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Watch A New Trailer For VH1's America's Next Top Model

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So I'm........excited? I guess? I've watched since "Cycle" 1 back in the day and maybe that is why I feel like this is a redo of like 1996? All these girls look like someone else and they seem to be trying way to hard to recreate a "reality" show that no longer exists. It feels like a cross b/w Real World and Cartoon Network. Also, is Rita Ora British? I know I don't like her music but I'll admit I don't know her. Wh7y would she be hosting this? I didn't think she was "current" anymore. VH1 used to be music. One of those channels that needs to change their name like MTV, AMC, etc. I'm kinda confused, but that might just be me getting old. And if I recall correctly, Drew Elliot was at least on season one (upset Elise was falling asleep at his lecture) and Chanel Iman may have been a judge on cycle 13. Not sure how I feel about everyone else just yet. Am I way too into this? You decide................

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Philipp Plein to Appear on “America’s Next Top Model”

...Plein will make his first American television debut on two episodes as a mentor, where he will coach the contestants to help them win the final prize.

“I am very excited to be part of the new ANTM program,” said Plein. “It has been a landmark TV show for both the American and worldwide audience. I had such a great time filming it with my friend Rita Ora, who performed at one of my fashion shows, and with the rest of the cast. As we are focusing on developing our brand and business in the US, ANTM is a great platform to expose a brand like Philipp Plein to a fun and fashion conscious audience.”

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Episode two description:

Tuesday, December 20

Lights, Camera, Catwalk
Episode 2302
TV-14 (1 HOUR 0 MIN)
"The Top 14 are summoned to runway boot camp with supermodel and runway coach Stacy McKenzie. Back at the house, the models get into a heated discussion about the state of race relations in America."

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