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S08.E18: Law & Disorder

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10 hours ago, AmyFarrahFowler said:

Can I show this to my fucker? Just to prove that SOMEBODY is okay with my idea of fun? ;) Thanks for your sweet words MG <3 

Love this!! Hahaha You are hilarious. You say what I wish I could do. Except I can’t stand my husband so I imagine myself being able to grab his nose. Lol

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2 hours ago, Mkay said:

Love this!! Hahaha You are hilarious. You say what I wish I could do. Except I can’t stand my husband so I imagine myself being able to grab his nose. Lol

Bet you can guess what I grab when I'm mad... ;) I think we're thinking along the same lines.

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On 11/2/2017 at 2:48 AM, AmandaUnbidden said:

Actually compared to all of her boyfriends, Kieffer comes off looking fairly good! He even said he would quit smoking with her to help her out and kept telling her things weren't as bad as she thought. He really seemed to try to make her feel better. 

Jeez, when your life and relationships are so messed up that Keiffer is a high point. lol But he really didn't seem like that bad of a guy. Well, for someone like Jenelle anyway. 

EDIT: Oh shit, just saw the scene where Keiffer manhandled Jenelle away from his car so never mind about that not so bad stuff. I still maintain he comes off as the best boyfriend she's had. lol


On 11/2/2017 at 10:00 AM, lovesnark said:

Keiffer definitely comes off as her best boyfriend-lol. IIRC, he had been trying to get away from her for the entire fight and she wouldn't stop. She jumped on his back a few times and she was the one doing the hitting, not him. I don't advocate putting your hands on someone, ever. But, I'd be hard pressed to not slap the snot out of Jenelle if she went tasmanian devil on me. She was the aggressor in that one and Keiffer is the one that was charged with assault. He left and Jenelle was so pissed off that he wouldn't engage, she called the cops and said he assaulted her.

Yeah I watched and rewatched that a few times, and it was clearly Janelle grabbing at whatever he had in his hand and trying to go at him and he was holding her off. Later he basically contained her arms and pushed her into the back seat. He didn't hit her, and as much as I am against men hitting women, he's also NOT required to stand there and let her whale on him. I think he was very restrained frankly, and hustled her off and away from him. Then goes to jail for his troubles, when SHE'S the one assaulting HIM. That was fucked up.

Janet! Always so reasonable, even to people who don't deserve it (Suzie). Also miss GetInKailsAss Joe. I'm glad he's more mature now and doesn't let her get him riled up, but she was a royal snot for no reason and I'm glad he knocked her down to size with "who the hell are you to think you're better because you're in school now? You didn't even get as far as I did!" and not wanting to give herself  

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