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  1. LuciaMia

    S05.E09: Teenage Vampires and a White Russian

    Damn, now I'm craving some french onion soup!
  2. LuciaMia

    S06.E00: Steven & Justin Assanti: Where Are They Now?

    I wonder just what the Dad does for a living. Owns a pretty nice-sized house. Before TLC got involved he must have been paying something for Stephens treatment. He's bankrolling Justins hobby store. He must be bleeding money. After being told he's on a watch list to stop him from getting opiates at any ER and being told in no uncertain terms by Dr. Now that he won't prescribe any more pain pills; Stephen shows up at his office, in an ambulance no less, and innocently asks for a refill. Is he brainless, thick or what?
  3. LuciaMia

    S08.E03: God Bless Her Rotting Soul

    Ha! Me too! Was sure it was gonna be a sit-com like "Are you as turned on as I am?" So, Frank now fancies himself as St. Francis? Took me a minute to realize what he was talking about when he said about the service dog, "But Im his patron."
  4. LuciaMia

    S08.E02: Where's My Meth?

    Well Debbie may be behaving badly , but she is looking good. But I don't remember her being that busty. And somehow, I thought she and Neal were married. Since Monica would disappear for years at a time, youd think Frank wouldn't have been under her influence all that much. Poor Liam. He doesn't have much hope of keeping any friends from his snooty school.
  5. LuciaMia

    S03.E03: Episode 3

    Can you go to pbs.org? They have all three episodes up and do have closed captioning option.
  6. LuciaMia

    S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    And delivered very well. For a split second you think Sansa is simply looking for backup from LF. And then we, and he, realizes that he's the accused. Feeling like such an idiot. Believe it or not, I thought this was the final season in the series. Convinced I read it in several formats. So I kept thinking, no way will they be able to tie up all these plot lines in just 7 episodes. And of course, there was no way they could have. When we got to the final dragon attack on the Wall it finally sunk in. Oh man, and 2018 before we see another? Aaaargh. Liked the episode, but much of it was predictable as cliff hangers. Which kind of makes that whole spoiler 'blackmail' kind of silly. There was nothing all that shocking.
  7. LuciaMia

    S07.E06: Beyond the Wall

    Among the things Id like to see in the final episode, is something happening to make the NK look perturbed. If only for a moment.
  8. LuciaMia

    S07.E06: Beyond the Wall

    Its not as if Dany had consulted a fertility specialist. Not much more to add. Except that Im finding it hard to imagine the final episode. Unless its two hours long or more I don't see how they're going to wrap up all these twisted story lines. Yup, they were beating hard on the whole childless-the dragons are my children-Danys succession or lack of-. Dany and Jon having a child together, maybe becoming co-rulers of Westeros? Was put off too by Aryas attacks on Sansa. A lot of people here are suggesting that there might be some subtle plan going on, but right now she comes off as a self-righteous little bitch. Truly hope that a dragon doesn't act like the rest of the resurrected dead. Really, really hope we don't have a showdown with it and the two remaining dragons.
  9. LuciaMia

    S07.E04: The Spoils of War

    My thoughts exactly! Theres been poison right and left in this season, so I can imagine this wouldn't have been part of Cersei's evil alchemist's scheme.
  10. LuciaMia

    S07.E03: The Queen's Justice

    On the shallow side, I wonder how long in Westeros time its been since Cersei's walk of shame. Is she purposely keeping her hair short? To look more hardened? Also, Bran and his story line is as boring as ever.
  11. LuciaMia

    S07.E07: Dessert Week

    I don't think you meant that literally. Considering the large technical staff that must be working behind the scenes, I doubt theres any baked goods that go to waste.
  12. LuciaMia

    S07.E01: Dragonstone

    Like some other have thought, Im afraid he means Tyrion. Her hatred for him knows no bounds so giving her a chance for more revenge would certainly win him points. Was Daeny's home always deserted and abandoned? Im trying to think back to the first season when she and brother took off with the Dothraki. It still seemed like a living household. Didn't mind the long sequences of Sam's daily grind. Like an intern on 'ER' he's gonna be expected to do all the scut work in the beginning. Do you think Jorah was there hoping for a cure?
  13. LuciaMia


    What the hell was that?? Its like its 1983 and MTV decided to do a music video on Shakespeare's early years. All that was missing was a fog machine and chicks in bikinis.
  14. LuciaMia

    S03.E09: Fall

    Chuck may think he's getting better and more able to tolerate electrical currents, but he's far from being on the upswing. As Howard observed when Chuck was gripping that table lamp, "This is not what 'fine' looks like." Chuck looks pretty haggard and its obvious he's white-knuckling all his forays outside.
  15. LuciaMia

    S03.E08: Slip

    Did they mention what drug Nacho was switching on Hector? I assume it was something for high blood pressure.