson. Woody Chambliss had a long career in TV.

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Howard Morris was not only Ernest T. Bass (It's me, it's me, it's Ernest T.!), but he was also George the TV repairman, the voice of Leonard Blush, and the voice of a radio announcer.  He also directed several episodes.

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Jack Prince also played another moonshiner called Luke, as well as an unnamed customer at the rummage sale they had to save the Scobey's house.  He had an amazing voice -- too bad he only sang on the one episode as Rafe.

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Charles Thompson played a variety of roles, best known as Asa.

- Suppose Andy Gets Sick (1967) ... Doc Roberts (as Charles P. Thompson)

- Goodbye, Dolly (1967) ... Dr. Roberts

- TV or Not TV (1965) ... Asa Breeny

- Barney's Physical (1964) ... Asa Bascomb

- The Shoplifters (1964) ... Asa Breeney (as Charles P. Thompson)

- A Black Day for Mayberry (1963) ... Asa (as Charles P. Thompson)

- The Bank Job (1962) ... Asa Breeney

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Robert Emhardt played two roles.... but unless my eyes are playing tricks on me, he is wearing the same suit and driving the same car, several seasons apart.

- The Foster Lady (1966) ... Willard Foster

- Man in a Hurry (1963) ... Malcolm Tucker

And both times, he has car trouble! Gomer needed the as-yet-unseen Goober’s help.

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Forest Lewis has 6 different roles. With such a distinctive face, I was surprised to see him pop up with a new name every time he was on the show.

The Family Visit (1964) ... Mr. Mundt

Gomer the House Guest (1963) ... Willie Jack

The Sermon for Today (1963) ... Luther

The Loaded Goat (1963) ... Cy Hudgins

Andy the Marriage Counselor (1961) ... Cliff

Ellie for Council (1960) ... Angry man

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The Christmas episode is on, when the Scobie family is in jail. They somehow acquired a son, who wasn’t present when Ben wanted them evicted from their home. They also aren’t the Scobies, they are the Muggins family. 

Sam Edwards played the following roles:

- The Barbershop Quartet (1966) ... Tom Bedlow

- The Lodge (1966) ... Tom Bedlow

- The Bazaar (1965) ... Fred

- Andy Forecloses (1961) ... Lester Scobey

- Christmas Story (1960) ... Sam Muggins

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I’m watching The Big Heat, a 50s movie with Glenn Ford, naturally I thought of Barney. LOL

One of the police officers looked very familiar, playing Glenn’s boss. It’s Willis Bouchey:

- Back to Nature (1964) ... Fletcher 'Fletch' Roberts

- The Great Filling Station Robbery (1963) ... Mr. Carter

- Convicts-at-Large (1962) ... Charlie O'Malley

- The Inspector (1961) ... Mr. Brady

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