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S03: Don: You Know What I'm Sayin'?

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From the A&E site:


Don grew up in the projects of Newark, Delaware. His father and two brothers were all in and out of prison during his youth. As a convicted felon, his father could never find a job, so he continually returned to selling and using drugs.

From a young age, Don saw that African American and Hispanic people were treated differently by the police. Fed up with racial profiling and angered at the lack of resources provided to recently released inmates, Don is ready to take a stand. He wants to enter this program in order to help African American inmates get better access to education and resources for rehabilitation while they are inside the system.

Not only does Don want to inspire his fellow inmates, he also wants to observe the guards and expose any mistreatment or abuse of power. Don believes that the system has failed African Americans. He wants to join the program in order to uncover discrimination, unite the inmates, and learn how to actively fight recidivism and the escalating trends of convicted black men in America.

The Colonel believes Don will be able to easily relate to the inmate population in Fulton County and hopefully inspire them to take their rehabilitation seriously.

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He's so aggressive already! Asking questions and shit, like, "Why we gotta face the door?", "Why we gotta turn right?" "I'm gonna stand up for myself" It's like, bitch (yeah I said it), you just got there. Calm the hell down. Nobody is abusing you. Yet. Because I think the cellmate may get sick of his dumb ass very soon.

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5 hours ago, hatchetgirl said:

He is a serious liability. Do you think the producers are thinking "imagine, if instead of watching, one of the participants gets into a fight?" I think they would be so happy! 

For real. Seems like Don is trying to prove he's just like Daddy by acting like he's going to kick CO's asses and all that. Then in this episode he pretends he's going to lose it over some kid talking shit over a chess game! He's a dumb kid and it's chess! This isn't life or death. Ive heard people talk way more shit over a game of monopoly. Mostly children. 

Maybe they should psych check these people before allowing them to participate. When what's-her-face had that full on panic attack before she even got in the truck, I thought the same thing. If you have a panic disorder (not that she does) or you show signs of aggression, you shouldn't participate. It's not rocket science. Don clearly has a screw loose.

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