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  1. roguetamlin

    S02.E10: The Passenger

    I don't place too much importance on understanding what's going on given the people behind the show, so that's not my complaint about this episode. I feel like we spent way too much time saying "Get on with it!!" In general I liked the season but these last two episodes have been a slog. Felix and Sylvester will bring Maeve and co back, so that's fine. But they killed Elsie stupidly. I'll watch the next season, but I'm not as excited as I was.
  2. roguetamlin

    S03.E04: All Stars Snatch Game

    Potentially unpopular opinion. I don't like Trixie's drag. I feel like she's ridden Katya's hem and here on her own she's just not funny. Playing someone as over the top as RuPaul was WAY over her head. Generally this was a pretty boring Snatch Race.
  3. My first thought when I heard the news was it's a mistake. The NTMs in other countries are much better largely because there isn't a Tyra there gumming up the works. Sigh, I give it a year before it's re cancelled.
  4. roguetamlin

    Mercy Street

    I think the big thing that annoys me about Lisette is that she seems to be a stand in for Mary to be the female foil against Foster. Like he can't be left alone without some woman keeping him sexually frustrated and fretful. I can't take Alice seriously. She's like Civil War Barbie Doll.
  5. roguetamlin

    Rhaegar and Lyanna: So Many Questions

    All that makes me wonder if Rhaegar is an intentional skewering of the Prince Charming/True Love trope.
  6. So much of the plot of GoT revolves around two people that are barely on the show. There's a huge divide between what people who have read the books and those who haven't on the topic and a lot is left to guesswork. So using everything but season 7 spoilers (be good), let's try to find some answer. My question is: what was Rhaegar's plan? It could be assumed that the Tourney of Harranhall was all a setup to potentially overthrow The Mad King. Then Rhaegar gives Lyanna the wreath and a year later kidnaps her. Or they elope. Something. At the end of Robert's Rebellion, young Ned and his mates show up at the Tower of Joy and find Lyanna and newborn Jon Snow protected by Rhaegar (who is dead now)'s best soldiers and his bestfriend. So, back up a minute. What was Rhaegar planning to do with Lyanna if he won and got control of the crown? The loyalty of the Martells was critical to his success, did he think that he would just show up with his new family and they'd be ok with the cuckolding of their sister.
  7. roguetamlin

    Season 7: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Which topic would this covered by?
  8. roguetamlin


    I want closure on the Nebari plague plot. I NEED CLOSURE!!! I'm fine with no John and Aeryn, but they could totally do a whole new story on Moya.
  9. roguetamlin

    Season 7: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    I understand all that, but what was his plan regarding Jon/Aegon and Lyanna? Was Rhaegar's desire to create Azor Ahai just a thread of several unconnected plans that all got tangled up, saving the kingdom from his insane father another? I suspect there isn't a real answer, that it just comes down to plot convenience. It just bugs me.
  10. roguetamlin

    Season 7: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    I totally agree with Rhaegar being a sh:t if he had Lyanna name Jon Aegon. He was dead before his kids were killed by the Mountain, he can't have known that he would lose. For me this brings up a bigger question that I suspect will never be answered: what the hell was Rhaegar's big plan? He hid Lyanna away to have this baby and then goes off to fight in the rebellion that he caused. Was he planning to just show up at court one day with Lyanna and Aegon2?
  11. roguetamlin

    Season 11 Cast announced

    It's a good mix between oh him/her and ..who's that? It doesn't matter, I'll love every episode and watch it repeatedly.
  12. Thank the gods, I need some brain candy! It does look more like the earlier/non-American NTMs than the Tyra Experience.
  13. roguetamlin

    Season 7: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    I thought the unspoken agreement between Jon and Sansa about getting rid of Ramsay was part of the brutalization that has been so large a part of the stories of Jon, Sansa and Arya. Not sure if these are spoilers, but they are full of potential speculation fodder.
  14. roguetamlin

    S01.E07: Trompe L'Oeil

    I just realized Felix and Sylvester are also famous cartoon cats.