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Witty Musings: The Quotes Thread

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Antoinette: You are pushing a wheelbarrow full of horse shit up a very steep hill.

Antoinette: What? I haven't had a drink in ten years. It's like visiting your boyfriend in prison. You know he's no good for you but you still like look at him through the glass.

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Akalitus(on the phone):

"You listen to me.I spent my day off at a pathetic medical equipment auction in New Jersey bidding on a refurbished medfusion syringe pump for the E.R. I won. I put it on my credit card. You approved this. If I don't have a check on my desk in the morning, I'm gonna come down there and kick your ass! ...Thank you, monsignor."

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Jackie: Gloria, you bought a penis car?

Gloria: I didn't buy a penis car. I WON a penis car in a poker game last night.

Roman: Do you know what kind of women troll those sites?

Coop: I'll let you know!

Coop: I really don't need your help.

Thor: Favorite movie: Goodfellas?

Coop: It's a classic.

Thor: And a red flag that you're a mouth breather and all the fun that brings.

Coop: The Notebook?

Thor: Put your sensitive self out there, Coop. Trust the experienec of a middle aged man who recently found his soulmate online.

Coop: Really? New boyfriend? What happened with you and the mime?

Thor: We never talked.

Coop: What do you think of the picture? It's too-

Thor: Yes.

Coop: What? It's friendly and dignified.

Thor: You're selling sensitivity, not reverse mortgages. We'll take another. Favorite book?

Coop: Definitely The Shining.

Thor: Perfect. Catcher in the Rye.

Zoe: All we do is have sex or talk about work. What is that?

Jackie: It's a relationship, Zoe.

Antoinette: I once blew a guy for a daiquiri. Shit happens.

Jackie: No, it's an old habit. I cheated on my husband with the hospital pharmacist.

Antoinette: Oh, I knew I liked you!

Thor: Don't tell me. Your tenth grade math teacher saw your dating profile and sent you a bathroom selfie.

Coop: My online dating profile attracted a top-rated semen scout. My semen is highly prized.

Jackie: .....

Gloria: I want you to understand that I simply cannot fix everything here.

Prentiss: She called a meeting to tell us that?

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Most shameless use of 12 step language to manipulate a situation-- the award goes to Jackie Peyton As she busts out Charlie to get rid of  the receptionist at rehab:


You're only as sick as your secrets! Keeping his secret is hurting my recovery!

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Jackie: Here's something that none of you know about me - I'm a card shark.
Thor: I can't tell if you're kidding.
Jackie: That's how good I am.


Jackie: Eddie, poker party at my place tonight.
Eddie: But you live in abject isolation.


Jackie: Look at this place!
Kevin: It's all Mia. She says Astoria is the new Williamsburg. These kids like beef jerky in their drinks.


Gloria: Zoey, weakness means strength. Strength means weakness. They're crazy, slow down. They slow down, go crazy.


Jackie: I can't be in a relationship based on secrets and lies.

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Zoe: Excellent party last night. I went home, got on the computer, and adopted an orangutan.

Thor: Drunk donating?

Zoe: Yeeeees.


Eddie: Where would we be without kids and their jackass stunts?

Prentiss: Helping people with real emergencies.


Zoe: What part of being a really serious emergency room doctor is a bad thing?

Eddie: The asshole part.


Sister: Who is that?

Jackie: That's Dr. Roman.

Sister: Why is a doctor dressed like that?

Carrie: Please forgive me, sister. I liked it and it was on sale.


Zoe: I've got batik, butterflies, batik butterflies, or plain blue. Oh, squirrels! People really like squirrels.


Thor: Is she wearing scrubs with heels?

Coop: Yes.

Zoe: And a belt.

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Zoe: Quick, favorite opera, go.

Thor: None, I hate opera.

Jackie: Never been, can't afford it.

Zoe: You two are like the grumpy old men from the Muppets who FYI love opera so much they live in an opera house.


Antoinette: I say this with all love, but Frank has got to go.


Zoe: You want to watch the last scene with me? I found it online so I know how it ends.

Jackie: Do I need context?

Zoe: Some woman has TB. It's sad.

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Zoe: I feel like I owe you breakfast. Do you want some delicious cold pizza?


Coop: Hey, Zoe. You okay?

Zoe: I'm fine. How are you today?

Coop: I'm great! I mean fine. Not great. I mean also fine.


Roman: That was humiliating. So glad I went to med school.

Zoe: Yes, because your feelings are more important than saving a life.


Roman: I think we actually have a lot in common.

Zoe: Yeah, no, not really.

Roman: We both dated doctors. We both got dumped. We're both girls.

Zoe: That's not a lot.


Jackie: It's weird, huh? You giveving me drugs so I don't get high, and in this room.

Eddie: The circle of life.


Carrie: Jesus gets the best reception!


Prentiss: You do look sad. Why don't you put Jesus back on?

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Coop: Carrie, I'm not introducing you to my moms until I know this is definitely something real.

Carrie: Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't realize that you were fucking a pretend vagina every night.


[Eddie unzips the garment bag to look at the dress Jackie is wearing to Kevin's wedding]

Eddie: Wow, Jesus, that is some O'Hara shit.


Helen: For someone who wants to be dead, [Helen]'s still pretty alive.


Mia: I am definitely too old for this tradition but I sort of love everybody handing me cash.

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Zoe: "Do you think that there's always a finite amount of pain? I mean, if I remove a splinter from someone's hand, does that pain have to go somewhere else?"

Jackie: "Yes. That's why there's drugs."

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Jackie: I will tell you who's working while impaired. Doctor Carrie Roman.

Gloria: Impaired how?

Jackie: By thinking she's a doctor.


Jackie: Andrew, honey, how are you doing?

Andrew: This is the worst experiment ever!


Jackie: Zoe, you have to believe me.

Zoe: I did believe you. I always believed you.


Coop: My sperm may be slow, but they are relentless.

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Akalitus: That was a shitload of pills Jackie got arrested with. Where do you suppose she got them?

Eddie: I don't know. Shitload of pills dot com?


Jackie: You and your donuts.

Gabe: Fuck donuts. It's a churro.


Gabe: Jail sucks.

Jackie: Really? I liked it.

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Zoe: Where are the dunks?

Gloria: What you wear signals something to others, Zoe.

Zoe: I think speed and comfort are two very good signals.


Eddie: You sound like a French vampire.


Matt: You into urban camping? Public sleeping?

Jackie: Uh, no. I like a bedroom.


Jackie: [smoking] is a disgusting habit.

Carrie: I know. I love it too.


Eddie: A man surprises you with a house. How does that go over?

Gloria: First I'd be offended, then I'd be thrilled.


Zoe: Do you know how stressful it is to watch someone you admire pee in a cup? I don't know what to say afterward? Thank you? I'm sorry? Go fuck yourself?

Thor: Just take the pee and leave, Zoe!


Thor: This girl needs a xanax.

Zoe: What? No. I don't.

Thor: Everyone pops a xanax every now and then.

Eddie: I take one before I call my mother. We have a great relationship.

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Coop: What places are completely off limits for the proposal?

Carrie: Off the top of my head, Union Square. Any kind of planetarium type place. The Olive Garden. Nature walks. Nature trails. Vista trails of any kind that I have to walk to.

Coop: You are so specific. I love that about you.

[Coop leaves]

Thor: If you don't want to get married, you have to tell him. It's not nice.

Carrie: Will you tell him?

[Thor leaves]

Vivian: Why don't you just dump him in a place where he don't know nobody and nobody knows him. That's what the people who love me are doing.


Zoe: I can't do what I do without caring. I'm not a doctor.


Vivian: That's a lot of old people.


Jackie: He's surprisingly easy going for a drug dealer.


Gabe: Sober people are fucking nuts!

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Eddie: People are looking at us, you know.

Jackie: Really, why is that?

Eddie: Because we got that thing everybody wants.

Jackie: A suitcase full of drugs?


Coop: 'Ello, guvna!

Carrie: He thinks that's how they talk in Boston.


Dr. Prince: You are good.

Jackie: For a janitor.


Coop: I'm wicked excited!


Norwegeian guy: I have the utmost respect for your profession.
Jackie: Mopping?


Jackie: A doctor and an optimist.

Prince: I've been called worse.


Coop: This is so weird. Who am I going to talk to while they're trying to do work?

Jackie: There are people to annoy everywhere, Coop.

Thor: I'm sure you'll find someone. The question is who's going to get on our nerves now? You are really leaving a hole, Coop.


Coop: I like [Prince]. Now I don't want to leave.

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Jackie: You are a man of many vices.

Prince: Says the jailbird nurse.


Prince: Date like you're afraid to die alone. I was like that after every divorce.

Carrie: How many times you been divorced?

Prince: Four.

Carrie: Wow. So you're an expert. And a cautionary tale.


Best sign at the walk out: FUCK NORWAY

Zoe: That is not our slogan!

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Jackie: What's a pill mill?

Eddie: Sweetie, you don't know what a pill mill is? You?
Jackie: Don't you think that if I knew, I would have been using one?


Waiter: Madame, may I bone your branzino?

Gloria: Actually I would prefer to bone it myself.

Prince: She used to be a mohel. You don't by any chance do tummy tucks, do you? Might damn fine boner.


Nurse: I notice a few gaps in your patient background, Mr. Walters.

Eddie: Yeah, sometimes I forget stuff.

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Thor: Why are you walking like a deranged cowboy?


Thor: It was a rush job. I had to get Ruben on my insurance. And I love him and I want to be around him forever.


Thor: I will not fall victim to catastrophic bad taste because of your failed relationships.

Carrie: My relationship with Coop failed by choice.

Zoe: Prentiss and I consciously uncoupled.


Zoe: Did you call a DJ?

Carrie: I have fourteen thousand songs on my iphone. I'm a party in a purse.

Zoe: Uh, we don't have speakers.


["Last Dance" by Donna Summer plays over the intercom]

Thor: Really? This song? Really?

Ruben: You hate disco.

Thor: Why do you think I'm crying?


Norwegian: I heard there was a party in my office. Why are you making that face?

Gloria: I was hoping you'd be angry.

Norwegian: Ah, Mrs. Akalitis, I am Norwegian. I am raging inside but you will never know.


Gloria: Did you test Jackie?

Zoe: We're at a wedding! Why do you want to talk about pee?

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Zoe: Sometimes [Prince] is a little too upbeat even for me.


The Norwegian: Sex and the City. You girls talk with one another about the sex. You have brunch, no?


Jackie: Do you want to take off the fanny pack?

Vigilante Jones: It's not a fanny pack. No, it's a utility belt. No, I won't be taking it off.


Zoe: You had sex with the asshole who closed our hospital.

Carrie: Who told you that?

Zoe: He did. Because he's evil. Why are you with him?

Vigilante Jones: Do you need help? Because where evil lurks, danger follows.


Jackie: Do you have [Gloria]'s address?

Zoe: Birthdays, addresses, you know I have it all!


Jackie: I brought you soup.

Gloria: I'm not sick.

Jackie: Well, it's not soup. It's actually a bunch of Diet Cokes but I didn't want to come empty handed.

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Jackie: Are you going to Fee's confirmation?

O'Hara: Yes, of course I'll be there tomorrow - cause you're my friend, Jax. Why do you have to make it so fucking hard to be one?


Zoey: I need to make my own mistakes that have nothing to do with you.

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