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Seconds on coffee and pie ( Twin Peaks rewatch)


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 Reconsidering the changing-diner scene with the benefit of hindsight: reckon that entire scene was a heads-up to viewers from Lynch that (a) alternative realities existed in this world-concept, and (b) those realities could be changed by the actions of an individual? 

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I'd tend to avoid the international pilot, actually.  It was shot purely to allay studio concerns; should the series flop in the U. S., TPTB wanted something they could market overseas as a made-for-TV movie.  The international pilot does have about 20 minutes or so of additional material over the U. S. pilot; there's nothing that wasn't eventually included in later episodes of the series, though, and in the international pilot the extra material is presented in a manner best described as non-canonical, rushed, cramped, and non-intuitive even by Lynchian standards - which is saying a LOT.  :)

Suffice it to say, the international pilot clashes with the canon series.

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What is interesting is that the Great Northern basement as seen near the end of Season 3, where Cooper enters the convenience store, closely resembles the hospital basement from the end of the international pilot - BOB's original lair.

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2 hours ago, jsbt said:

What is interesting is that the Great Northern basement as seen near the end of Season 3, where Cooper enters the convenience store, closely resembles the hospital basement from the end of the international pilot - BOB's original lair.

It does, you are right (as near as I can tell, due to darkness.) It also resembles a basement in an Alawar game with a Lovecraftian theme called "Twisted Lands"..... was there detail I wasn't able to catch on my screen?

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1 hour ago, Affogato said:

This is the pilot ending. Actually I haven't seen the full pilot so I'm kind of going on this....well, as a curiosity:


Funny; if I'd ever noticed Cooper being left-handed before, I'd forgotten it.

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I rewatched the pilot of my new 'missing pieces' blue ray set, so I'll finally get to see those. I'm behind.

Doc Hayward was the bestest dad ever. I guess that makes sense. 

Loved the Norwegians. 'ding ding the Norwegians are leaving'. 

The scene in the jail cells, which are darker and scummier 25 years later (and maybe that makes sense), especially the barking, is so much more meaningful in hindsight. Wait, no it isn't. But it is much more something. Can't get away from whatever it is, some sort of connection. Poor James, too., that can make your life go south quickly. I wonder what James thought he was going to be originally?

Here is an idea? If Laura hadn't been killed what would have happened to these people? Would Bobby have found himself to be a good person? What the hell happened to Donna, anyway?

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The different ending of the alternate European version - a total of 20 minutes - starts following the penultimate scene of the pilot, Josie in Truman's arms being afraid (for the first time). Again we see Sarah on the sofa smoking, but in his version she remembers going upstairs in the morning looking for Laura, we her hear calling for Laura in slo mo. Then she remembers walking into Laura's room, and there is BOB at the end of Laura's bed (similar to were we initially meet him in episode 1 season 1). Sarah does her infamous scream and calls out for Leland, " I saw him!".
Next we see Lucy and Andy at Lucy's place. Leland calls Lucy, looking for Truman, telling her that Sarah saw Laura's killer in Laura's bedroom. Lucy informs Leland that Hawk is the one doing sketches. She calls and informs Truman who's driving in his car (Early Lucy-phone-trouble fun).
Then we see Cooper in his hotel room asleep, probably having a bad dream. He wakes up getting a call from an unknown person (the One-Armed Man) telling him about Teresa Banks, that he knows her murderer and that Cooper can find him at the hospital. Next Lucy calls him, telling him that the poilice is at the Palmer's house, with Hawk doing a sketch of the murderer. Cooper informs 'Diane' about the two calls. "When two events happen simultaneously, pertaining to the same object of inquiry, we must always pay strict attention."
Andy, Truman and Cooper meet up with the One-Armed Man at the hospital in the room where dead Laura was examined by Cooper earlier the same day. We hear the One-Armed Man's "Through the darkness of future past ..." including the convenience store part for the very first time. The One-Armed Man introduces himself as MIKE, "his name is BOB". Coop remembers him from the elevator. MIKE was "watching for over a year (Teresa Banks murder?) waiting for BOB to come out again." Interesting part here: MIKE has "known about your (Cooper's? the FBI's?) interest in the results of his (BOB's) endeavours." Next MIKE tells the story about cutting of his tattoed arm. MIKE identifies BOB via Hawk's sketch (a different sketch of BOB I believe, not as frightening as the one we know from the original series).
Truman and Cooper find BOB in the hospital basement with the circle of candles. BOB welcomes them to the "killer's lair". BOB asks them for MIKE as he "so much wanted to sing with him again" ("where we come from there is music in the air"?). Then we get BOB's part from Cooper's first nightmare, including the old humming sound. BOB informs them that he was spelling out his proper name "Robert" with the letters under the fingernails (which we won't find out before the episode where Leland dies in season 2). MIKE enters the basement, shoots and kills BOB. Cooper says "Make a wish" and the candles are blown out (shot known from Cooper's first dream).
Then it is 25 years later (oh boy). We see old Cooper sitting in the Red Curtains room with the Man from Another Place ("Let's rock") and "Laura". Same scene as we know from Cooper's dream, but with some minor but interesting differences, such as the Man and Laura holding hands and smiling at each other for a little while. It all ends with stuff we know form Cooper's dream, including the man dancing and Laura kissing Cooper and telling him something we cannot hear. The Man dancing while the end credits roll, a different recording from the one we know from the end of episode 2 of season 1.

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