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Because dudes can never not be a focus of a female-centric show, I guess. I like Richard okay, but I couldn't care less about his backstory beyond what I already know. Either he's a poor little rich boy or bootstraps, I'm sure. Zzzz.

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The guys on this show should be backdrops to the three female leads and their relationships with said female leads should take a backseat to the friendship between the girls. Sadly I think the show thinks all we care about is romance so we're getting more story on the guys. BOOOOO

For once let the men/love interests on a show just be arm candy like women/love interests on male focused shows tend to be.

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On 9/18/2018 at 9:39 PM, Bubbles said:

According to TVLine we'll be getting more of Richard's backstory and family next season. I'm not sure why they think anyone is clamouring for that. 

I would guess it's because he and Sutton will now be open about their relationship, and she will meet his family and learn more about him. More backstory doesn't mean that Richard will now be the focus of the show - so far they've done a good job of keeping the three leads front and center.

Gotta say I'm surprised at the negativity towards Richard - he's a good guy from what we've seen, and frankly, that's kind of refreshing on tv. His is the exact type of character that would turn out to be a douche, and I really hope the show does not go there. Not all successful men are jerks who rode Daddy's coattails to the top.

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