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S03.E04: Outfoxed

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I think this show more than most leads to a lot of armchair quarterbacking (myself included). With Britt's tapout I kind of rethought my whole way of judging these situations. Hunger is extremely powerful. Not having protein, carbs and fat in the proper quantities and balance can seriously affect brain function and mood. I've never been in a situation where I've gone more than maybe 8 wakeful hours without eating any macronutrient, and these people have gone WEEKS. So I can't really understand from experience where they go mentally. In this show, I feel like if someone can last 3 months in the bush, they can basically last forever, therefore it makes sense that a lot of people go in the first weeks as they realize they either can't hack it or don't want to. I am very impressed that 8 people made it 5 weeks out there. This crop of contestants is fantastic and I can't really snark too much on any of them for leaving early, as much as I might think "geez, that was a wussy reason" at times.

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18 minutes ago, ClareWalks said:

I am very impressed that 8 people made it 5 weeks out there.

Wow--it has been 5 weeks !!  and yet i don't feel as though I know any of them.  Even 'lazy Dan' the trapper has to have done more than cut down a tree.    I've seen some nice shelters and shelter building --a better edit on that than last season--but the edit overall feels more like week 2.  A paddle-boat, a swinging front door,  a fox folly, and oh yeah, a few minutes watching one gal shave her legs.   This is a strange season.   By this time last season I knew them all.  I'm still having trouble keeping straight who's who--especially the women.     

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Greg huffing fire to trim his nose hairs and Megan using a machete to shave her legs.

If the Alone editors subject the audience to a participant manscaping with fishing line or other grooming rituals by the others well, ewww.

This season is zzzzzz.

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The teacher left on day 3.  Possibly day 2.  He definitely didn't come close to a week.

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