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S05.E05: Ease for Idle Millionaires

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On 7/12/2017 at 11:02 PM, tennisgurl said:

I miss Felix. And Allison. And Helena.


I do too.  More Island of Dr. Moreau, More convoluted plot.  Less of my favorite characters, makes for a difficult watch - even if I did enjoy the dinner party.  I miss Downton Abbey.

Although I have heard that there are billionaires out there pouring money into research looking for eternal life.  So there is some truth in PT's storyline.

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As well as the convoluted plot mess, this episode was actively boring. A lot of it passed me by as I zoned out. The thing that brought my attention back was the amazing dress scene. Thinking about the discussions we've been having about bodily autonomy, the scene where Delphine and Cosima go to dinner and are told to dress in restrictive period outfits and Cosima refuses... amazing. Even as this show is losing me it draws me back in with scenes like that. Delphine "we have to play the game" in her feminine outfits and Cosima "fuck that" in her tux was just perfect. Overlay that with PT as this Victorian eugenicist (assuming he is 170) and his presumably Victorian attitudes towards woman and that 30 seconds of TV was just great.

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I was somewhat surprised that PT didn't throw a fit about Cosima refusing to wear what he would consider gender appropriate, IOW a dress.  If he were really from 170 years ago, I would expect him to be more rigid about things like that, especially since it's already apparent he's not a very nice guy.

I have never been Kira's biggest fan but didn't hate her either.  Now I kind of hate her.  Totally get a kid wanting to assert her independence and, in this show's universe, find out what is going on with her abilities, but why would you want to hang around and let someone as dangerous as Rachel drag you into her building after school and have her way with you?

Definitely missed Felix this episode.

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